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Winner of 2013 Wheatley Book Award in PoetryFinalist for 2013 William Carlos Williams AwardWinner of 2014 Bobbitt National Prize for PoetryPatricia Smith is writing some of the best poetry in America today Ms Smith’s new book Shoulda Been Jimi Savannah is just beautiful—and like the America she embodies and represents—dangerously beautiful Shoulda Been Jimi Savannah is a stunning and transcendent work of art despite and perhaps because of its pain This book shines —SapphireOne of the best poets around and has been for a long time —Terrance HayesSmith's work is direct collouial inclusive adventuresome —Gwendolyn BrooksIn her newest collection Patricia Smith explores the second wave of the Great Migration Shifting from spoken word to free verse to traditional forms she reveals that soul beneath the vinylPatricia Smith is the author of five volumes of poetry including Blood Dazzler a finalist for the 2008 National Book Award and Teahouse of the Almighty a National Poetry Series selection She lives in New Jersey

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    This is an amazing collection of poetry that in part chronicles the move of her family from South to North from Alabama to Chicago And we see her struggles and joys with growing up black with sexuality with soul music Too many favorites to list here But as with other works by Smith this is visceral poetry poetry of the body unashamed and explicit and marveling And compared to earlier poetry one might also describe this way this collection reflects her deep study of form Language play and dramatic effects have always been part of this five time National Poetry Slam winner's work She's the best live poet alive mesmerizing At turns hilarious and angry and tender always she is here a student of formal considerations in a way she was not early on Blood Dazzler had rage about it of course a white hot flame while this is reflective again about her life in Chicago about growing up The performance poet with each book becomes also a page poet a much deserving National Book Award nomineeI read this one poem at a time over a few weeks and I complete it as I complete Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacueline Woodson a National Book Award winner for 2014 in Young adult Literature Both books deal with the move from South to North and growing up Woodson's book is lovely but it is pointed to young people and she has now been anointed the Poet Laureate for Young People by Poetry magazine The audience for Jimi Savannah is not primarily kids though I suspect the author would say we should not attempt to protect kids form language and experiences they already know well and I'd agree and will use poems in this book in conjunction with Brown Girl Dreaming in a YA course this summer Some of the language just leaves me breathless I can't wait to hear her read again here in Chicago

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    There's a lot to love in this book I found myself scribbling exclamation points and stars all throughout its margins A few pages have been dogeared for rereading Mostly it's many stories of Patricia's upbringing her mother's journey from the south to Chicago her first sexual experiences blackness The themes aren't necessarily new but the deftness with which they've been handled are masterful Patricia Smith knows what she's doing period

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    Patricia Smith's latest book of poetry is incredible She has shared her family's migration from Alabama to the North She shared her hope hopes and dreams and perspective from the 60's on in her own life It will make you laugh cry and be disturbed about our races relations during those days of the 60's May we never forget how we destroy hopes and dreams through racism sexism and many other types of injustice

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    Not as ambitious as Blood Dazzler but because it's Patricia Smith the writing is of course top notch Her crown of sonnets for Motown her serpentine sestina for Stevie Wonder and her invented form poem about being 13 are particularly thrilling and memorable

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    I'm not always a patient poetry reader but this searing collection by yet another VCFA PGW faculty had me at the first entry How Mammas Begin Sometimes BTW National Book Award Finalist

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    A fascinating book which could be considered an extended narrative history of the author's family tracing her mother's roots in the Alabama delta through one of the great Southern migrations to the allure of Chicago and on culminating in the author's adolescenceI was especially taken with the poem about her naming and thus the title of the book and about watching the unfolding of the Vietnam War on television back when news had a purpose I'm sure others will attune to her adolescent reflections and family experiencesThis book may stretch an easy going light reading poetry habit but it's well worth getting out of that comfort zone for

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    Masterful word choice and hard hitting images elevate this collection of poems above most others Smith's el dente lines are substantial and filling Reading her poetry aloud is like catching the flow of a sophisticated rap you feel the words rather than contemplate their meaning This is hard hitting poetry that should NOT be overlooked

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    Patricia Smith is one of the gods of poetry She is so precise and clever with her word choices If this book was water it would be clear and ready to topple into the land I loved this collection so much It's sososososo good

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    I really enjoyed this book poetry at its best