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Teaching Struggling And At Risk Readers A Direct Instruction Approach Is Designed To Provide Specific Information To Assist Educators In Being Effective Teachers Of Reading With All Of Their Students This Three Part Book Provides Information On Incorporating Instructional Design And Delivery Principles Into Daily Instruction For Students At The Beginning And Primary Stages Of Reading It Discusses Structuring Initial Teaching Procedures So Teaching Presentations Are Clear And Foster A High Degree Of Interaction Between Teachers And StudentsUsing Language And Demonstration Techniques That Can Be Understood By All StudentsSequencing The Instruction Of Reading Content To Ensure Essential Skills And Knowledge Are Taught In An Aligned And Coherent MannerUsing Techniques That Provide Adequate Practice And Review For Students In Developing High Levels Of Fluency And Accuracy

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    This is an invaluable resource for teachers who want to add direct, explicit instruction on letter sounds, phonemic awareness and phonice, decoding words and reading irregular words I use most of the strategies listed in this book daily There are wonderful wordlists in the back of the book and charts with research based suggestions on the order to teach phoneme and morpheme sounds, irregular words, and skills like blending The chapters on Fluency and Comprehension, while a nice overview, leave much to be desired There are much better resources for these two areas Other than that this is a great book.