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Award Winning Author Grace Young Celebrates And Demystifies The Art Of Wok Cooking For The Western Home CookWhen Grace Young Was A Child, Her Father Instilled In Her A Lasting Appreciation Of Wok Hay, The Highly Prized But Elusive Taste That Food Achieves When Properly Stir Fried In A Wok As An Adult, Young Aspired To Create That Taste In Her Own Kitchen Grace Young S Quest To Master Wok Cooking Led Her Throughout The United States, Hong Kong, And Mainland China Along With Award Winning Photographer Alan Richardson, Young Sought The Advice Of Home Cooks, Professional Chefs, And Esteemed Culinary Teachers Like Cecilia Chiang, Florence Lin, And Ken Hom Their Instructions, Stories, And Recipes, Gathered In This Richly Designed And Illustrated Volume, Offer Not Only Expert Lessons In The Art Of Wok Cooking, But Also Capture A Beautiful And Timeless Way Of Life With Its Emphasis On Cooking With All The Senses, The Breath Of A Wok Brings The Techniques And Flavors Of Old World Wok Cooking Into Today S Kitchen, Enabling Anyone To Stir Fry With Wok Hay IACP Award Winner Young Details The Fundamentals Of Selecting, Seasoning, And Caring For A Wok, As Well As The Range Of The Wok S Uses This Surprisingly Inexpensive Utensil Serves As The Ultimate Multipurpose Kitchen Tool TheRecipes Are A Testament To The Versatility Of The Wok, With Stir Fried, Smoked, Pan Fried, Braised, Boiled, Poached, Steamed, And Deep Fried Dishes That Include Not Only The Classics Of Wok Cooking, Like Kung Pao Chicken And Moo Shoo Pork, But Also Unusual Dishes Like Sizzling Pepper And Salt Shrimp, Three Teacup Chicken, And Scallion And Ginger Lo Mein Young S Elegant Prose And Richardson S Extraordinary Photographs Create A Unique And Unforgettable Picture Of Artisan Wok Makers In Mainland China, Street Markets In Hong Kong, And A Wok A Thon In Which Young S Family Of Aunties, Uncles, And Cousins Cooks Together In A Lively Exchange Of Recipes And Stories A Visit With Author Amy Tan Also Becomes A Family Event When Tan And Her Sisters Prepare New Year S Dumplings Additionally, There Are Menus For Family Style Meals And For Chinese New Year Festivities, An Illustrated Glossary, And A Source Guide To Purchasing Ingredients, Woks, And Accessories Written With The Intimacy Of A Memoir And The Immediacy Of A Travelogue, This Recipe Rich Volume Is A Celebration Of Cultural And Culinary Delights

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    So my secret is out I read cookbooks Lots of them, and this is a winner A great reference book in the kitchen, I actually forgot that this one was a cookbook the story was that good A fascinating look into Chinese culture and cooking

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    excellent info on buying and properly using a wok, great resource, recipes.

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    Awesome book on wok cooking Techniques and recipes are interesting and a great read.

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    Informative, passionately written, beautiful pictures, classic recipes.

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    Great story, great recipes, amazing photographs, and really great tips on woks One of my very favorite food books.

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    I hope I will be brave enough to try a few of these recipes brave because I don t cook, not because I wouldn t like the food.

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    If you enjoy Chinese food this book might be for you even if you never plan to try and cook it for yourself.In a nutshell you get a wonderful book prepared with love, care and feeling by the authors that takes you behind the lore and mystique of Chinese food and starts with the first key ingredient a good wok Page after page of family memories related to the wok, culture and folklore, traditional methods of production and just why a wok is needed compared to a skillet or pan start the book off A comprehensive history and overview you could not ask for and it is a pleasurable read that imparts much information.Did you know, for example, that the earliest woks date from the Han Dynasty 206 BC 220 AD and that the wok was so highly praised that smaller pottery versions were even buried with many people to take them to the afterlife Important advice about choosing the right wok for your circumstances for a modern western home is provided and then it is back to the serious, honourable matters of opening the wok, that is to say the all important preparation of the wok prior to use It is vital to state that this book does not skimp on the information and whilst some might find it repetitive and long winded and consider skipping large sections you are advised not to do so as what might be seen as repetition is, in fact, careful consideration of matters Read, digest and you will be rewarded In many cases no one opinion is given, but a range of different counterpoints and viewpoints that have been handed down through family generations and often never written down are duly presented.Much information is also given about the care of the wok and practical importance of it No throwing it in the dishwasher or attacking it with scouring products For many cooks the wok and the chopper are their key work tools, so you want to keep them in good order at all times.It is a good way through the book before one even gets to look at cooking with your wok, such is the love being provided to this humble pan Once one gets to the cooking stages it is noticeable that any recipes are almost an afterthought in favour of good, practical advice about the best way to cook a specific ingredient and, perhaps importantly, why such a thing is considered and recommended over something else.The recipes, however, are no last minute addition and one feels that equal care has been lavished on them to ensure that they do fit the overall style and approach of the book The recipes are relatively easy to follow but this does not set out to be a beginner s book Even if you produce the food as described in a recipe, this is only part of the battle as a good artist might be able to paint a dog, but the style and appearance of the dog can make a world of difference.Throughout the book there are many wonderful full colour photographs that help round out the text and providing in place visual stimulation They would not be out of place in a travel guide as they do make you want to be there If a book could reproduce the sights and smells that would come from the picture one could imagine that this book would equally do them justice.The book ends with a overview of essentials such as a complete glossary of terms and a very compressive in depth index All in all this is a complete book It might not have as many recipes as some other books but it does have the love and feeling and hopefully this can be transferred to the reader to enable them to do than just make Chinese food Hopefully through time, even if they don t have a drop of Chinese heritage in their body they will be able to slowly develop the feeling and the way.The Breath of a Wok Unlocking the Spirit of Wok Cooking Through Recipes and Lore, written by Grace Young Alan Richardson and published by Simon Schuster ISBN 0 7432 3827 3, 240 pages Typical price GBP20 This review appeared in YUM.fi and is reproduced here in full with permission of YUM.fi YUM.fi celebrates the worldwide diversity of food and drink, as presented through the humble book Whether you call it a cookery book, cook book, recipe book or something else in the language of your choice YUM will provide you with news and reviews of the latest books on the marketplace.

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    Although I didn t use any of the recipes in this book, I found amazing wisdom in how to cook Chinese Japanese recipes much better My recipes now come out close to the way they taste in restaurants We re loving our exploraition

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    Ms Young and Mr Richardson travel through China chronicling the storied history of the wok, from small villages in rural China where villagers cook communal meals in enormous woks four feet in diameter, to the streets of Hong Kong where unregistered dai pai dong food vendors magically appear after dusk, only to disappear in the early hours of the morning. They interview renowned Chinese chefs like Florence Lin and Susanna Foo and visit the Chinese Cuisine Training Institute in Hong Kong They watch woks being hammered by the village blacksmith in Gao Tian, Guangxi province, and by a pair of brothers who own a small business in a residential neighborhood in Shanghai They peek into the ferociously busy kitchens of famous restaurants in San Francisco and quiet, humble kitchens in the homes of friends and neighbors both in China and the United States Ms Young mines her older relatives memories for recipes and techniques from their youth and gathers them together for a wok a thon to share that knowledge with the younger generations of the family The authors include personal stories, colorful photographs and mouth watering recipes from each of the stops in their journey.The book is eminently practical, too Every question you could ever have thought to ask is covered How do you select a good wok What s the best way to season a new wok When to add certain types of food, what oil is best, different techniques for various types of meat or vegetables it s all in The Breath of a Wok Having only ever used my wok to stir fry, I had no idea it was so versatile You can steam, pan fry, deep fry, poach, braise, boil and smoke with a wok, and this book provides simple to follow recipes for each of these methods Of course, all the reading in the world will not help you become a master chef without lots of hands on practice, but with The Breath of a Wok as a reference, I m freshly motivated to explore the many facets of this indispensable tool of the Asian kitchen.For book reviews, come visit my blog, Build Enough Bookshelves.

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    Wok Cookbook It has beautiful pictures, I might read it as a picture book, even without the recipes Great beginning section, all about the history of the wok, chinese cooking, how to get your new wok ready for use Good thing I read that too, so when I tried to season my new wok, and it started smoking off the factory coating, and started that little fire on the burner, and the smoke detector went off, I was prepared, becuase the book warned me that I should keep my windows open It did not, however, explain that while the little fire was happening, and the smoke detector was blairing, that my exhast fan would suddenly go haywire and make the most hideously loud sound ever, and not turn off, and be broken for all times, adding to the wok seasoning moment The author also does some cooking with Amy Tan the author and some other notable Wok cooking people, and they share stories, and tips and recipes The recipes don t seem too hard Not many vegetarian recipes, but it s not a vegetarian book, so that s expected.