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Tonino Is The Only Person In The Famous Montana Household Who Wasn T Born With An Instinct For Creating Spells, But He Has Other Gifts His Ability To Communicate With Cats Just Might Help Defend The City Of Caprona Against A Mysterious Enchanter But Only If Tonino Can Learn To Cooperate With A Girl From The Hated Petrocchi Family Of Spell Makers

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    another splendid entry in the Chrestomanci cycle this wonderful little series about multiple dimensions, magic, and the trans dimensional authority on magic known as the Chrestomanci has been a real light in my life whenever i open up a new book what a lovely and pleasing breath of fresh air.The Magicians of Caprona takes place in an alternate dimension in which magic is openly practiced and where the various city states of Italy never united Caprona is a fairly powerful city that appears to be on the decline, for obscure and possibly sinister and magical reasons perhaps the city s archnemesis The White Devil is to blame perhaps the long, long rivalry between the two major magical houses of Casa Montana and Casa Petrocchi is only making matters worse we see this absorbing little world through the eyes of two of the youngest of the Montanas, Tonino and Paolo the two boys manage to be entirely charming without being even slighly cloying there is not of whiff of preciousness to be found in the novel although Magicians of Caprona is a part of a series, it is completely standalone its subject matter and scene change from England to Italy set it quite apart from prior entries i ve read Chrestomanci himself only appears in an extended and rather bland cameo which makes sense because Chrestomanci himself has been portrayed as a nice and rather bland man who prefers not to be at the center of the novel features a Romeo and Juliet ish love affair, formidable cats that are key members of their respective casas, griffins coming alive sorta , a magical street battle between the houses, a shifty Duchess, a childlike Duke, lots of loud Italian style i suppose communication and combativeness and warmth, children being shrunk to the size of puppets, and war on the horizon it is pretty jam packed with incident but the novel feels pleasantly small and personal child sized it has the necessary life lessons of a children s novel in this case, the key lesson being do not judge or demonize others because they are probably just like you Diana Wynne Jones cleverly literalizes this by presenting parallels to each of the major characters in Casa Montana and Casa Petrocchi and then there was a lesson that came out of the blue for me, that really took me aback early in the novel i was struck by the bloodthirstiness of the Punch Judy show that Tonino witnessed featuring Punch beating his child and then his wife Judy to death as a crowd roars with laughter at the zany puppet shenanigans i wondered what the purpose was and why that dark bit had to be included well a bit of a spoiler here i stopped wondering after a couple of the characters are transformed into Punch Judy puppets and are forced to enact the same scene i really appreciated the clear and almost undramatic way that the author set that up, made a very hard point, and then let it go and moved on i did not expect such a tough lesson to be featured in such an amiable book good job, author and great book

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    EDIT Of all the reviews I ve done this is the least liked There are even books I have got likes for rating than I got for reviewing this one This is the second Chrestomanci book I ve read to my daughter Celyn there seems to be some confusion about the order of the books, but they appear to be self contained and the order is perhaps unimportant.It s a good book, not a great book It s the first of the 5 DWJ s books I ve read to Celyn not to get a 4 or 5.It retains many of the excellent things I ve come to expect from Diana Wynne Jones imagination, quality writing, a lively sense of humour.It loses other of the excellent things I ve come to expect from DWJ The book gives us a huge Italian family feuding with another huge Italian family and there are just way too many characters to allow the story to settle The dozens of aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters bustle into almost every scene and dilute the connect we re trying to forge with the main character s And that s another dilution factor we bounce around heads than in other books with less clear delineation The hero is Tonio not to be confused with father Antonio but we also look out of his brother Paolo s eyes and this seems to serve little purpose much of the time.So the weaknesses for me were focus and character.The spells are fun, the spell singing interesting, the role of the families in the city imaginative.The later scenes are exciting and there s a baddie to rail against, a twist that slowly unravels It s a good book.Join my 3 emails a year newsletter prizes

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    This was the first book by DWJ that I ever read I stumbled on it by accident in the library when I was a kid, and it was the kind of book I would stay up all night reading and then feel sad when I got to the last page I still read like that sometimes, but it s pretty rare to find books I can be that excited about.Really, instead of going on and on about this writer, I will say that these are the books JK Rowling WISHES she could have written well, I m sure she s quite fine with things as they are, but I have to admit that I feel personally insulted by the fact that Harry Potter a johnny come lately collection of hackneyed fantasy tropes and one dimensional characters cobbled together with cheap plot twists and a transparent Christ appropriation is the series that gets all the glory when Jones s books are wittier, original, plausible in their internal logic, and vastly interesting I m ducking to avoid the rotten eggs and vegetables being launched my way, but I refuse to yield on this point.

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    4 Stars When I started this book I didn t really think I would like it It was slow and it took me some time to get sucked into the writing, but as I read on I just got and excited This story grows on you, the characters do, the worlds do, and now that I m finished I want to go back to them My favorite parts of this book have to be the ridiculous magical bits like the cardboard horses and the cardboard coach, and of course the silly rivalry between the Petrocchis and the Montanas Thia book was definitely inspired by Romeo and Juliet, but I really enjoyed Jones s spin on it.If I had any issues they would be that the writing is a bit slow and impersonal if that makes any sense It takes time to get into the story These characters are also quite similar to those in other Chrestomanci books so that is something to note They also don t have too much development throughout, but honestly that didn t bug me much.Overall I really loved this and I think it is perfect for people who like slower, dryer, sillier, middle grade fantasy books with a lot of whimsy

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    Istina je da moja ljubav prema Dajani Vin D ouns ne zna za granice Tako e je istina da to nije zasnovano na ovoj knjizi Nemojte me pogre no shvatiti, u pitanju je zaista ljubak roman sa divnim metatekstualnim poigravanjem sa ekspirom i smislenim konceptom magije i razumno visokim ulozima mo da ak previsokim za de ji roman i lukavo provu enim ozbiljnim temama, ali nije genijalno uvrnuto remekdelo kao neke njene druge knjige Ok, to je stvarno nefer kritika, znam.

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    Without the proper words, any spell is only at half force, even if it is of divine origin The Dukedom of Caprona is kept safe under the protection of the Golden Angel and its strongest magical families the Casa Montana and Casa Petrocchi Unfortunately, the families have been feuding for generations and with that, the true spell of the Golden Angel lost Now a war threatens on all sides of Caprona and while the families throw blame at each other, young Tonino Montana decides to take action with the help of the family cat Benvenuto The Magicians of Caprona was a pleasant and fun read through and through I quite liked the Italian setting and once again, Diana Wynne Jones delivers a wonderful cat character in Benvenuto The only problem I had with this Chrestomanci instalment was getting into it initially Both the Montana and Petrocchi families are huge and you get so many names thrown your way that it s hard to keep up That being said, as I read on, I noticed that you only really needed to know the key characters Many of the family members were only mentioned once or twice and only seemed to exist to underline the sheer size of these families.This book focused on quite a few characters equally but I still felt that Tonino was our main character He was pretty likeable and relatable in that he was unhappy about being a slow spell learner but eventually finds delight in being one of the few who can understand cats hence his friendship with the ever so loyal Benvenuto He is also quite the bookworm and it was fun how his world s fantasy books were the opposite of ours a world where magic does not exist and he envied that world The point of view switches between Tonino and his older brother Paolo That being said, the plot only seemed to shift to Paolo when Tonino s narrative was removed from the family and could thus not keep us informed of what was going on That kind of let Paolo seem like a less important character but I liked him nonetheless With the feuding families, there s a sprinkle of Romeo and Juliette which was quite a nice touch we get to know some of the Petrocchi members through Tonino and Paolo and, of course, even some friendships, partnerships and love stars to develop among the younger members of the families Although I found The Magician s of Capronoa to be predictable than previous ones I m reading in the author s suggested reading order in which this is the fifth volume , it was still gripping and I found myself fevering with the characters The villain felt of a threat than previous ones and at times surprised me with their brutality As war is also a subject, it seemed to put things at a higher stake and I was surprised by how far Diana Wynne Jones took it war does indeed break out and a daunting atmosphere spreads through Caprona as men from all families are called to fight and the rest of the families hide in their barricaded homes.The magic system also struck me as interesting and unique spells are cast through singing and so, to be a good magician, you needed both magic and some form of musical talent It gave quite the awe inspiring picture when the family members gathered to performed tunes and song in unison to create their magic spells I could have wished for a little of Chrestomanci himself who only has a few brief appearances But the cast of The Magicians of Caprona is a solid one and kept me thoroughly engaged Definitely another wonderful addition to the series

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    This was cute but hard to connect with Where some of DWJ s other books employ a tight POV, this one has such a broad lens beginning with the entire city of Caprona and the Montana family, and then switching off vaguely between Tonino and Paolo that I never felt terribly invested in anyone s fates, nor did I have any doubts about them and their fates, since the plot is so formulaic and involves a literal angel vs a literal devil As I read I first kept thinking of Zen Cho and how her Sorcerer to the Crown world must have been influenced by Chrestomanci then for some reason I suppose the transformation into tininess I kept thinking of Roald Dahl and in particular The Witches Then the evil witch turned into a giant rat LOL Confession time, here s what I got I think everything is sexist I m just bein honest I had a hard time with Gwendolen in Charmed Life, because she was a paragon of bratty ambition and abuse of power Self, I counseled myself, female charactersare allowed to be brattily ambitious and abuse power too It still felt like a gendered stereotype to me, but then Janet showed up and was Gwendolen s good doppleganger Of course, she had no power, but I convinced myself it was okay Except now in what apparently is the book written right after that one we have a fake evil enchantress duchess who hoodwinked a good man, views everyone as her puppets, and caused a war for no particular reason And is really a rat devil Ohhhkay Ohhhhkay DWJ, I know you re dead and wrote this 30 years ago, but be advised im watching u.

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    So The Magicians of Caprona is not my favorite Diana Wynne Jones book, but I m not sure why Her eleventh book has all the trademarks we ve come to expect, at this point in her career an unusual magic system, important family dynamics with two families this time, both larger than any of the previous ones , an alternate version of Earth, and kids who end up saving the day, but not in a twee way Add to this some intelligent cats Benvenuto and you have all the ingredients of another classic by DWJ.My problems with this book, I think, are all personal, and they start with the plain fact that The Lives of Christopher Chant aside, I m not fond of the Chrestomanci books I also feel that this story is a little on the light side, not because of its tone which is light and breezy, very nice but because of the content DWJ dresses it up beautifully, but this is a very basic story that boils down to two feuding families that have to work together to save their city The thing is, the dressing up is indeed beautiful, and there s nothing wrong with the story I just want something different And that s unfair to the book, to criticize it for not being something other than it is, so I have to repeat that all of this is really my personal desire and not anything wrong with the book And Benvenuto I m glad he s fictional, because I can love him without having to have a cat like him, which I think would be very difficult.

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    The Magicians of Caprona Penyihir Penyihir Caprona Plot Mudah tertebak sekaligus tidak mudah tertebak.Penokohan Hubungan antar tokohnya paling bagus.Gaya bercerita Ok Novel fantasi ini akan membawa pembacanya terjun ke dunia dimana sihir adalah sesuatu yang umum Seumum pertikaian mendarah daging antara Casa Montana dan Casa Petrocchi di Caprona Belum berhenti sampai disana, api pertikaian mereka seakan disulut dengan minyak saat seorang anggota keluarga mereka diculik Mereka saling tuduh, melupakan perang yang akan berlangsung sebentar lagi Buku ketiga dari lima seri Chrestomanci yang telah diterbitkan di Indonesia.Ini kebetulan buku pertama dari dunia Chrestomanci yang saya baca Kabar baiknya, ceritanya tidak begitu berhubungan dengan seri manapun Kau tidak perlu membaca Charmed Life atau Christopher Chant itu sebelum membaca itu Ah tunggu Ini bisa disebut standalone kan Sisanya Bagus kok.Banyak hal yang terjadi di novel ini Plotnya mengalir begitu saja, kadang terasa lambat dan kadang terasa biasa biasa Tapi penceritaannya mudah dimengerti, sebagaimana hubungan antar tokoh yang dibangun dari awal, melekat erat dengan kokoh Saya memiliki beberapa dugaan awal mengenai jalannya plot, dan diantara itu ternyata saya cuma bisa menebak tepat mengenai antagonisnya XD yang sebenarnya bisa makin misterius kalau kovernya tidak begitu sih haha.Sejujurnya, poin utama kesukaan saya di buku ini terletak di hubungan antar tokohnya Contohnya hubungan antara Tonino dan kucingnya, pandangan sabar, sayang, dan menjaga kakaknya terhadap Tonino, dan hubungan mereka berdua dengan karakter lain Deskripsi dan percakapan mengenai hal itu adalah poin utama yang paling menggirangkan.Ngomong ngomong soal dua Casa ini mereka itu sebuah keluarga besar dimana seluruh anggota keluarganya tinggal di rumah yang sama Bahkan bisa dibilang, kedua keluarga meski bertentangan lahir batin, mereka sebenarnya sangat mirip dalam banyak artian Ini mengingatkan saya dengan keadaan keluarga sebuah komik yang susunan manusianya seakan tercetak kembar.Penjelasan adegannya yang berhubungan dengan sihir perlu saya baca sampai dua kali karena bingung Tapi ada juga yang langsung saya mengerti sih kurasa ini karena saya agak jarang membaca kisah novel fantasi Paling tidak, berbeda dengan Harry Potter yang ketebalannya membuat saya mundur, kurasa saya memang lebih suka cerita fantasi yang bisa dibaca secara lepas seperti ini 7.5 10