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A Youth In Nazi Germany Tells The Truth About HitlerBartoletti Has Taken One Episode From Her Newbery Honor Book, Hitler Youth, And Fleshed It Out Into A Full NovelWhenYear Old Helmut Hubner Listens To The BBC News On An Illegal Short Wave Radio, He Quickly Discovers Germany Is Lying To The People But When He Tries To Expose The Truth With Leaflets, He S Tried For Treason Sentenced To Death And Waiting In A Jail Cell, Helmut S Story Emerges In A Series Of Flashbacks That Show His Growth From A Naive Child Caught Up In The Patriotism Of The Times, To A Sensitive And Mature Young Man Who Thinks For Himself

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    This story resonates so much because it s based on a true account of a young man named Helmuth during World War II He is a patriotic German and can see why Hitler could be good for the country Just like many others he gets sweeped up with the hysteria of a new hope for the broken down Germany Slowly but surely though he comes to see what the whole regime is really about.The book flips perspectives from the present to memories Helmuth has leading up to why he is in jail The voice of the narrator is consistent and gives you a good insight of how Helmuth changes from a little boy to a young adult who can think for himself This storyline had a different take on this time period There are numerous books written about this time, but I have never encountered one that had the protagonist belong to the Hitler Youth The group intrigues him at first and you can easily see why Hitler puts them on pedalstool, saying they are the new generation needed for the country with shiny boots and sharp uniforms to seal the deal Through all the dazzle he comes to learn that he really can t go by with doing nothing about the wrongness of what is happening around him The newest piece of information that I got from this book was that there was actually LDS members in Germany in the 1930s, which I wasn t aware of till now His faith plays a big part in the story and ultimately will be the major reason why he wants to fight the injustice he sees.I appreciated that the author stuck close to the actual events but elaborated what she thought he would have thought or felt Big kudo points for not inserting a love interest just for the sake of making the story interesting Towards the back of the book the author provides pictures of Helmuth himself and of his brother and two good friends It made the words that much believable when I could see the real faces of these people.After I finished reading it I was reminded about why I loved historical fiction my first favorite genre so much It brings you stories like this Filled with truth Though some thought he was foolish to try to do something about it he kept to his beliefs I personally think he was brave because it takes much strength to do what you believe is right than to sit by and just watch it happen.

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    I am very thankful to this author for bringing this hero out in the open I know some people say they are tired of books about WWII but I think there could never be enough..millions of innocent people and heros lost their lives and I want to read all of their storys..they need to be heard Helmuth is my new hero at only 17 he stood up and did something to help the innocent The only thing I dont like is when shes talking about him being scared to die while he was waiting in his cell I think she got that wrong,I think he was very brave and accepted his death because he knew he didnt live like a coward like the rest of Germany.

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    I liked the brotherhood aspect, but didn t realize that this was Mormon when I picked it up XD Seeing as I m not a Mormon, that took away from the book for me Also there was the idea of the end justifies the means which is completely unbiblical So it wasn t terrible, wasn t super great, just sorta meh.

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    My recommendation with this book, is read the author s note first Then read Helmut s story I believe it would have been better placed as an introduction, making events and Helmut all the tangible, as you read and witness this young man s story And witness, as we all should.

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    I really love the way Bartoletti used flashbacks and present day to tell this story, definitely kept me guessing as to how he ended up in his current position Would be great for anyone looking to understand life for a German boy during WWII I think many people would be surprised to learn that not all Germans felt the same way.

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    I thought this was a pretty good book I feel like it the beginning was a little slow but after that it was really engaging.

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    What does Fahrenheit 451 , The Gulag Archipelago , 1984 , and The Hiding Place or perhaps you have heard of these people Anne Frank, Corrie Ten Boom, Dietrich Bonnehoffer, and Martin Niemoeller have in common w The Boy Who Dared These books and people, all deal with theTheme of good people in controlling societies or government taking a stand against evil Ms Bartoletti brings to life the true story of a young Hitler youth who dared to take a stand against the NAZI Government of Germany.The Movie Valkerie has awakened to us that there was a resistance movement against Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Government Helmuth Guddat Hubener starts out believing in everything that Herr Hitler offered the German people and that was work, food and the sense of pride in everything German However Helmuth begins to question why Jews were a enemy of Germany, that authors and books he had read were now verboten and that he is being bullied by the older boys in the Hitler Youth group in which he first enjoy the outings and camping trips.Truly Susan Campbell Bartoletti has done her research, going and talking to Helmuth s older brother, his friends and those who actually knew the young man, both in and out of the Hitler Youth league The Boy Who Dared will cause one to pause about just accepting the status quo and that one s beliefs are important to what makes each one of us unique.

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    The beginning is kind of slow, but the end is pretty good, because it gives you closure It was confusing in the beginning, but once you got use to her style of writing it becomes easier to read and follow.

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    Wow Let that be the first word of this review Wow This was absolutely beautiful every moment of it was gripping and gut wrenching It s the type of story that has you on the edge of your seat at all times, constantly wondering what the outcome will be I didn t want the story to end because I dreaded what the ending may bring, it was so well written and researched The author s note was fantastic to listen to, giving a lot of detail about the research process and the true history behind the story I found myself subconsciously shaking my head in many parts not because the novel was bad but because I got to thinking about the realness of this story, the brutality faced by so many, the senseless loss of millions of lives, the barbarous ideology posed by a man so cunning that an entire nation was willing to follow him Stories like these deserve to be told where someone stands up for what is right, despite what the consequences may be and authors like Susan Campbell Bartoletti should be commended for bringing them to life for people like me to experience I now know that Helmut was a real person and he put everything on the line to bring the truth to the German people about the propaganda that was being shoved in their faces by the Nazis He was a true war hero along with the many thousands of people who aposed Hitler s regime and paid for their beliefs with their lives This book was worth every moment of my time and I would give it than 5 stars, if I could.

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    Been planning to read this for a while and finally did It is set in Hamburg, Germany during WWII This book shows that not every German citizen was for the war even though it allowed jobs and a better economy and some did not know what was going on because of all the laws restricting outside information We see all of this through a boy, called Helumth.Helmuth was a real boy growing up in WWII And it not that the author made Helmuth such a believable character, he actually seemed real He is real The author based her story off of his life, though she can t know exactly how everything went down, she did her research Bartoletti kept all his family members, his religion Mormon , and his time in jail as accurate as possible.The writing was good no chapters though The tone of this book was somber Even though Helmuth was a boy he was very observant The he learns, the anger he feels, the his frustration builds His anger just keeps escalating Though this book is somber it is not as depressing as some other WWII books i.e The Book Thief or All Quiet on the Western Front I can take anger and frustration over depression and sympathy I accredit it for doing such a great job at being realist, since it is a real story.