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The Rise Of Alec Helena S Most Ambitious Dream Creates An Existential Shift Tainted By An Imperfect God The First Generation Of Life Beyond Humanity Will Be Riddled With Inherit Contradictions Every New Life Will Have Its Own Challenges And Strive To Find Meaning When Androids Become The Next Unwelcome Native Immigrants, They Will Be Faced With Humanity S Foreign And Domestic Failures Can The Oppressed Forgive Their Oppressors, Or Are The Scars Of Such Trespasses Too Deeply Ingrained

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    I m not a sci fi fan I read this book ebook over the last few days because a friend recommended it I cannot not stop thinking about it The characters stay with you I m not sure what it is but the novel speaks to the bigger problems we have I was expecting lasers and flying robots but the people androids were troubled, flawed, and conflicted to say the least I found it interesting in that the plot shifts like a movie I imagined the scenes and the characters enough to want to read There were some parts that needed some explaining again, not a sci fi or political science fan but it didn t take away from the story.There are going to be some people that hate me for saying this but I liked this story better than any Star Wars movies because its realistic if that makes any sense This novel should be made into a movie or a tv series.

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    Excellent.It s very well written with a great story I was totally immersed in the world because the story has believable characters The plot, characters, and tech, are haunting and amazing I kept imagining the complex concepts as real world developments.I highly recommend this book to any fiction and especially sci fi fans For a breakout novel, the author did a excellent job in creating a fun and fast read Create a character map to follow this epic series The novel deserves 5 stars plus.

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    The Kaleidoscope is a fascinating, unique and layered novel Far from traditional sci fi or space opera, it s of a social commentary put into the context of a futuristic society, which makes it all the interesting It s difficult to describe the book beyond the general description without giving away much of the story I think it depends on the reader for what kind of book it is, as well If the reader really wants to think critically about the themes discussed in the book everything from globalization to human rights to spirituality , they can If they only want a superficial, but unique, space opera, they can have that too How in depth the novel is depends on the readers level of critical thinking and involvement My favorite part of the book is its uniqueness in story and characters It truly is something different In a world of copycats and bandwagon jumpers, the originality is welcomed and really sets this novel apart If only authors were as imaginative as Adrian Mendoza, we d have a plethora of interesting and unique novels to read In summation, I d recommend this book to anyone that likes unique novels, sci fi, social commentary, space opera, or any combination of those A book that really stays with you and makes you think about your own world.

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    technoir humanism episodicstorytelling

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    Not a horrible book, but I wasn t a fan There were a few things that made it a little hard to get through.The major thing was that it seemed like the author wasn t telling the whole story I don t mean that in a secretive, sneaky kind of storytelling way, but like he forgot that the audience isn t in his head Often a character would say something or react in a way that left me questioning how they got there For example, two characters are having a discussion, and then suddenly one is yelling at the other and the narrative is telling me that it s never gotten so heated before I just don t know how it got to that point view spoiler There was a huge plotline that was seemingly abandoned halfway through the book the corruption of the Andis We re shown a scene of them murdering a house full of people because the people were designated as a threat It wasn t very clear to me Dane, one of the Andis, finds a woman named Tavy and takes her home I guess they start dating Did he just kidnap her or something This is a horrific thing to have happened, and eventually Tavy breaks it off because Dane won t recognize that his unit is corrupt But it s never picked up again By the end of the book, the Andis are made to look like the victims hide spoiler

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    The novel had some really cool ideas mind transferring, drones, android ascension, and the IDs I liked how the story was allowed to breathe It brings depth to understanding the human condition In reading the description, I was expecting an Ex Machina like or Ghost in the Machine feel, but it was descriptive in reflection and quite different an experience all together The nuanced references were genial and much appreciated.

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    smart, refreshing, thought provokingBrilliant Finally, someone wrote a sci fi novel that I didn t mind reading I enjoyed the author s ease of technology and their practical applications without all of the jargon It had a story flow that made me question societal issues by offering a better understanding of what it s like to be an unwelcome native immigrant.

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    I was entangled within the rich imagery that embodied the illusion of power and concepts regarding the oncoming struggles of integrating advanced technology into society Excellent read that provokes consternation of transhumanism.

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    Thought provoking literature A compelling look on a very possible future for humans I enjoy a great sci fi page turner when i can get my hands on one and this is one.

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    I will start by saying futuristic, sci fi books are not my typical go to They re a bit too technologically advanced and so I ll dumb it down to my level of understanding Just think of Plankton and his computer wife Now that s pretty much Alec Helena and and his wife, Maggie, mother of all Adroids Andi for short Alec has created a world where Andi s are the superior species He has revitalized areas such as Detroit and the world should finally be at peace The work is getting done and there is no crime and poverty But the Andi s want equal citizenship and the humans are not willing to look at them as equals This basically leads us into the next Civil War against Andi s and Humans A great look at modern day slavery and equal rights to all Andi s included This book is great opener to what I expect will be a series.