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What would you do if someday someone appear at your door and drag you away from home to marry a person you have never seen before What if you discovered an important part of your life that has been kept as a secret from you Emmeline has never known that she was the last Incenaga Witch alive When a group of men comes to her door claiming she has to go with them because she has to marry a prince, who she has been engaged with since a baby, her life is put upside down.After being captured, she is kept captive in a castle and her powers start to grow She meets a mysterious gamekeeper, who shows her beautiful places in the kingdom, the stables and keeps her company during her solitude.Emmeline is a beautiful character, unaware of the potential of her powers, a very strong girl that only wants to be free, help her father and protect a prince she hasn t known yet, a proof of her good heart We see her evolve and turn into a brave woman.Of course we have a male character, Erick He is a sweet guy, honest, handsome and with some secrets But I have to say that at some points his secret identity was a bit obvious However, his scenes and dialogues were funny, romantic and made the book greater.The book counts with a really bad guy who is not afraid of hurting a girl just to get what he wants The story is complete with treason, secret alliances, good fighting scenes and a good ending.One of the best things is the rhythm of the story, which is very different to most YA novels The book moves on with a strange and real timing I love this fact because I didn t know what to expect.Debbie made an excellent job with this book, not only is very entertaining and make you feel a wide range of emotions, it also leaves you waiting forAn ecopy of this book was provided to me as part of a blog tour. Okay, okay, I held off as long as I could But obviously I can t control myself so I m reviewing my own book Am I a total doofus Of course, I thought it was amazing D D Who Do You Trust When Your Power Can Be Used Against YouFor Generations The Incenaga Witches Have Been Forced To Use Their Power To Fulfill The Wishes Of Others Until They Are Drained Of Their Magic And Left To Die Desperate To Protect His Infant Daughter The Last Surviving Witch Emmeline S Father Escapes With Her To The Forests Where He Vows To Keep Her Hidden From The World And From The TruthSixteen Years Later, Emmeline Is Discovered And Finds Herself In The Grip Of A Traitor Who Will Stop At Nothing To Get What He Wants, Even If It Means Abusing Her Power Until She Dies As She Fights To Regain Her Freedom She Is Faced With A Choice Between A Prince Who Offers A Lifetime Of Security And A Common Gamekeeper Who Has No Idea Of Her Power, But Offers His Heart I started this book last night and couldn t put it down It was so so good I loved the writing and the story was so amazing I can t wait to readDebbie you are amazing Now that I am done reading it I wish that I didn t read it so fast But at the time I just couldn t put it down Debbie you are an incredible writer Thanks so much for sharing your talent I am so happy for you And I can t wait for the next book You can also find this reveiew on Review I honestly liked the storyline, truly liked it because it was just too good to stay away from I love the cover, which is especially lovely The story starts with Emmeline Durandi complaining that she s bored and lonely but then she hears a sound from outside her isolated house in Pamizak It s the thunder of horses hooves Her father, who had been with her, immediately goes into a frenzy and starts packing things, which astonishes Emmeline because why would he do that if there were visitors coming Unless they weren t.It appears that it is also a group of King s men from Dolmerti that have come to fetch their princess to be back to where their Crown Prince was waiting to marry her But it turns out that he has gone on a trip and won t be back for a week or two.It turns out that her father had signed a betrothal agreement which already decided Emmeline s fate for her Also, her father was the king of Pamizak Unbelievable.When Emmeline is brought back to Dolmerti against her will, she starts to discover a plot to start a war between the two countries that she is in between in She herself as a witch finds herself powerless as a man repeatedly tries to be her master Being the last of the Incenagas, she wasn t going to let herself be enslaved until her power is used so she resists, though not without suffering for it.How do you own an Incenaga witch anyways Answer is you have to be brave enough to stare into the witch s eyes when it holds the light of a thousand lights If you can do that, she s all yours In one of Emmeline s adventures, she meets a handsome gamekeeper, Erick who she finds herself at ease with because of his crooked smile and his never ending humor Their relationship starts to develop into something ,than they could ever imagineMeanwhile, she also meets Prince Weldon, the Crown Prince s younger brother, and finds him in desperately in love with her, which she couldn t accept Not without being disgusted and confused by it.But meetings with the King also manages to lighten up her moods since he s probably the smartest King I ve ever known Not to mention the humor and optimism he possesses despite his blindness.Now to shock you out of your seat, Prince Weldon has turned out to be the traitor, the person who has been planning to start a war between Dolmerti and Pamizak, not Mahlon, the King s most trusted knight The plot involves Emmeline murdering the Crown Prince on their wedding night, which would certainly cause an outburst in Dolmerti And even Emmeline herself can t say no, since she s already lost her own battle with the person who s trying to own her But one person she could never imagine saves her from what she has to do Erick You wouldn t believe this if I tell you now but I won t keep the truth from you longer.ERICK IS THE CROWN PRINCE RICHMOND FREDERICK III.I m sure your mouths should be open with shock now But I ll excuse that So yeah Emmeline ends up getting married to the person she loves Happily ever after There s going to be a sequel though So I just can t wait to see how her fate will turn out after she s married Best witch s book ever Brief Review The plot was good and I liked the setting The boring parts, which were actually quite rare, were excusable after I read some good parts of the book Some descriptions were quite vivid and they easily got stuck in my mind The cover though, was what got me drooling the most Final Rating 4 5 Really Liked It Really amazing book A great read from beginning to end Love this book I look forward to readingbooks by this author Ok, firstly, I couldn t stop reading this I stayed up until 2 am trying to get to the end and hoping that this was going to be a part of a series.Secondly, the ending was fabulous I don t normally talk about endings at the beginning of my reviews but it was so good that it could have been the end of the story No cliff hanger But I so want to knowabout Emmeline I was very pleased to find out that this is book one YAY Ok, now for the characters, Emmeline is fabulous She doesn t know anything about being a witch or having powers so as she learns, we learn You only get tid bits here and there about the Incenaga and why she is the last and why they can be so dangerous.The BIG part of the book I was able to guess at There are some things that hint to something that happens nearly at the end, but I was able to figure this portion out Normally, if you re able to guess at such a huge part, maybe you wouldn t be interested in continuing to read, but the way this was written, I just couldn t stop I wanted to know if I was right I was but even when I got to the part that validated my guess, it made me want to continue Now, I have to say, I m sorry for the intrigue But really, I don t want to spoil this for anyone The story was well worth finding out what was happening.Sadly for Emmeline, she feels as if she can t trust anyone and this distrust just builds as the story continues It s amazing how the plot builds and the stress builds I found myself wondering how she was going to get out of the messes she found herself in, but Emmeline is a brilliant gal and a fabulously written character I love every bit of her.Erick also added quite a bit to the story He was the one that I hoped she could trust above all But even with him, you re left being curious as to what exactly his intentions are He is my favorite character but you don t know if he or if anyone else is on Emmeline s side until the very end As I said above, the ending is wonderful, but these characters leave you wanting to know , even after the story is finished I can not wait for book two Absolutely brilliant writing I m definitely a fan of Debbie Dee s The Last Witch is a fairy tale, but it doesn t have the textbook happy ending Emmeline is a poor farm girl who discovers that she has special powers that everyone seems to want to control, but she is betrothed to a prince in a country she has never heard of When it s time for her to marry him she isn t sure she wants to be stuck married to some guy she doesn t love just to unit the two countries There are various villains in this book and it is sometimes hard to figure out who is really trying to manipulate her It seems that all will not end well and her father may die if she doesn t do as she is told This is Emmeline s journey to discover herself As you read you can only hope and pray she will be able to marry the man she loves.The characters are well described and life like I just had a hard time believing some of the story line I also wondered why Emmeline never finished reading the Incenaga Witch book that was left for her in the library.I must say that the story was well written with a graphic description of the story setting, often too descriptive making it hard for me to push forward with reading the story I also questioned why a major character in the book watched from the sidelines, but seemed to be completely unaware of what was going on with Emmeline, even though the premise for him being there was to watch out for traitors She also spent the majority of her time with him.Overall, the book is a good read, especially for young adults The characters are wholesome, but intriguing As a reader I do not like a lot of flowery scene building I loved the cover of this book as well I give this book four stars and suggest you give The Last Witch a read This author is talented and definitely hasliterary material hidden inside of her I can t wait for part two.This book given free for review. If you are like me and are always looking for a book to get lost in, The Last Witch is it The characters kept popping into my head during the day, and I couldn t wait for my nighttime reading This book will result in late nights and lack of sleep So worth it The characters were well developed, and although I am by no means a part of the young adult audience, I found them to be age appropriate yet mature Emmeline could be a worthy heroine for girls Not once did I roll my eyes at their silliness, which can sometimes happen for me with this genre The love story was very sweet and compelling, but there was nothing that would make me embarrassed to recommend this book to my mother or a teenager The scenery throughout was beautifully imagined It isn t all prettiness though, there was action and suspense too I found myself re reading passages, not because they weren t clear, but because they were so lovely Ms Dee is certainly a talented writer You know how when you finish a good book, you miss the characters and wonder what happens next It s like that A great ending to this story, but I really look forward to the next in the series This is a really different type of book for me For some reason, books about witches and witchcraft tend to not make it into my TBR pile, which I am quickly regrettingThe Last Witch is a great story about Emmeline, a girl not experienced in the world or with people Suddenly taken from her home and her life, she is thrown into a castle where she is held captive to save her own life Torn between the love of outdoors and being safe she is stumbling through making new friends and trying to protect herself from new enemies.Emmeline is a character that is easy to love She is strong and witty and a survivor through and through.Adventure, love, and a little magic This book was great to read And the cover is just beautiful