Audible The Faceless OnesAuthor Derek Landy –

Proper RTC maybe These books are just so much fun and reading them is a happy little trip down nostalgia lane I think I got up to book five or six when I was a teenager and then stopped following the series why, I ll never know teenage me was a dumb dumb so I m super excited to re read the next few and then dive into the ones I haven t read and catch up Best in the series without a shadow of a doubt.Much bigger plot line, fun new characters and with Stephanie growing up it s so muchsarcastic and I LOVE ITHere the world of Skulduggery pleasant is introducedand it becomesglobal as well as the main enemies being fleshed outand not everything leading up to a happy ending. Meet Skulduggery Pleasant Detective, Sorcerer, WarriorOh Yes And DeadIf You Ve Read The Previous Skulduggery Books Then You Know What The Faceless Ones Are And If You Know What The Faceless Ones Are, Then You Can Probably Take A Wild Guess That Things In This Book Are Going To Get AWFULLY Sticky For Our Skeletal Hero And His Young SidekickIf You Haven T Read The Previous Skulduggery Books Then What Are You Doing Reading This Go And Read Them Right Now, So That You Know What All That Stuff In The Previous Paragraph Was AboutDone Good So Now You Re On Tenterhooks Too, Desperately Awaiting The Answers To All Your Questions, And Instead You Re Going To Have To Wait To Read The Book Sorry About That For years these books have been staring me in the face, whether they be at the local bookstore or library, and I felt no real inclination to pick one up to give it a shot My thoughts were that these were just for kids and simply not worth the time or effort Something my eight year old daughter might like, but ultimately not for me Well, boy was I wrong I ve now read three of these books and each one has been a fun, action packed and a thrill a minute ride While some of the names are a little on the childish side Ghastly Bespoke, Gruesome Krav and some of the dialogue just a little too cheesy, the main characters are a joy to spend time with and the storyline just drags you in and urges you to just read onechapter And then, at the very end, we get a jaw dropping cliffhanger that just screams at you to pick up the next book Now Like, RIGHT NOW I m definitely looking forward to the next one in the series, Dark Days Here s hoping that when I go to the library on the weekend there is a copy awaiting me 5 Sterne.Bisher mein Favorit liegt aber vielleicht auch daran, dass ich jetzt die Figuren immerbesser kenne und die Geschichte so viel Spa macht These are so enjoyable, I can t help myself. Loved all the twists, never saw them coming I think this one is the best so far D Thumbs up This series is just so much fun I love how this third installment throws you right into the action The author still does a wonderful job balancing the action with humor I absolutely enjoyed loved getting to knowabout the our characters and the magic system It s great seeing Valkyrie learnandabout her powers As much as I love Valkyrie and her reflection, my favorite character hands down is definitely Skulduggery himself I mean, he s a magic using skeleton with fantastic sense of style and a great sense of humor I will definitely need to continue on with this series. Eigentlich hat es f r mich wieder eher nur f r 3,5 Sterne gereicht,allerdings wollte ich gerne zur Geltung bringen, dass mir der dritte Band bisher besser gefallen hat als die ersten beiden.Hier merkt man einfach, dass Walk re endlich etwas lter wird und somit auch selbstst ndiger und ge bter im Kampf und brenzligen Situationen Auch die Sache mit dem eventuellen Loveinterest f nde ich super.Gelungen fand ich auch, dass Bezug zu Ereignissen aus den vorigen B chern genommen wurde.Allerdings fehlt mir einfach immer etwas die Spannung, da ich viele Situation zu einfach gel st finde, wenn ich versteht was ich meine Und da kann auch der geniale Humor, den ich wirklich feiere, nicht zu einer besseren Bewertung verhelfen Es ist einfach keine Serie mit hohem Suchtfaktor f r mich, leider.Allerdings war das Ende hier ja schon echt gemein That s a plan that could fall apart in so many ways The fun ones are like that I just love Skulduggery and Valkyrie The bickering, the sarcasm, the magic, the bickering, the adventure and the bickering.It s sadly been a while since I read these books so it s basically been like reading it for the first time because I had forgotten about almost everything that happens it s a friggin shame, I know But I m still in love with the world that Derek Landy created, the writing style is amazing I can t count the time that I laughed and the story is gripping So if you haven t met the skeleton detective yet, you might want to arrange a meeting.