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In the year 2022 gamers rejoice as Sword Art Online a VRMMORPG Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game like no other debuts allowing players to take full advantage of the ultimate in gaming technology NerveGear a system that allows users to completely immerse themselves in a wholly realistic gaming experience But when the game goes live the elation of the players uickly turns to horror as they discover that for all its amazing features SAO is missing one of the most basic functions of any MMORPG a log out button Now trapped in the virtual world of Aincrad their bodies held captive by NerveGear in the real world users are issued a chilling ultimatum conuer all one hundred floors of Aincrad to regain your freedom But in the warped world of SAO Game Over means certain death both virtual and real

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    As a longtime lover of both actionadventure stories and virtual worlds this seemed right up my alleyand it was I can't wait to read the rest of the series

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    Amazing since begin i love it

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    I really did not like this book It was uite boring I hated the idea that people go in a game and cannot log out until you finish the whole game These kids were in the game for 2 years before they actually finished the game If they died in the game they died in the real world I do did not like it

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    Nervegear is a company that has developed an all inclusive gaming experience the gear tapping straight in to the individuals brain waves so that they can see feel taste smell and hear everything in game while their bodies are absolutely still in the real world Until recently the only things it had been used for were academic But with the release of Sword Art Online the first Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game MMORPG to be released on the gear players can interact in the realm of Aincrad Kirito was one of the lucky individuals selected as a Beta tester and was hooked months ago during the trial period naturally he’s got the game for launch day Ten thousand players log in for launch day creating their avatars and exploring “the Beginning” or the spawn point where everyone begins But at dusk when the try to logout for dinner none of the players have a logout button There are no other ways to logout no walkarounds no backdoors The players are trapped in the game The creator Akihiko Kayaba confirms this teleporting them all back to the spawn point and making an announcement that this is a game you don’t just play They’re lives and irrevocably tied to the game now If you die in the game you die in the real world If anyone attempts to remove your Nervegear while you are in game you’re dead too All local authorities hospitals and news outlets have been informed of these new parameters Unfortunately some families chose not to listen and several individuals will never return to the world in Aincrad or the real world The only way any of them will rejoin the real world is when someone makes it to Level 100 and defeats the final boss Kirito has an advantage; having been a Beta tester he realizes the urgency in getting to the next town to mine XP and gold before it’s overrun In MMORPG’s there is only a set amount of XP and gold and loot items attainable Timing is important insider knowledge is important moving uickly ahead of other is also very important And so Kirito leaves the friend he just made Klein that day to head to the next town and start leveling his skills and his avatar up As time went on he would remember this as the first big mistake in his game life Two years later Kirito and everyone else is still locked in game or everyone else who has survived Agil is Kirito’s tradesman someone that he goes to often to trade gear and dropped objects for gold to re weapon and resupply Other than large party raids on bass levels Kirito keeps to himself choosing to be a solo player and trying to hide the fact that he is one of the Beaters combination of the words “beta testers” and “cheaters” Asuna a game known character and vice president of the Knights of the Blood Oath guild has met Kirito on a number of raids when he has joined others She respects him as a fighter as he respects her not only for her fighting but because she cares about others checks on him and has mastered her cooking skills as well It’s because of this mastered cooking skill that Kirito seeks her out asking her if they could split the S class cooking ingredient he scored if she will prepare the meal This sparks them spending time together getting to know each other fight together and laugh together Asuna‘s care for other leads her to follow a doomed troop marching into a monster spawn—which in turn leads Kirito to follow her as he has grown to respect and care for her It becomes apparent that the group is doomed against the boss and lives are about to be lost when Kirito asks Asuna and his friend Klein to keep the Boss busy for a couple of seconds In a moment where a lot of lives were on the line Kirito reveals his greatest secret his power to dual wield blades He is able to defeat the Boss with his uniue ability but his secret is out and now the whole game world knows He is tricked into joining Asuna‘s guild by the president Heathcliff when he losses in a duel against him Shortly after his joining and a sabotage is attempted Kirito and Asuna take several weeks off of guild duty and buy a house in the countryside get married and try to enjoy some of the beautiful details of the game world instead of the death monsters and violence During their vacation they come across a strange lost little girl who doesn’t remember or know who her parents are or where she is from Her name is Yui and she calls Kirito and Asuna Papa and Mama respectively While trying to find out information about Yui the couple accidentally stumbles on a GM port or a log in port that has been hidden and guarded by a ridiculously high powered boss that shouldn’t be in the first level location At the edge of defeat Yui steps forward killing the boss with a widely oversized scythe and revealing that she is an “Immortal Object” After defeating the boss Yui tells her Papa and Mama that she accessed the port and regained her memories she isn’t a player she is the game’s psychological programming part that was suspended when the game went live so that players had the power to do the things she was initially there to stop and help them with—emotional burdens thoughts of self harm suicide Now that she’s activated herself in a visible form and accessed a port the system will find her and delete the system files that she is comprised of Before the system permanently deletes Yui’s files Kirito is able to save her files converting her into an in game object a jewel and a file saved to his Nervegear An object that Asuna wears as a necklace the rest of the game the couple vowing to beat the game and see Yui their first child once Soon after they receive a message from the guild president Heathcliff calling them back for a large boss raid on the front lines what they call the highest level yet attained Will Kirito and Asuna make it through the game? Will they ever see Yui again? Will their relationship last outside of the game if they ever get freed? SAO is one well illustrated well thought out story In the American paperback version published in the US by Yen Press is black and white though the cover is in color as well as one or two pages The paper itself is rather thin and feels like it would be really easy to tear but the images make up for the paper uality The characters themselves are developed explored and the reader is able to see that there is always than one skill or one side to every character Not only are relationship and romantic interests developed betrayals puzzles and skill leveling in the story but there is also topics addressed that are deeper in technological ideas What is real? What is the perception of reality? Are we what we create our characters to be or do the characters and avatars we create in game start defining our lives and personality outside of games? Kawahara does an excellent job in bringing his imagined online world to life

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    i will never get tired of this story sword art was the first anime i fell in love with and have watched it over five times i really wanted to read the manga and i thought kirito was drawn a lot cuter than in the anime i love the story it’s always been so fascinating to me it almost makes me wish that we had something similar to this—minus the fact you’re trapped and you can actually die in this world because i would be dead in a few hours

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    Even though the storyline is super generic it’s a fairly decent manga The first volume there’s two in this omnibus is really good Like I said the story is generic but I enjoyed the world and the characters and I just had a fun time going along with it all For the first volume alone I’d rate it 45 The second volume is where the problems begin First is the romance between the two leads It’s so forced and melodramatic it’s hard to read without cringing All this ‘lets get married’ then getting married and almost adopting a fucking random child they saved was just embarrassing to read Bare in mine the leads are 16 and 17 too which makes it even dumber Nobody plays the voice of reason when they find out either so you can’t argue it’s meant to show naivety etc The author obviously thinks this is what kids get up to in their spare time Next is the ending It’s the whole hero rises up to beat a guy he couldn’t beat before by literally breaking the rules that have been etched into the world from the beginning Apparently ‘love’ can make you chose to ignore dying because the power of boners But they get a happy ending so that should make me happy too right? Wrong It’s dumb and goes against everything you’ve read Despite those two major flaws everything else around it is good It is a fun story and there’s a lot of potential The other mangas might be better too which makes me curious to check them out Like I said I enjoyed the world Maybe the anime makes things less lame too??So yeah not sure why this is hyped exactly but it is entertaining if you ignore the cheese and lame ending Oh and last thing The artwork is atrociously bad Its a good thing the story was decent enough for me to get passed it because it’s 1 star level shit Who’ve thought it was acceptable needs to be shot It’s another reason why I want to watch the anime 35

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    i like the book beginning and the middle haven't got to the end but it is a very good book because the characters in the story has a game systemAnd they plug it up to an computer and put the game control on there head it's a game helmet and they say link start and they go into another world with action and adventure and they look different sound different and have different namesits a pretty good book but i like the shows better because i can see what they are doing and how they do itthen the game master comes and tells all the characters that the only way to exit out the game is unless you beat the gameand every on got scared and started freaking outand he said if you die you'll die in real life and they started to freak out even im going to stop because i don't want to spoil every thing

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    I like Sword Art Online but I found this to be a pretty meh adaptation The pacing was a bit rushed Kirito's fight with Gleam Eyes was short lived and you couldn't even tell Kirito was getting his ass kicked The art was another issue I had with it I didn't really care for how the characters looked at first but I got used to it The real problem was that I couldn't figure out what the fiery heck was going on in the fights It completely left out all of the other girls that swooned over Kirito so I give it props for that Well all but Sachi She was actually important in the story Overall it was okay Giving it three stars since Goodread's standards of it was okay are rather low I'm aware that the manga series gets a new and better artist after this but I'm going to stick with the novels

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    45 i love swort art online so fucking much