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If A Number Of Words Like Plewds, Briffits, Hites, And Grawlixes Have Entered Your Vocabulary, You Can Thank Mort WalkerWritten As A Satire On The Comic Devices Cartoonists Use, The Lexicon Of Comicana Quickly Became A Textbook For Art Students Walker Researched Cartoons Around The World To Collect This International Set Of Cartoon Symbols The Names He Invented For Them Now Appear In DictionariesAuthor Biography Mort Walker Is The Creator Of The Comic Strips Beetle Bailey And Hi And Lois, With Several Hundred Books In Print Including Anthologies, Children S Books, Instruction And Nonfiction He Has Won Many Worldwide Awards And Founded The International Museum Of Cartoon Art And Serves As Chairman

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    RIP Mort Walker Every aspiring cartoonist needs to read this Incredibly smart and hilarious.

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    This is an entertaining read for a brief over view of some of the cartoonist s tricks of the trade However, it lacks the visual impact and depth of

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    A very nice synthesis of the basic elements and techniques in comic design A good start for beginners.

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    Because who doesn t want to use words like emanata, fumetti, and maladicta Fast, fun fascinating read.