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This Elibron Classics book is a facsimile reprint of a 1875 edition by Smith Elder Co London Third Edition

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    This is a thoroughly enjoyable read not only because of the biography but also because of George Henry Lewes’ use of the English language Authors and sensible careful writers as well as educated people who use the English language as their medium of writing should try to conform to Lewes standards as closely as they can

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    This author is obviously enamoured of Goethe BUT other one chapter that rambled on passionately defending Goethe's incorrect and pigheaded stance on optics this is an excellent book It does a really good job of conveying the times his peers political activities in Germany and surrounding countries his family issues really all encompassing And even though it is very dated it is quite readable

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    This one's gonna take a while I don't care if it's been considered obsolete for years now It's obsolescence to a large degree is precisely what attracts me to this study Kind of like reading Kantorowicz on Frederick II Kind of