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An Honest, Funny And Feminist Take On Living With Your Period And Hormones , By The Award Winning Sex And Relationships Vlogger, And Author Of Doing It , Hannah Witton When Hannah Witton Started Documenting Her Journey Coming Off The Pill And Re Getting Her Period, She Wasn T Anticipating The Reaction, From People Of All Ages, That Talking About It Would Bring It Exposed A Glaring Gap The Resources And The Spaces To Talk Honestly About Periods Just Aren T There And With And Research Showing That Your Period And Your Hormones Can Affect Literally Every Area Of Your Life, This Is A Problem Inspired By Her YouTube Series Of The Same Name, The Hormone Diaries Draws On Hannah S Own Experiences And, Through Crowdsourcing On Her Social Media Platforms, Those Of Her Fans Too With Her Trademark Honesty And Humour, Hannah Explores And Demystifies Topics Surrounding Periods, Hormones And Contraception, To Offer Readers Support, Information And AdviceThe Definitive Period Self Help Book % Of The World Has Been Waiting For

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    Full of information and intrigue, The Hormone Diaries reads like a life story, not just of the author but of a conglomerate of womb warriors writing to their own bodies and what they have to deal with This is a must read for people who have periods, and also for those who don t You want the truth about periods It s in this book

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    Just over two years ago I read and reviewed Hannah Witton s first book, Doing It Let s Talk About Sex I loved seeing a YouTuber I respected and whose videos I so enjoyed meet with success in book form With The Hormone Diaries The Bloody Truth About Our Periods, Witton does it again Based this time on a long running series on her channel chronicling her journey of self exploration by discontinuing her birth control pill, The Hormone Diaries aims to inform its readers about menstruation and other hormone related issues for people with ovaries and uteruses With a target audience of 15 , the book does this in an approachable, reassuring way It s this combination of compassionate cleverness and clear research effort that makes Witton a great educator.Despite its subtitle and provocative cover art, this book is about way than periods That s part one of five, the others being contraception, disorders, hormones and being trans, and pregnancy I would have a difficult time trying to decide which of the parts are the most valuable I learned so much from every part of the book For example, while I understood the basics of menstruation, it was really interesting to see Witton explain the nuances of the subject, the ways it can vary for people, and the different products that exist to help deal with it Similarly, I had a pretty solid idea about how the pill works, but I wasn t aware of its sordid backstory and the truth behind the reasons for the 7 day break It s these kinds of things that had me asking one of my best friends on the phone, Uh, did you know this Some positionality, I guess I m a cis man Now, that doesn t mean I m out of the target audience on the contrary, I think this book is just as essential for people like me as it is for, say, a teenage girl trying to learn about her period in a society that is hellbent on shaming her for it And I m quite impressed that Witton manages to achieve a tone that keeps the book accessible to such a wide audience Nevertheless, it should be obvious that in my review I m coming at this from the point of view of the outsider These are issues that I ve never dealt with I m reading because I m curious, because I want to build my empathy for all the lovely people in my life who have these hormone related experiences I want to be able to participate in the conversation knowledgeably and responsibly.I really like how inclusive this book is Witton achieves this in two ways First, she is conscious about her language We associate menstruation with womanhood, yet as Witton points out, some people who menstruate aren t women, and many women don t menstruate So the idea that menstruation makes one a woman is fallacious and actually harmful This book acknowledges the existence and experiences of trans and non binary folx, particularly through the second way Witton includes a plethora of short letters submitted by viewers of her Hormone Diaries series These come from all around the world and include cis women, trans women, people young and old, pre menopausal or peri menopausal or post menopausal The one notable omission, as far as I can, is that the book doesn t seem to mention intersex people I don t know if that s outside the scope of the book because many conditions fall under the intersex banner, so it s very complicated, or what While Witton supplies the information, and adds her educated opinion about the subjects, she lets her fan contributors share stories far diverse than she, alone, could provide.These letters also serve the important purpose of expressing differing opinions For example, one person writes an encomium of the combined pill and its effects on stabilizing her mood, while another person breaks up with their pill because of weight gain Some of her contributors love tampons, others despise them Witton is upfront about not wanting this book to be a guide or a solely her view on the correct ways to manage a period, use contraception, etc She tries to equip the reader to make their own decisions, and part of that is to share different opinions on topics.The only time Witton really gets polemical is when she addresses an underlying social justice issue women s pain is not taken seriously This is particularly evident in the chapter on disorders, diseases, and infections, as well as the pregnancy chapter, but it runs throughout The Hormone Diaries By and large Witton tries to keep her tone upbeat and even jocular, but when this issue comes up, her frustration and anger is palpable to good effect, and with good reason A great deal of suffering related to periods, hormones, etc., might be alleviated if we as a society cared about women s health and the health of people who menstruate or can get pregnant Hence, it would be a mistake to write this book off as simply an educational text like all of Witton s project, there is a strong foundation of social justice and equity.No book on such an important issue could be perfect, of course, and I have some minor critiques Although its contributors are international, the book on the whole is quite specific to the UK when it comes to its information about health services and outcomes I suppose that s not surprising, and it isn t a flaw in the book, but it s worth being aware of this, especially if you re reading it outside the UK On a related note, fertility tracking or awareness apps get mentioned a couple of times Some of these apps have made the news recently because of privacy concerns, either in terms of selling users data to related industries, or even selling the data to your employer Technology can be such a great tool for quantifying and helping one understand one s body, and I think Witton is right to discuss its pros and cons so candidly here Just be aware that, as with any technology, privacy and who has access to your data should be on your mind.Honestly, though, these are incredibly minor quibbles compared to the wealth of information and relief, I m sure for some, that The Hormone Diaries offers As much as I loved Doing It , I m pleased to say that for her second effort Witton has stepped up her game Her writing is even better her topic is focused and delivered extremely well I learned so much My only true regret is that I didn t get a chance to read it much in public so I could make a statement as a very dude looking dude reading a book about periods with these bloody panties on the cover Maybe for a re read sometime

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    I really enjoyed reading this I feel like it s a great book if you want to learn about how periods and bodies in general work, but don t necessarily need to know all the anatomical details and technical terms It s written in a very accessible way and I liked how inclusive it was.The highlight of the book were definitely the different diary entries by all kinds of different people They made the book feel personal and unique And they sounded like a lot of fun to write, so here s mine Dear period,This may sound a bit weird, but I actually like you Sure, I complain whenever you arrive and I would really appreciate it if you were a tiny bit predictable and if you could maybe turn down the cramps a little, but still I like you And I don t even really know why I guess it s because you remind me that, actually, bodies are really cool And that my body can create a freaking baby out of practically nothing That s pretty badass, if you ask me.I love learning about you About how you work and what actually happens inside my body and why you even exist And I love paying attention to things like when exactly my boobs are hurting or how my discharge changes with my cycle or how much I bleed on each day Because you know what I think you re pretty cool, period.Love, Lou

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    The Hormone Diaries by YouTube sex educator Hannah Witton is a fascinating and empathetic look at periods, hormones and all of the other strange things that go on in AFAB assigned female at birth bodies It covers often ignored topics such as gynaecological disorders, trans experiences with hormones, and menopause which are interesting and important to learn about even for those who are not affected by them.The highlight of the book for me was the inclusion of actual hormone diaries or letters from Witton s online fans These began by addressing specific topics, such as Dear my pill , Dear HRT , Dear endometriosis etc., and provided insight into a wide array of personal experiences Witton s writing is casual, friendly and humorous as well as informative, and the letters complement this well They bring personality to the topics that Witton s own experiences do not include, such as in the sections on disorders, trans experiences, and pregnancy.While Witton is not a medical professional, she is very passionate about the topic and a clearly huge amount of research has gone into this book The fact that she is not a doctor is, I feel, a positive it aids the book s accessibility, and makes its voice feel like a knowledgeable friend rather than a teacher She encourages readers to go to their doctor about any concerns rather than trusting the book alone, and emphasises that the purpose of the book is not to diagnose but to understand and empathise.In short, I d highly recommend this book to anyone, whether you have periods or not If you do, you might feel less alone, but no matter who you are there is something to learn about the experiences of others Especially right now, it s important to embrace that kind of empathy, rethink your assumptions, and break down taboos see for a longer version of this review

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    No soy el p blico objetivo de este libro ni por asomo, pero que quer is que os diga, me parece que la labor que hace Hannah rompiendo tab s con respecto a temas como el sexo, la menstruaci n etc eran mur necesarios.Este es el libro perfecto si eres una adolescentes que acaba de empezar a tener la menstruaci n y se encuentra perdida dentro del basto mundo de la regla.

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    This is such an accessible, entertaining and informative book on periods, hormonal contraception and all of the challenges of being a menstruating human The letters from fans are so effective and really bring the book to life It s incredible to see such an inclusive book on this topic, especially of trans people I wish I could have read this book when I was in the first few years of my periods It was so validating to hear that I wasn t alone in certain experiences The only things I would have liked to have seen included were on how being disabled by something other than a reproductive system hormone related illness can specifically affect experiences of hormones and periods, and a bit on the experiences of intersex people However, I realise you can t always include everything and I m only being so picky because I hold Hannah s work in such high regard The Hormone Diaries does much to be actively inclusive than pretty much any other educational advice book I ve ever read and is very very good overall I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn on the subject 9 10

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    When Hannah Witton started documenting her journey coming off the pill and re getting her period, she wasn t anticipating the reaction, from people of all ages, that talking about it would bring It exposed a glaring gap the resources and the spaces to talk honestly about periods just aren t there And with and research showing that your period and your hormones can affect literally every area of your life, this is a problem.Inspired by her YouTube series of the same name, The Hormone Diaries draws on Hannah s own experiences and, through crowdsourcing on her social media platforms, those of her fans too With her trademark honesty and humour, Hannah explores and demystifies topics surrounding periods, hormones and contraception, to offer readers support, information and advice.The definitive period self help book 50% of the world has been waiting for This book is awesome.I was very excited to get my hands on this book After reading Doing It by Hannah Witton I knew that this would be another book that I needed in my life.Hannah Witton has done a fantastic job with this book It was fun and educational I was surprised by how much I learnt whilst reading this book I guess that was her point though, we don t talk about our periods so there is so much that we don t know about them.I love Hannah s writing style so much It makes you feel like you are having a conversation with a friend not reading a book This made it really easy for me to both laugh and cry as I made my way through this book.This book covered so many interesting subject around hormones and it also include some very moving, funny and a times heartbreaking letters from real people talking about their real life experiences.I read this book in one sitting but I can guarantee I will be reading it again many times in the future.The Hormone Diaries by Hannah Witton is a must read for everyone.Geramie Kate

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    We need books like this

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    THIS WAS SO GOOD It was everything I hoped and dreamed of I really do think it will help change things when it comes to periods and sex politics Everybody, whether you menstrate or not, should pick this up and give it a go Maybe to have a laugh Maybe to relate Maybe just to learn something.I really enjoyed the writing in this Hannah has become such a grown author in my opinion, structuring sentences and paragraphs effectively She seems to translate terminology from the sex world in to every person speak so that we can understand what that means for us and our own experiences She s kinda always been like that, but it s really prominent in this book Especially in the way her writing is structured and flows so well I also loved the gender inclusive language, and the entire section on people who are trans and or non binary Hannah breaks down gender sex discussions in such an easy, understandable way that it s impossible not to vibe with and support.However, and this is a mini however, I did find that the little letters inserted as anecdotes from other s experiences were cringey to me It wasn t the stories told, or subjects being discussed, it was literally just the way they were formatted I can see why they were included, and did break up large chunks of information, but they did come off as a bit cheesy for my taste The experiences also seemed to tell those of straight, western people It would ve been nice to include stories from LGBTQ menstrators explicitly typically lesbians and bisexuals as we have a hard time with puberty and hormones and periods differing in different countries, continents and cultures Although it was mentioned briefly, this could ve been a great opportunity to also include the other side to sex positivity being asexual, and how that has an impact on puberty I feel like it was just missing, although partially present.That being said, none of those things take away from this book s usefulness I found out about so many disorders, and deep delved into the history of the pill The relationship between contraceptives and Catholicism was extremely interesting, as well as learning about possible male contraceptives in the future I truly believe everybody should give this a try, and maybe we can change how we, as a society, view periods and our bodies in general

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    I love Hannah Witton She is my Stoma Hero I should preface this by saying that I am currently considering getting a stoma fitted because of the symptoms of my Ulcerative Colitis being so horrid However, before I knew Hannah Witton had UC, I read her book Doing It and thus started my affection for her as a writer.The Hormone Diaries is a brilliant book It is so body positive about a subject that is often hidden away The only book I ever remember reading about periods was Are you There God It s Me, Margaret by Judy Bloom and even then the information was very basic.What Witton has done has created a comprehensive guide that girls and women of any age will find informative and helpful I, myself, found out that someone I know had been fobbed off by their doctors when they were diagnosed with Endometriosis They were told that the only options were a total hysterectomy or to deal with it Witton looks at why this is and explored how it is in part due to the patriarchal society we live in.As an activist for the end of Period Poverty, I believe that along with sufficient sanitary products given to all young girls that every school should be given a copy of The Hormone Diaries It is informative and entertaining.The Hormone Diaries The Bloody Truth About Our Periods by Hannah Witton is available now.