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What do you get when you mix 1960s Chicago the rural south adulterated religion and family? You get The Devil Stopped By a literary fiction novel that is a glimpse into the life of nine year old Ruthie The story is colorful and vivid as told in Ruthie's original and uniue voice and shaped through the lens of her original perspective The Devil Stopped By is the story of an African American family on the cusp of the civil rights movement We experience the family in both Chicago and the rural south each with its own travails and drama Through Ruthie we experience the effects of racism family and religion even when the narrator is shielded from understanding by her own naivete

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    The Devil Stopped By was a treat to read The novel is so rich with vivid descriptions and familiar images and it truly has something for everybody How can anyone not feel Ruthie's pain and confusion as she tries to make sense of all that is happening around her The mark of a good book is one that you keep turning the page eager to find out what happens next but then when you get to the end you wish you had savored it a bit Bravo Dr Porter

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    I enjoyed every page of this book The story set in the mid 60's reveals itself through the voice of Ruthie a young African American girl From the first page Ruthie comes across as real And the delightful authenticity of characters does not stop with her but continues as each new character enters Character development and Ruthie's honest narration made the book for me The writing was insightful and riveting clever observations by the innocent Ruthie reflective twists aimed at religion truth hiding in liesall presented with clarity and realism I wish I could find writing like this often