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This was a great book, but as it was written in the 40's the writing was difficult to read...not flowing as with new books of our era. I have had this yellowing paperback on my shelves for decades, since picking it up at a yard sale. i finally decided to start it in the hopes that I could quickly decide it wasn't worth reading, and then be able to have one less book cluttering up my bedroom. Instead I found it to be very interesting and there were several times I stopped and highlighted quotations that seemed insightful into the human psyche. Instead of being the piece of old, erotic fiction I anticipated, this was a well written and fascinating glimpse into the mental processes of delightfully original characters. This book started out as a mystery but then wandered on to questions of morality, fidelity in marriage, late awakening to sensual pleasures and then at the end back to the mystery and solution of. It was not my cup of tea, but I skimmed throught the middle as I wanted to know the solution to the mystery.

If you enjoy a more psychological line of writing, this would be a book for you. It takes place in the 1940s in England. Like "The Group," this was WAY ahead of its time Could not bare to finish this. 1 star is way too much for this book. Gotta get rid of it asap. :( This is about the emotional and sexual awakening of a young british woman who has been brought up extremely conventionally, as well as the internal and sexual lives of her husband, and his mistress, with a minor mystery of who is sending anonymous letters to the husband. there are some incisive passages, such as the young husband's realization as he watches the old men napping in the stolidly traditional men's club he belongs to: "They slept... and waited for death in this club as a man might wait for death in his own coffin. The clubs were the coffins of old England."
The book was a huge bestseller during WWII in both the UK &UShad 18th printing in 1965. Connell wrote lots of pulpy (i.e., Gold Medal paperbacks) mysteries. hope i can find some of them! this is a link to a review of this book and a movie based on it, made in 1968 by Albert Zugsmith, who also wrote the screenplays for Written on the Wind, Touch of Evil, and others. Who knew?

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