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The Year IsWhen Sixteen Year Old Eliza Williams Arrives At The Billings School For Girls In Easton, Connecticut Her Parents Expect Her To Learn The Qualities Of A Graceful, Dutiful Wife But Eliza And Her Housemates Have A Dangerous Secret They Re Witches After Finding A Dusty, Leather Bound Spell Book, The Billings Girls Form A Secret Coven Bonded In Sisterhood, They Cast Spells Cursing Their Headmistress With Laryngitis, Brewing Potions To Bolster Their Courage Before Dances, And Conjuring Beautiful Dresses Out Of Old Rags The Girls Taste Freedom And Power For The First Time, But What Starts Out As Innocent Fun Turns Sinister When One Of The Spells Has An Unexpected And Deadly Consequence Magic Could Bring Eliza Everything She S Ever Wantedbut It Could Also Destroy Everything She Holds Dear

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    I ve never read any of the Private books, nor do I wish to but I was impulse shopping in the grocery store this pretty winter centric cover caught my eye It reads quickly the characters are equally flat, but there was enough substance to hold my interest Despite the characters ages 16 17 it reads in a simpler, younger style, neither as creepy magical as Gemma Doyle or sexy dramatic as The Luxe Though most YA is roughly PG 13, this one is barely PG Though the subject matter has potential for higher rate creepiness or sexiness, these situations are glossed in a manner appropriate for younger level but subject advanced readers Example I d probably have enjoyed it in 5th 6th grade.Set in 1915 with few historical frills, the novel follows Eliza as she attends her first year at an exclusive girls academy It s not so much a school as a posh husband hunting club the Billings grounds are flush against a rich boy boarding school but Eliza balks at following her older sister s example snaring a fiance within the year She does, however, look forward to the freedom to read meet new people Eliza quickly befriends several of the girls intelligent Catherine, boy crazy Alice, twins Viola Bia, French exchange student Marilyn but of course clashes with queen bee socialite Theresa And despite her vows to the contrary, she also finds herself falling for blonde rich boy Harrison, who is inconveniently betrothed to Theresa surprise, surprise.While on gardening detail as punishment for sneaking to the boys campus, Eliza, Catherine, Alice, Theresa discover a mysterious necklace trunk full of wicca books They recruit the other girls form a coven, first using their newfound power for silly things mending dresses, infecting rude boys with boils, etc But when one of the girls is accidentally killed due to Eliza Theresa s feud over Harrison, they risk a much complicated spell Life From Death The spell reanimates their lost companion, but the girl who returns to life isn t the same girl that died Have they brought back a sinister echo of their friend, or is it something else entirely Sounds exciting, I know But the Life From Death stuff which could have been really, really creepy in a Pet Cemetary way was over done with in the last 30 some pages Most of the book was spent on Eliza Theresa trying to work out who was the Alpha Female of the dormitory Again, this could have been somewhat interesting, but the characters were too flat Whether that s the author s style or a product of page constraint, I don t know But whatever the reason, it definitely affected my emotional involvementor lack thereof This book most definitely isn t a literary equivalent of The Craft Bottom line not horrible, but not great The author has left room for a prequel sequel what would you call that, anyway , but I doubt I ll bother reading it.

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    I thought I would enjoy reading about Elizabeth and how the curse had originated, but I didn t I really didn t I should note that I dislike period texts such as Sense Sensibility, Pride Prejudice and Jane Eyre, where women just roll around trying to find husbands or are schooled in how to be a lady They bore me to tears The Book of Spells is set roughly during this period, and as such it bored me to death I think I have some sort of reflex where I instantly fall asleep as soon as I pick up one of these old school texts I put the book down so many times and had to really force myself to pick it up again and finish it This book is 75% filler in my opinion, and I honestly think it d be better as a short story Hell, it could be one page of bullet points and the reader would get the idea In fact, I ll do that now and hopefully save someone the pain of reading this book.TL DR A girl called Eliza goes to Billings School for Girls Apparently everybody likes her sister May the best She hates this Theresa Billings chick She s in love with Theresa Billings fiancee The Billings girls discover spellbooks and start doing witchcraft One of them dies They enlist the help of the witchy maid to bring her back to life Something else comes back in her place They exorcise the demon, but it curses them The other girls are emo over the girl dying a second time, and Theresa, Eliza and said witchy maid bespell them to get over it The End Besides being bored, I took issue with a few other things in this book In Ominous I got the impression that Eliza and co were the same age as Reed and co., but they act like 14 yr olds in the Book of Spells There s a real inconsistency between the girl Reed sees and reads about in Ominous, and the girl we see here Eliza s journal plays such a big role in Ominous, yet we barely see her write in it And despite the curse playing a big part in Ominous, in The Book of Spells it s basically an afterthought that nobody places stock in Also, although I love to hate Noelle s overconfidence and bitchiness, I just hated Theresa Billings And I wanted to shake Eliza by the shoulders every time she pushed Harrison away I hope that she saw sense after the events in this book and ran away with him, despite her new friendship with Theresa Although I never felt like OMG I LOVE THIS BOOK MUST KEEP READING, I admit it did pick up after Catherine White died I thought Helen was a really interesting character, and I enjoyed learning about her time with the previous owners of the spellbooks I m also intrigued as to who originally owned the books, because Lucille and co clearly stumbled upon them too I d like to know about how the curse affected each girl throughout her life, and I m hoping Eliza ran off with Harrison eventually I also thought it was cute seeing the Coolidge and Whittaker ancestors, and how Gage Coolidge clearly inherited his sleaziness Overall I m biased due to my disdain for texts set in this period, but I don t recommend this book at all The pacing is slow, it s full of filler, and it has nothing on the other Private books The other Private books and have their flaws and fair share of filler, but I d take that private school drama over this any day It s mildly interesting to learn about Helen Jennings and the witches who came before, but not worth sitting through this drivel The Book of Spells ultimately would ve functioned better as a short story.

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    5 Words Magic, selfish, silly little girls, tragedy, love.When I first started this, I wasn t so sure about it But by the end, I knew I d loved it.I haven t read any of the Private series itself, but I want to, especially if the writing s as immersing as this Pity that not a single library in three whole counties near me have the first books They have books 9 14 though Is it worth reading, fellow readers Although the characters appeared to be 15 16 the writing was much younger But it was refreshing to read a rather clean YA that still had intrigue and attraction and naughty goings on.I m a sucker for boarding school situations Let s blame that on reading the The Twins at St Clare s and The Worst Witch books growing up And this book did not disappoint on that front It reminded me of all of those childhood reading memories, only a little grown up, and I probably loved this book all the for it.The characters weren t the most likeable I ve read They were pretty much all spoilt little rich girls who were bored and trying to have fun But that didn t matter, because without that the book wouldn t have worked.The ending was pretty spectacular, and the build up to it was wonderful Although there are a few loose ends that I would have preferred were cleared up, I was generally entertained by the book and enjoyed it a lot.I particularly like how this book can be read on its own There s no pressure to read the rest of the Private series to better understand the world, and I think this book would likely be rather different anyway, being set almost 100 years in the past.

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    Pros This is a cute story for YA readers who are fans of witchcraft Definitely light, fast reading Cons It s a bit too simple for me I should have read this in my early teen years There were times where I sighed in frustration or blushed in embarrassment at some of the characters simple archetypes.

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    I can t believe it left us with that ending I mean what happened with her and Harrison How cruel I did like this one a bit than the present day Privates, but there was still a Noelle in the story, which I hated I much prefer Eliza to Reed, and the historical setting just really hooked me Now to jump into Private 12, which I was going to read earlier but didn t realise I had to read this one first.

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    Honestly, when I decided to read this book I had very low expectations I didn t even expect myself to finish it See, I m not a huge fan of books that are set in the past They ve just never really drawn me in, I guess However, the intriguing cover and great synopsis filled with tantalizing witchcraft drew me in OH THANK WHOEVER THAT IT DID I m officially addicted to this book Everything about it is just perfect to me Each and every character had a distinct personality just because they are supposed to be proper ladies doesn t mean they are None of the characters were bland Even the most irritating ones had their strong points And hey, you don t want to LOOOVE every single character Sometimes you just need someone to hate I just couldn t hate any of them though, even Tereasa, who grated on my nerves at points Another thing I adore is the writing style and pacing Kate Brian really brings the 1915th world to life Not one thing was bland, and I had clear, vivid images if the setting thanks to the perfect descriptions everything was described, but it wasn t freaking long and dull The characters as well as the setting really popped and came to life I ve heard some things about how the pacing in this book is incredibly slow, but I couldn t disagree In my opinion the pacing was perfectly. well, paced This book was full of exciting moments ranging from small to heart pounding, but not every single moment was filled with intense moments, which makes me worship this book at the Some books try so hard not to be dull that the authors try to cram action packed scenes on every page, which is not a good thing because then there s no substance Every word of every page was interesting, and it didn t have to be action packed to do so.The way this book ties in the paranormal with 1915 life is outstanding Nothing seems fake or forced in This book has the perfect balance without the paranormal part you couldn t have the rest of this book, and vice versa A lot of paranormal books seem over the top with no real content, but with The Book of Spells that s not the case There is to this novel then witchcraft, although that plays a big part in it.Bottom line I M ADDICTED I think I ve found a new favorite book I havn t even read the Private series, so you don t have to either if you re contemplating reading this book I d recommend it to anybody I didn t think I d like it, but look at me now 3

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    To be truthful, I was disappointed by this book I think I knew in the back in the mind I would be, but I decided to buy it anyways since I had read all of the other Private novels, and Kate Brian is one of my favourite authors But as I said, I was disappointed The book was extremely cheesy The spells were simple rhymes, which girls said holding hands in a circle Nothing like Harry Potter where the spells are in different languages with actual meaning I suppose it had a good plot line, though it was carried out poorly every thing seemed mellow dramatic I might be so critical to this book since I find it very similar to the Gemma Doyle Trilogy but Kate Brian is hardly as good as Libba Bray I can t say it was a waste of time though It was good for light reading, but nothing that I was desperate to turn the page.

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    Holy CowI didn t think I d ever get through this book Don t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of Kate Brian and the Private Series but this book was terrible Maybe it s because I don t like the whole super natural thing, I don t know I got bored in the middle and though I can see why the Billings House is like it is after this book, I just wish there had been a different twist, not the supernatural Now I am wondering what Vanished will be like, is it going to turn supernatural too

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    I ve read stronger witch craft books I give this one a 3 1 2 rating.

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    The Book of Spells Kate Brian 1 I decided to read this book cause i really really really really enjoy reading fantasy books because their awesome Its like being totally absorbed in another world where i don t even have to think about anything including READING LOGS The vivid details of the setting, charters,the atmosphere and the fashion of the 1915s made the book feel so surreal It made me want to travel back in time and live the characters lives, it was like going on a secret adventure This book completes the category of a book of a book with a main female character,i like this category because there are no restrictions to what i have to read 2 My favourite quote from this was Even at the tender age of sixteen, Elizabeth Williams was the rare girl who knew her mind I love this quote because it basically sums up the essence of the character Eliza in short for Elizabeth, is from the start of the book,introduced as an mysterious character She is portrayed as an insecure, and a character that found it hard to trust someone at the beginning of the book As the book progress and she is sent to a boarding school, to learn how to be a proper women, as this was set in the olden days, we see the change in her as she makes new friends and learns secrets she never should of Eliza s always been confused by the social expectations formed by society She felt pressured by her mother and everyone else that she had to be beautiful, intelligent, only read non fiction knowledgeable books and get married to a decent, smart, rich, handsome man She believed that when she got sent to boarding school, she would be able to be who she was, but unfortunately school didn t meeter expectations Luckily Eliza finds that her roommate, Catherin White,is also feeling the same way, sick of trying to please everyone i admire how Eliza is committed to make a difference in how society preserves a image of a woman, and while doing so Eliza finds a faster and stronger method, witchcraft Through this experience we see how Eliza grows from a small seed into a plant, and helps abolish the false social expectations 3 Something new i learn t from this book is not to believe everything you see, and whats on the inside matters then the outside Eliza always trusted everyone with everything and when everyone back fired every time, she promised her self not to trust anyone Throughout the novel we see Eliza encounter with all types, she sees them be nice to her in front of everyone but say different things when shes gone Eliza also believed the school would be a free will place, and people would respect her for who she was but when she had really arrived she experienced different By her past experiences she sees become a very insecure person, but one person that helps her change is Catherin Also Catherin is a character that interested me because she shows the importance of accepting people for who they are.We see Catherin at the beginning of the novel as a person who wanted to please everybody,soon she realizes it is not possible and that she was just being used Catherin decides to make a change and be who she is and not what others want her to be This change benefits her in many aspects, she learns how to not judge people by what the look like and this change in her also encourages her friends Her friendship is also tested many times and she comes to realize who her real friends really are I also found the setting very interesting because it shows how society back then expected women to be very feminine and to act,dress, speak etc, a certain way I admire Catherin and Eliza for being strong to stand up for what the believe is right, and not what society expects I am so glad that me and my friends live in a world today where each individual can do and be who they want