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    I first read this when I was in college in the 80s and I ve been fascinated by it ever since I appreciate her psychiatric approach to tying together the relevance of symbols that are seemingly unrelated I m doing it no justice in my explanation, but in actually reading the book the concept makes much sense.If you re open to thinking of things in ways you probably never did before, this is a great book for you.

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    I Loved It I still use it to decode unconscious behavior of our race to this day.

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    This woman is a fringe kook but I have no doubt that mainstream psychiatry has plans to first classify any racist feelings among whites as a disorder and eventually even acknowledging that there is such a thing as race This book also goes a long way to prove what I often say that people who work in the mental health field are quite often mentally unstable themself The main point Welsing tries to get across in this point is that so called white racism is the result of an concious and subconcious fear of whites that they will be geneticly annihilated through race mixing I would agree with her that this is, and should be, a fear among the remaining sane portion of the white race But along with this basic thesis, which I believe has some basis she mixes in some completely wacked out anti white claims that are so screwy its unintentionally funny Her ideas about sports and balls are particuarly funny with her ramblings about smashing and hitting white balls There are all kinds of weird sexual interpretations of white behavior in The Isis Papers She sees white penis everywhere, missiles, architecture, household appliances She s really obsessed My own Freudian analysis of Welsing tells me that she is sexually frustrated and would like to be a black dominatrix degrading white males or kicking white guys in the nuts but also feels a conflicting desire to be ravaged and dominated by a white man with a large penis Welsing also claims that whites subconciously want to be black and gives examples like white hippies being dirty is an attempt to make their skin black and she states that whites like to rub fecal matter on themselves as a way to have brown skin Not surprisingly she also states right off the bat that the title and idea for the book came from a patient of hers in a Washington D.C public mental health clinic Her ideas on racial origins are pretty wacky too She says whites were albinos cast out of the tribe in Africa Jews get a pass with Welsing She says they are mulattos who are the result of Roman soldiers raping African women I m giving this book 4 stars mainly because I love to read fringe theories and ideas Also for being one of the funniest unintentionally funny books I have read and also she does bring up something that I believe white people are afraid to discuss and that is we will potentially cease to exist if we fully accept universalism and randomly intermarry and breed with other races.

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    This is a good book that I had years ago, I ve lost it or loaned it out so I have purchased it again so I can read it again.It gives insight into racial things in this country.

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    Balls theory was spot on or rather I thought along similar lines myself the fascination or rather hero worship of men who play around with balls whether foot, basket, base or golf However, the rabid homophobia spoiled it and the melanin equals special powers completely lost me As dark and lovely as I am, I can attest that melanin does not give a person supernatural powers.

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    The book takes a good look at the conditioning of the black mind As radical as many of Dr Welsing s theories are, when I began to look at things through her lens, I realized one simply cannot afford to overlook the fact that she is symbolically right.

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    This book opened my mind to many issues The essays make you think.

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    If you have not read this one you missing some vial pieces in the psychology of the American born African Written in easy to digest Essays Frances Cress Welsing has made the information accessible.She s brilliant Alkebulanbooks.comBook

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    An eye opener that inspired me to read further on dealing with the issue of color Color is beautiful and the rest of the world knows this The Symbols that Welsing uncovers are shocking yet so poignant.