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Bluecanvas And SCEA Are Proud To Bring You The Art Of Journey, A Behind The Scenes Exploration Of The Ideas And Visual Development That Went Into The Critically Acclaimed Video Game Written By Journey Art Director, Matt Nava, The Book Shows The Stylistic Influences, Narrative Devices And Game Design Goals That Made Journey What It Is Inside, Readers Will Discover The Thoughtful Evolution Of Journey S Landscapes, Cut Scenes, And Much Loved Robed TravelerThe Art Of Journey Comes Bound As A Debossed, Hardcover Book Filled With Gorgeous Concept Art, Intricate Pencil Drawings, And D Models Printed In Full Color On Art Quality Paper Additionally, The Book Pushes The Bounderies Of Traditional Print With Its Augmented Reality Feature, Powered By The Daqri D Platform By Downloading A Free Campaign App, Readers Will Be Able To Point The Camera Of Their Smartphone Or Tablet At Special Images And See Animated D Models Appear Straight From The Game It S A Truly Unique And Innovative Way To Fully Experience The Artwork Of Journey

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    More pictures on my blog Journey is one of the most beautiful games this year, one that I really enjoyed playing It s quite an experience journeying through the haunting landscape, ancient ruins while listening to the enchanting soundtrack.This artbook is a great companion for the game It s a 188 page hardcover with nice paper The art and illustrations are created by Matthew Nava who s the art director at thatgamecompany He s also the one who art directed the earlier game Flower.Collected within the book are the concept art for the game with character and creature designs, environment paintings, architecture designs, and even a section on fan art There s lots of commentary throughout.The art is as beautiful as the game itself, of course But with the book you get to see such as the discarded concepts, e.g the evolution of the main character design from a realistic to a stylistic one, unused buildings, locations, etc The architecture designs are wonderful, with influence from Greek, Islamic and Japanese blended with mystery and an otherworldly feeling It s interesting to study the use of colours in the game which has a very limited palette and yet can look so good.One unique feature of the book is its use of Augmented Reality AR technology It s one where you scan the pages with your mobile phone or tablet camera and a virtual reality 3D image pops up into space It s used to good effect here For example, for the AR version of one tower in the game, you can turn your camera around it to see it from different perspective, and if you look closely through the windows you can see things moving inside Very cool Same with the page on the character designs where the characters will pop up and you can see them move.Also included in the book is a coupon code to download the soundtrack of the game via the PlayStation Network Journey Official Game Soundtrack cost over ten dollars by itself.This is a marvelous artbook, even if it is rather pricey.

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    Absolutely gorgeous and a great companion book for a beautiful and important game It discusses the creative process of making the game an interesting combination of art and technology developing together and influencing each other, as well as the world and the gameplay itself , and reveals a lot of details you wouldn t have otherwise noticed The first part, about the way the avatar character evolved a year and a half long process is also as much about the development of the world, the technology that drives it and the story that underpins it, as it is about character design.It s also interesting to learn how the team adjusted game elements in the service of the story and the message ie, giving control to players in pivotal scenes, where they were on rails before.Ultimately, it reveals a deep commitment to the art and experience of the world they created, and to the players they invited into that world Matthew Nava s sketches are gorgeous, and you feel constantly in awe of his talent, to be able to produce such a variety of styles and concepts And to top it off, the final chapter is a selection of fan art, as a tribute to the people who love the game enough to make it their own.There s also an Augmented Reality AR element to the book, which displays some 3D models from the game and its development an interesting addition, used well.Highly recommended.

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    This is a companion book to a simply gorgeous game Included within the high quality pages is the concept art showing the influences, narrative devices and game designs that made Journey what it is.The book is split into six chapters, each detailing each step of the game s creation Starting with the Character designs, and the many iterations until they got to final design Followed by detailed looks at the creatures, landscapes, architecture and sequence designs Each is very in depth with sketches, paintings, and 3D models with commentary from Journey Art Director, Matt Nara throughout Even the section featuring a sample of Journey fan art is gorgeous I like the addition of the augmented reality feature, powered by the Daqri 4D platform By downloading the free Journey AR Viewer app available for both Android and iPhone of course , readers will be able to point their smartphone or tablet at special images and see animated 3D models appear straight from the game A nice innovation, making this book different to the usual concept art books I have on my bookshelf.Overall, if you ve played the game, then chances are you fell in love with the game too And if you fell in love with the game, then I would totally recommend getting this book

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    Journey is without a doubt one of the greatest video games in history, with simple but fun gameplay, an amazing and astonishing art Just by looking at the sketches it fills your heart with something so great it s hard to describe, which just proves just how great Journey And hey, the 4D AR bonus is cool as well Definitely recommend getting this if you want an insight on the creation of the art and the game as a whole of Journey.

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    The most interesting thing about this book, for someone who hasn t played the game anyway, is its use of

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    Imposing, majestic, beautiful.