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First Published In Blackwood S Magazine In , The Lifted Veil Is Now One Of George Eliot S Most Widely Read And Critically Discussed Short Stories A Dark Fantasy Drawing On Contemporary Scientific Interest In The Physiology Of The Brain, Mesmerism, Phrenology, And Experiments In Revification, It Is Eliot S Anatomy Of Her Own Moral Philosophy Narrated By An Egocentric, Morbid Young Clairvoyant Man, The Story Also Explores Fiction S Ability To Offer Insight Into The Self, As Well As Being A Remarkable Portrait Of An Artist Whose Visionary Powers Merely Blight His Life Published As A Companion Piece To The Lifted Veil, Brother Jacob Is By Contrast Eliot S Literary Homage To Thackeray, A Satirical Modern Fable That Draws Telling Parallels Between Eating And Reading With An Illuminating Introduction By Helen Small, This Oxford World S Classics Edition Makes Newly Available Two Fascinating Short Stories Which Fully Deserve To Be Read Alongside Eliot S Novels This book didn t feel like George Eliot when I read it It has almost a sci fi feel to it and a sullen protagonist who narrates a claustrophobic and grim tale of a man cursed with a vision into the hidden thoughts of those around him It s interesting to view this as a slightly gothic feeling counterpoint to Middlemarch, a book concerned with understanding the inner workings of ordinary people and their often painful actions, whereas here we have a slightly macabre thought experiment into what it would literally be like to see and understand the people around us Again, surprising in style shallower, less serious and funnier than her later work, but I found it no less enjoyable for that It s a simple morality tale at its heart but it has some enjoyable characters, none so than the protagonist, David Faux, who is a wonderfully devious and cowardly reprobate. After years of rereading George Eliot s major books Middlemarch, Daniel Deronda, etc I wanted to experience some of her minor works The two novellas in this volume are engrossing and and enjoyable examples of Eliot working in a somewhat different vein than I have previously seen In The Lifted Veil, it s the supernatural a young man is tormented by his ability to hear the thoughts of those around him The narrative amounts to a persuasive argument that our pleasure and sense of meaning in life are almost wholly dependent on the fact that much of the world remains mysterious to us Brother Jacob is Eliot in full out satirical mode A humble country fellow tries to pass himself off as an haute bourgeois, only to be exposed in comic fashion Nobody comes off very well, but Eliot extends great tolerance to her community of fools. the lifted veil the phantom threadbrother jacob willy wonka and the chocolate factoryno i will not be taking criticism on this I read this right after Frankenstein in school and they seemed to go together since both books dealt with a science fiction theme Latimer, the story s narrator, develops the ability to read minds after a childhood illness leaves him with a fever It seems like Latimer is able to look into the minds of everyone in his family, except his brother s fiance, Bertha After the sudden death of his brother, Latimer and Bertha marry At first this is fine with him because Bertha always had some kind of force of her own on Latimer In their marriage, Latimer soon learns the truth about Bertha and her real motives.This didn t sound like George Eliot when I read it, but I thought it was interesting that she was able to come up with a science fiction story dealing with the human psyche It s a short story with much of the plot happening rather quickly but still an interesting read. These two short stories from George Eliot are each about 40 50 pages, and the first one The Lifted Veil is really remarkable It is so unexpected from Eliot because it s a gothic tale with Frankensteinien themes, delivered in the first person It ruthlessly examines the tensions between consciousness, empathy, and knowledge It is a depressing story about the importance of ignorance within the human condition set in a time when anxieties surrounding increasing scientific knowledge were abound Definitely give this a read The second story is Brother Jacob, which is a comical story in which Eliot takes on a less philosophical and serious tone to the writing The story is simple and is a moral tale about the consequences of running away from the past and the tensions between tradition and an evolving economy It s okay, the ending is well done but The Lifted Veil is the real stunner here.The Lifted Veil 8 10Brother Jacob 6 10 Perhaps an odd pairing but they are Eliot s only stand alone short works, so they are often paired together Written at the same time, Jacob was not published until nearly 10 years later Veil harkens back to the Romantic Gothic novels of the past era Jacob is her lone comedy Oxford World Classics edition nice Intro and Notes Although Notes can be odd inconsistent at times do we need 3 pages on double consciousness on one hand, and then an explanation of who Titian is Probably of most interest to Eliot completists As early works, some connection to her later work, and Jacob repeats some themes from Clerical Life. The Lifted VeilThis is the third work by George Eliot I am reading which is a lot for an author I have mixed feelings about it I really enjoyed my first foray into her fiction when I read Mill on the Floss , but I did struggle a bit with her masterpiece Middlemarch , even though I did think it was worth it at the end This is the most un George Eliot story she has ever written quite supernatural in theme and very unlike her heavily realistic fiction I did enjoy reading it quite a lot though and I do wish there was of it. The Lifted Veil is outstanding It s apparently Eliot s only one supernatural story, and I totally didn t expect it from her It contains a quite chilling scene of post mortem blood transfusion, and the main character is a man gifted with a horrible ability to anticipate the thoughts and deeds of others But the most interesting character is his fiancee Bertha, who in turn resembles my second favorite Eliot s character, the beautiful Rosamund from Middlemarch Brother Jacob is a story of a greedy young guy, who does some shameful deed, then gets to open a popular confectionery store and is going to marry a pretty daughter of a respected local squire, when Well, it ends a bit predictably, and has a 18th century feel of a story with a moral, so I was not wooed Eliot s style is very pleasurable, though. The Lifted Veil was interesting a man develops foresight ESP but only after you wade through all of the nothing happening Brother Jacob was not even a story, just seemed like a cautionary tale don t try to hide your past, or it will come hug you There was just so much description and non action, that it was hard to stay with the story.