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Holy mackerel..this one took forever to get through I should have put it aside for another time as it dragged on on for me Now..I can t even remember most of it and skipped just to get it over with.For this reader..it was painful If you thought Scarlett O hara exagerated with her obsession with Tara, wait to read about Tarifa and her Loma de Oro The woman was merciless and cruel, but I loved her She s the kind of heroine you won t forget.It s the first time I wantedgroveling in a book..from the heroine The first romance book I ever read I could not put it down, and while I don t read many romances, the ones I read these days have a hard time measuring up to my memory of that one. Tarifa Beguiling Child, Bewitching Temptress, Swept From The Bustling Streets Of Old Seville To The Gilded Splendor Of The New World, There To Live In Shame Among Aristocratic Californios Scorned, Seduced, BetrayedTarifa Her Pagan Heart Cried Out To Conquer Those Who Shamed Her, To One Day Rule As Mistress Of The Glorious Riches Of The Magnificent Rancho Loma De OroHer Flashing Dark Eyes Possessed The Ancient Secrets Of A Proud, Defiant Breed Her Quicksilver Wiles, Her Bold Bravado, Set Men Aflame Many Men Tried To Tame Her Only One Man Saw Past Her Dark Desires To The Burning Need Within The Daring Sea Captain Bart Kinkaid, Whose Will Was As Indomitable As Her Own Whose Soul Would Forever Entwine With Hers In A Rapturous Love A Love That Soared Beyond The Boundaries Of Time Itself