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If you ve ever so much as read an article about style, or clearing out your closet, then you know as much as this wee booklet offers It s trite and thoroughly uninformative Perhaps it would be a good little primer for a young lady, but there are many better I point you toward Kendall Farr specifically separate yourself from the extra dollars she truly informs The little book did not. Ready To Learn How To Have A Great Sense Of Style And Beauty Let Me Tell You This There S No Such Thing As Unattractive Women There Are Only Lazy Women Do You Want To Learn How To Have A Great Sense Of Style That Turns Heads You Ve Found Just The Book For That Learning How To Have A Great Sense Of What To Wear Is Not Easy, And Not Everyone Can Do It, Especially If You Re Not Born Coco Chanel It Requires Time, Money, And Patience I Made This Guide To Help You Be The Lady You Deserve To Be, With Your Body In The Right Clothes You Ll Pick It Up So Fast, You Won T Even Realize It I Ll Teach You How To Have Great Style In Order For You To Shine This Is A Step By Step Guide That S So Simple, It S Impossible To Make Mistakes This Guide Will Allow You To Practice, Learn, And Strengthen Your Knowledge Of Style So Effortlessly, You Ll Wake Up A New Person And With Better Clothes Nine Things You Ll Learn From Style How A Capsule Wardrobe Could Benefit You Why You Feel Like You Have Nothing To Wear Why Plan How To Dejunk Your Wardrobe What Certain Clothes Say About You Scanning When Shopping Embracing Your Shape Timeless Trends That Never Go Out Of Style Successful Accessorizing A sense of style is not about how much money you spend, and this book demonstrates that With a little bit of guidance, anyone can build on their personal style from their head to their toes to even their home All of the steps are helpful to taking the time to bring out the best of you and explain why it is important or effective You can take it one section at a time or one chapter at a time There are steps to take and advice to heed based on your own preferences or physical attributes so this is far from a cookie cutter type of book on a specific style I have been in the process of clearing out my closet for a few months now Recently retired, I no longer need about 75% of the clothes that are packed so tightly in my closet that I can t find anything I have been donating bags of clothes and shoes and selling a select few online I found this book today and read it in its entirety this afternoon It contains excellent advice It is an easy read and definitely worth the Kindle price Highly recommended. Good read on style, I love the picture of the girl stuck in her cluttered closet I don t think anyone has a closet that messy, but it was still funny One big reason why a girl will say I have nothing to wear, their closet is so unorganized that its makes it a lot harder to find a couple cute matching outfits that feel just right that can go with that special occasion that you re heading out for From creating a capsule closet to planning everything, figuring out what certain clothes say about you This book also gives you tips on how to buy clothes, when to spend a little extra on name brands if you choose, and also buying the lower price ranged clothing items such as leggings, and tank tops All in all a very good book I can definitely recommend this to any girl who is struggling in making an action plan on her wardrobe and to take action and do something about it Even men can also benefit from reading this book I recently tried a subscription service for clothes thinking I d look great Nothing I received worked for me I tried this book and learned that I don t have to try to be trendy, what classics will work forever, and most importantly what to wear for my figure type I went to a discount store armed with this knowledge, picked out a bunch of stuff to take to the dressing room, and everything looked good I ended up buying 6 items of clothing I know I ll wear a lot of I know from the book to use accessories to look good and make basic outfits look different The cost of the clothes I bought at the store was the same as a month of the subscription and I get to keep them Most importantly, I m not intimidated any and know what to shop for to look good Great book.