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At The Heart Of A Mystery Unfolding In Space, The Opposing Forces Make A Treacherous Journey Between Earth And MarsIn Space, Mutiny Means Death That S Why Inspector General Park Yerim Is Taking Her Investigation So Seriously The Alleged Mutineer Is Captain Nicolau Aames, Whose Command Of The Massive Earth Mars Vessel Aldrin Has Come Under Fire The Vast System Initiative Says He Disobeyed Orders, But His Crew Swears He S In The RightEn Route To Mars, Park Gathers Testimony From The Aldrin S Diverse Crew, Painting A Complex Picture Of Aames S Character His Heroism, His Failures, Even His Personal Passions As The Investigation Unfolds, Park Finds Herself In The Thrall Of Powerful Interests, Each Pushing And Pulling Her In A Fiery Cosmic DanceCorruption, Conflicting Loyalties, And Clashing Accounts Make It Nearly Impossible To See The Truth In Fifty Million Miles Of Darkness, And Park Faces Danger From Every Direction All Eyes Are On Her One Way Or Another, Her Findings Will Have Astronomical Implications For The Aldrin And The Future Of Space Travel

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    Review of Kindle editionPublication date November 1, 2019Publisher 47NorthLanguage EnglishASIN B07KS83CGJ456 pagesThis novel is hard sci fi similar to that which I used to read in the 1960 s and 70 s Rather than very distant future science, the technical details are based on logical advances in current science, particularly some work by famous astronaut Buzz Aldrin Even with the emphasis on hard science, the story line and character development are not neglected There is a fascinating cast of characters, including one of the most competent yet difficult commanding officers in fiction The story centers around charges of disobedience of orders and mutiny against Captain Aames by his enemies who seem to be legion and include the admirals and political types who command the System Initiative Only the inspector general s office and their conscientious investigator and their commanding admiral can possible prevent the destruction of Captain Aames and his crew But what if they decide the evidence against Aames really is overwhelming What if they decide for Aames Either decision seems likely to ignite a firestorm of one kind or another and may lead to violence Indeed some violence erupts simply from the tensions arising during the investigation.Mr Shoemaker has a way with words which makes reading this book enjoyable His ability to develop both characters and plot keep it interesting The only real downside is that there may be too much science detail with lengthy descriptions to interest some readers I believe that such readers can easily skim a lot of this without losing the thread of the story And it is a story worth reading though, perhaps, overly long for some tastes.

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    Good Reading I enjoyed this book The author did an excellent job of creating characters whose stories came to life via an effective combination of introspective thoughts, off the record conversations and formal depositions.The setting of the Express train between Earth and Mars was described in the very first chapter showing where this was based on astronaut Buzz Aldrin s plan Cyclic Trajectory Concepts, published in 1985 I admit that I didn t really understand the concept after reading chapter 1 By the time I finished the book, I understood it completely and can see why it s a viable concept that is currently being discussed and considered The author did a wonderful job of creating this setting and bringing it to life from both a scientific and a personal perspective.As I read chapter 2, I kept thinking I knew this story and had seen it elsewhere but I couldn t remember where It took a little digging through my Kindle when I discovered Chapter 2 previously Appeared as the short story Racing to Mars from the authors collection of short stories Blue Collar Space It seems strange that I couldn t find any reference to this in the authors notes or any other part of the book there is a reference to another short story from that same collection regarding the first landing on Mars.I see there is another pending book from the same author associated with this story While this book does have a concrete conclusion and there is no real need to read another, I would add it to my reading queue when it arrives as the setting and characters are all interesting and worth keeping track of.

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    Can t fault itThere is no single flaw in any part of this book It s a very complex story, perfectly executed.Stupid people won t like it, but they don t generally read science fiction to start with.That the characters are as well drawn as the science is clearly explained may be its only drawback This is the work of a person who understands people Of all the current and past science fiction authors of whom I am aware, only C.J Cherryh and the late Sherri S Tepper have such a firm grip on characterization.So if you like a complex story well told, buy this book Do not buy it second hand Buy it from the author, so that he gets paid It s the least you can do for such good reading.

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    Finished this in a day, it really was a can t put it down read I haven t read any other book by this author but I will rectify that hole in reading pleasure as soon as I have finished this It s brilliant and very highly recommended.

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    Good political sci fiA good sci fi book with a healthy dose of political intrigue However, it does tend to drag on at times.