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    I read this trilogy so many times as a teen that I had to buy a whole new set of books since they were so worn out And then I pretty much wore those out too I think the novels definitely qualify as guilty pleasures I hadn t touched the books in years but when I was moving, I happened to come across my tattered copy and decided to open it up again To my surprise, I tore through them in about a day and a half At the age of 25, after having read these books about a dozen times, I found myself staying awake waaaay past my bed time to get that one last chapter I think that should say it all.

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    The Initiation The Secret Circle 1 , L.J SmithThe Initiation Originally published 1992 , the first part in a series of works entitled The Secret Circle, is a young adult novel by author Lisa Jane Smith Smith is famous for her other works such as The Vampire Diaries and the Night World series The novel follows a young girl, Cassie Blake, who moves to New Salem She befriends a mysterious group of teenagers who run the high school She finds out that she s part of a coven of witches, and on top of that, the boy she s destined to be with is dating her best friend 2010 .

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    As a young teen, L.J Smith was an idol From Dark Visions to The Vampire Diaries, she crafted dark genre pieces that were both intelligent and gripping To this day, I reread my well worn copies with childlike glee, running over in my mind the influences her writing had on my imagination the fact that for years I wanted to be a parapsychologist, that I love overblown fantasy stories with a love twist, that even now I m wearing a hemitite bracelet The first part of the The Secret Circle triology, The Initiation follows along as awkward, kind and somewhat meek Massachusetts transplant Cassie Blake acclimates to New Salem, a town that unbeknownst to her is run by a half complete coven Terrorized by some of the members of the coven and embraced by others, Cassie feels the constraints of her outsider status Part daytime soap opera and part dark magic, the book weaves into and out of all the bestselling qualities of YA fiction.

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    Back home, her friends would probably describe her as nice, but shy or fun, but kind of quiet But no one here knew that Maybe this year she d be Cassie the Extrovert or even Cassie the Party Girl Maybe she d even be good enough for the girl with the shining hair I started reading this series because I got into the show a few years back, only to find out it was cancelled after one season I need to know what happens The book is very different from the show Both follow Cassie Blake as she leaves her hometown and moves to New England to live with her grandmother, in a new town with mysterious new neighbors classmates Cassie gets off to a rough start, accidentally making enemies with the school s resident Bad Girls But she finds acceptance when the leader of The Club finds out who she is and takes her under her wing.I have some thoughts on this book and I will keep it short and sweet with a small list.1 I don t know what the deal with L.J Smith is but in every book I read of hers, the Bad Girls have black hair simply described as dark or dark curls and the Nice Girls have fair hair described like moonlight or sunlight What brunette hurt you, L.J Because I would never.2 Cassie should just admit that she s a lesbian and she s madly in love with Diana, because that s exactly the vibe I was getting from her That would make a better story than what Cassie does instead.3 Cassie in the show was assertive and stood up for herself, but I much prefer book Cassie Book Cassie is dreamy, scared, shy, helpless, and to me that just seemed realistic for the situation she s in.4 This Club has 12 kids I love how the story gives them all different personalities that somehow balance each other out.5 I LOOOOOVE the references to astrology, gemstones, herbs, flowers, and even Greek mythology I am so fascinated by all of these things and to see them in this little teen book USED CORRECTLY makes my heart happy.6 I wish I had known about these books when I was actually in high school I would have been as happy as Cassie getting initiated into The Club That s it, Laurel said softly from behind Cassie You re in In I m in Cassie knew, with a feeling of wild exhilaration, that nothing would ever be the same again

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    I picked up this book after seing some of the TV series episodes and I must admite that I am disappointed I thought it would be as dinamic s the tv series, but NO, and I don t usually say that but I almost gave up reading it I hated Cassie She s childish, insecure and stupid She keeps dreaming about a boy she has only seen once and talked to for less than an hour Also, she keeps winning and crying, because she has no friends and she wants Diana to be friends with her And that s not the worst part of the book When Diana finally talks to her and they become friends she keeps thinking oh, I m so glad Diana is my friend, would Diana do this, would Diana like that, I would NEVER do anything to hurt Diana I think I forgot to mention that the boy she s obesessed with is actually wait for it Diana s boyfriend who would have guessed that and although she promised she would never hurt Diana, she makes out with him as soon as she can I really wanted to like this story, I love witches, spells and forbidden love But I also wanted a story that was less predictable and characters who were well developed and interesting the only one I liked was Faye I still want to know who killed Kori, and what was that evil thing that they released, so I ll probably read the other books I just hope it gets better.

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    Ok, confession I just ADORE books that have anything to do with witches, vampires, werewolves, etc This series is such a great read You will enjoy them if you are into YA.

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    Girl considering herself different lonely mom beach new home grandma new school witches secrets best friend becoming older sister prohibited love drama good way to spend a hot day Someday I might look back at this series and finish it.

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    I read the series a few years back and now realise just how much I ate it up I decided to re read them after watching the first ep of the TV show and deciding that it looked promising Plus I remember really enjoying the series so thought refreshing my memory might do some goodUnfortunately with reading something years later, you notice a whole lot .Cassie mother has decided that they are to move to Salem Falls after she hears that her estranged mother is ill But that couldn t be further away from what Cassie wants How can her mother expect her to just suddenly up and leave a place she has known as home her whole life, and especially since she met that handsome boy with the dog Leaving would mean she would never see him again, and the very thought makes her sick even though it s the first time she s ever met the guy Her fear becomes reality when shortly after she finds herself meeting her grandma for the first time and enrolled at school There she finds herself shunned by all including the headteacher Lost and confused she soon discovers that there may be to worry about than just being ignored For a certain few seem to have their eye on her, and not all of them have the best of intention.Through reading THE INITIATION I realised that there was a whole lot of cheesy dialogue which made me wince quite a few times actually Not to mention it got slightly tiring every time one of the girls were described as beautiful, striking with glorious manes of black hair and Nick always as cold I get that he doesn t show much expression or whatever but I d rather every time he was introduced that the word cold wasn t repeated Then there is the fact that our MC is full of shit She goes on and on about resisting and being determined to not hurt her mate, but then hardly holds back and makes out with him anyway What happened to self control and common sense Don t ramble about caring for your mate and resisting someone you re not going to bother to Worse yet, you have seen the guy ONCE in your life, and the next time you meet him you suddenly realise that you love him I mean come on Right now I don t like her very much And neither of the boys are as hot as I recalled them Shame But it s entertaining and one that you find yourself intrigued by despite it s flaws So, I did enjoy the book, but I m hoping the next two are an improvement.

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    I only read this because I started watching the CW series which really drew me into the storyline However, the TV show is completely different, as the book only seems to function as a basic set up for it.My thoughts on the first part of the book series It s a fast read, quite a page turner But its writing style oh my Some parts are just repetitive and there s a clear overuse of adjectives Its tone isn t much better either I mean some parts were really great, but others way too over dramatic.I also didn t like the characterization Personally, and that might be just my opinion, I think there are too many characters in the book I can see why the writers of the TV show decided to cut down to 6, instead of having 12 This led to a very poor and flat characterization in the book Basically, every character is described by their hair I swear, I bet Diana s hair was described as moonlight and sunlight woven together at least five or six times I get it, she s pretty And Cassie s obsession with her, it s almost adoration Slightly creepy The same goes for the love scene between her and Adam Talk about rushing into things.And despite all of this, I still kinda liked the book Maybe because I m such a fan of the show And I m a sucker for all things magic.

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    My opinion on this book is biased Very, very biased Disgustingly so.First I ll give a very short review on the book then I ll move on to the show.This book is so flawed but it s impossible for me to give it less than 4 stars.The Book Will you swear to be loyal to the circle Never to harm anyone who stands inside it Will you protect and defend those who do, even if it costs you your life pg 185Cassie Blake and her mother have moved to New Salem to live with Grandma Howard She s not too excited about leaving her friends and California behind And she certainly doesn t want to attend a new school full of people she doesn t know, but she has to On her first day she gets on Faye Chamberlain s bad side, which is, as she ll find out, one thing you don t want to do Then Diana Downey comes to the rescue She takes her under her wing and introduces her to people in the Club Nobody s ever been this nice to Cassie Now, if only Cassie wasn t in love with Diana s boyfriendThis book isn t any good It s full of two dimensional characters, stereotypes, and love at first sight BUT I LOVE IT Cassie is annoying with her lusting after Adam after seeing him ONCE and she s selfish Faye is a bitch, Deborah is mean as hell, Suzan isjust there I guess, Diana is the Purity Princess , Adam is so 2 dimensional it hurts, the Henderson twins are neither here nor there, and talking to Nick is like talking to a brick wall.Their parents are never around Every single character is extremely attractive except Grandma Howard , and they re all hooking up with each other Even though they re kinda related.Cassie is threatened and bullied, and the adults don t care She opens her locker to find anything from a doll hanging from its neck to rotting hamburger meat and when she goes to the principal with proof he tells her to solve her own problems I believe he uses those exact words.Usually, all those things would make me throw this book down in frustration, but I didn t I read it in less than a day and I will read it again one day Because I really do like it It was nothing new and it didn t exactly shock me or anything, but LJ Smith is to me what a V.C Andrews book was to those who grew up in the 80s A guilty pleasure.It calls to me, lures me into a van with candy, then takes me on a very short ride around the block, then drops me back off again like nothing ever happened.And I willingly get in the van every.single.time.No regrets Quotes The silver cord can never be broken Your lives are linked You can t escape each other any than you can escape destiny pg 24 I hoped you d never be in enough trouble to need it, but I wanted to be there for you if you were If you d ever done what I told you, held it tight in your fist and thought of me, I d have known, and I d have tracked it down, no matter where you were The ShowI am fascinated by witches, shocking betrayals, and certain supernatural TV shows Unfortunately, this book contains witches, betrayal, and it was made into a short lived tv show I watched it religiously Damn you, CW for canceling this show after it s first season even though it was nominated for and in my opinion, won New Fall Show You re Excited For, Best New Series, Best Sci Fi or Fantasy, Favorite New TV Drama, Best Youth Oriented Television Series, and Best Main Title Theme Music.And now that I remember, the soundtrack was so good It couldn t have been better, I found new songs I had never heard of before and LOVED Damn you, CW The show was freakin sweet There were plot twists that made me scream, magic, and all of that aggravating teenage angst and lust I claim to hate but secretly like.And the actors and actresses were very attractive In fact, the lady who played Diana who by the way also stars in the very popular show Teen Wolf was Miss Louisiana Teen USA in 2004 and Miss Teen USA And her acting wasn t too bad I wasn t too keen on Thomas Dekker playing the main character Adam on account of me not finding him attractive at first, but he grew on me, dammit Then close to the end they brought along Grey Damon and I was like daaaaaamn, where has this random little white boy been all my life Even Cassie s dead beat dad, Joe Lando, was fine And I ve always been secretly jealous of Britt Robertson so very pretty, so very small and pretty.I don t understand how Vampire Diaries is still being filmed and Secret Circle isn t They re both by L.J Smith and they re both Paranormal Romances.Is the fascination with vampires that real The CW really dropped the ball on this one But what s done is done.Overall, I would recommend reading this book if you, like me, love witches and drama or if you though the show was great even though the 2 are very different By the way, it s on Netflix so if you re even a tiny bit curious go check it out