The Ghostling Children (Star Wars Episode I Adventures, #5) –

Rereading this one for the first time since 2000 Still a quick, light read aimed at kids Still enjoyed it. Pet Peeve Does it really matter at this point Why does a character of significance require a backstory of any magnitude I get Darth Vader came from somewhere, thats a valid concept and story, but at this point, anything prior to Qui Gon discovering him is overkill Anakin doesn t have to have a heroic storyline dating back to creation for crying out loud Just let him emerge out of nowhere and allow the mysteriousness of his nature define who he is.Fluf piece of Anakin saving the world at what 5 years old sheesh. From the back cover Now flashback to the time before Episode I.The Ghostling children live on a beautiful, isolated world, safe from harm until they are captured by an evil trader Soon they find themselves on the harsh planet of Tatooine, about to be sold to the terrifying Gardulla the Hutt.Their only hope of survival is a young slave named Anakin and his friends Can the Ghostlings be freed This is a fun kids book that includes young Anakin and three of his closest friends all slaves as well While checking out Sebulba s latest improvements to his podracer, the group stumbles upon the captured Ghostling children The princess of the Ghostlings happens to be one of the captives and begs for Anakin and his friends to help free them The group decides that they have to at least try to help and end up sneaking into Gardulla s fortress to try and free the Ghostlings before the slave transmitters are implanted in them They have a whirlwind adventure in their effort to free the Ghostlings There is a role play book that goes along with this where you can actually chose Anakin or one of his friends to play in an effort to free the Ghostlings, but it isn t necessary Overall my students loved it and I enjoyed reading it to them Great kids book Spoiler Warning Anakin and his friends find out that a group of children known as Ghostlings have been kidnapped to be sold as slaves to Gardulla the Hutt One of the slaves is the princess of the Ghostlings She pleads with Anakin and Kitster to rescue them At first the children don t think it is possible, but then decide to make the effort Disguised as Jawas they sneak into Gardulla s fortress and after a series of narrow escapes from guards, droids, and Gardulla herself, they finally reach the Ghostlings Unfortunately the Ghostlings are very frail and come from a planet where the gravity is much lighter, so they aren t able to run far Kitster comes up with a plan to hide them within the fortress itself and come back to finish the rescue when the heat dies down This was a very enjoyable story Written for children, it was still action packed and a fun read I liked how it included all the children working together with their individual abilities to free the Ghostlings. I think it was amazing The Ghostling Children Live On A Beautiful Isolated World, Safe From Harm Until They Are Captured By An Evil Trader Soon They Find Themselves On The Harsh Planet Of Tatooine, About To Be Sold To The Terrifying Gardulla The HuttTheir Only Hope Of Survival Is A Young Slave Named Anakin And His FriendsCan The Ghostings Be Freed