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A World Too Different From What We Once Knew All We Hold Onto Now Is SurvivalMemories Of The Dead Remind Annie Page Of The World She D Once Known Renegade Forces Are Closing In, Seeking To Command The Little That Remains Yet She Refuses To Stand By And Watch The World CrumbleHer Children S Love The Driving Force Behind The Choices That She S Made, She S Determined To Make Their World A Better Place Yet Their Survival Comes With A Price One That She Never Meant To Pay

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    30 6 I won Stuck in a GR giveaway quite a while ago, but I missed the fact that it was of a pamphlet than a novel I find it hard to call this a book The story is 17 pages long with a page and a bit of acknowledgements at the beginning and seven pages of preview for her new paranormal book Haunted In my book which is very long and convoluted that is unfair to the buying public not that I m one of them, but if I was I d be a bit pissed If this was a longer book with the same percentage between story and preview, say 270 pages instead of 27 total number of pages then the preview would be 70 pages long There d be anarchy in the GR streets A large proportion of pages of preview compared to the actual story is not what the majority of the reading public want, or would accept, especially if they were paying for the book The story itself was nothing much and I don t really understand why Manning bothered to get it published I don t really think there s enough content to win her any fans Maybe it was all a way of getting her Haunted preview out there not reading or reviewing that, as that s not the book I signed up for Also, what on earth does the front cover have to do with any part of the story Nothing It has nothing to do with what s written inside the cover At no point in the story did the characters have any time to be gazing dreamily out a window in a camisole or nice dress hard to tell due to the shadow This is getting one and a half stars from me due to false advertising, illogical cover, and a pointless plot It s also going to find a new home via the library.

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    Stuck by Lissette E ManningEvery writer tries to get the right hook for their book or short stories This author nailed it on the first page Pages fly as you want to know what happens on the other side Getting this important part of the puzzle in writing a novel is not easy.The main character of the story is Annie who is experiencing a post apocalyptic world Just like the one we read and hear about in books and movies It starts off with Annie making her way out into the chaos, destruction and ruins of her area while trying to find food for her hungry children While it is dangerous to be out in the open her kids are starving and will die if food is not found.The story was a quick read but in it the author managed to give out imagery that we could imagine in our head rather vividly We felt Annie s pain, frustration heartache as it fell of the page.Only one complaint, I wanted to read about Annie and was not ready for it to end when it did But in hindsight it did finish at the right spot of the story.Well done.

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    Name of Book StuckAuthor Lissette E ManningISBN 9780615521954Publisher LDB PressType of book Science fiction, choices, apocalypse, short story, futureYear it was published 2011Summary A world too different from what we once knew all we hold onto now is survival.Memories of the dead remind Annie Page of the world she d once known Renegade forces are closing in, seeking to command the little that remains Yet she refuses to stand by and watch the world crumble.Her children s love the driving force behind the choices that she s made, she s determined to make their world a better place Yet their survival comes with a price one that she never meant to payCharacters The only character that seems to understand the mistakes she made at a cost of something precious is the woman that s telling the story The story and plot and location are not fully fleshed out and its a bit difficult to talk about the characters.Theme Sometimes things are worth than others Be careful with choices and consequences.Plot An apocalypse of sorts happened and the family is trying to survive in the world they can t recognize That s all I can say without spoiling the rest of the novel Its in first person narrative from the woman s point of view about a choice she has made.Author Information from url born The United States genderfemalewebsitehttp twitter usernamexLizzieBethx genreScience Fiction Fantasy, Romance, Short Stories member sinceJuly 2010 About this author Lissette E Manning is an author from Connecticut She has been writing since she was six years old and spends most of her time trying to place her thoughts into order and giving life to the stories that are always brewing inside her head She enjoys reading books, listening to music, playing the occasional video game, watching movies, and spending time with friends and family She s also a bit of a computer geek Her writing genres of choice are Science Fiction Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal, Short Stories, as well as Poetry She s currently working on several projects such as The Secret Keeper, Tales of Velosia The Prophecy, The Corsicanth Princess, and many .Opinion This is a short story, literally, only seventeen pages long In an odd way it felt complete to me, but in another way I wish to have known of the characters and background as well as what happened The author does skillfully weave emotions together at the end but it should be a bit longer.Quick notes I won this book on thus this review will appear in its entirety on goodreads as well as the blog 4 out of 5 0 Stay away unless a masochist 1 Good for insomnia 2 Horrible but readable 3 Readable and quickly forgettable, 4 Good, enjoyable 5 Buy it, keep it and never let it go.

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    A beautiful piece, Stuck is a perfect proof of concept of the work Manning is capable of The descriptions are beautiful, intentions clear and writing poetic without ever crossing over into self indulgent A rare piece of work, this short piece is definitely worth the read I only had one issue with the plot which was I couldn t understand why Annie s husband didn t go out to forage She says at one point that he can t and that he wouldn t know what to look for, but the reason for that is never explained I thought maybe he was handicapped or something, but then at the end it s clear that isn t the case.Honestly, my biggest issue with Stuck had nothing to do with the piece itself It s the fact that only 1 3 of the file was the story, the rest was a lead in to another piece While I have no problem with authors using one book to promote another, I felt a little jipped that I had expected a piece of a certain length and ended up with something so small it would barely fill a teacup It was a beautiful, evocative and exceptionally crafted teacup, but still, it s just a teacup.I would like to read something longer of Manning s She s obviously quite talented But I m very glad I didn t pay for this niblet In the end, I say download it next time you see it for free, it s worth reading and pick up something else by this author when you want to invest in an ebook.

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    Stuck by Lisette ManningStuck is a short story that caught my attention from the first sentence It follows the main character Annie Page, who through a heartbreaking decision, she finds her life changed forever You will find yourself in a post apocalyptic world with enticing imagery to pull you into a shattered world Annie, having to decide between taking care of her family or starvation, sets out into the ruin of the world and amidst unseen dangers, Annie finds herself in a state that has her losing her grip on the one thing that keeps her going, her family.I found this story riveting The emotions played out through Annie s thoughts give you a personal insight into her world and keep you along for a ride of dire consequences You feel her fear, pain and heartbreak throughout the smooth flow of Lisette s story telling Excellent short story, I m only disappointed that it ended too fast Once you start, you have to see what happens

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    Stuck was a great short novella about a woman trying to provide for her children in an apocalyptic setting At seventeen pages, it was a quick read The ending made me sad It would be horrible to have that happen and not be able to tell anyone I thought it was definitely worth the time it took to read it I wish the novella would have been a little longer I would have liked to know about Annie s children I would have also liked to know about the post apocalyptic world In the ending of the book, there was a preview for Haunted, the author s newest novel It sounds really good and I can t wait to read it I recommend this book for people to read during a bus ride, or some other short trip.

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    I was very impressed by this short story, not just because of the content but the flow of words and how the author weaves each word seamlessly in a tapestry before my very eyes While I read I found questions forming in my mind and I could picture this desolate world that she describes very well.One of the ways I measure a good story is that by the time I reach the end, I m not wanting it to end and although I m wanting , I m satisfied with what I ve been given This is exactly how I felt when I read the last word.Lissette E Manning has just become one of my new favorite authors

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    This short story was written with such great detail The author did a great job making me feel like I was part of the world she created I wanted to know and would love it if the story was longer I had one question about the husband and why he was unable to go out into the dangerous world in his wife s place Very quick read Give it a try.

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    Poignant journey through the kinds of emotions you want to read about, not experience The last chapter was particularly gripping.

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    I found this well written and interesting There s nothing that I would change.