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Penguin Presents The Unabridged, Downloadable Audiobook Edition Of The Man Who Made Things Out Of Trees Robert Penn Cut Down An Ash Tree To See How Many Things Could Be Made From It After All, Ash Is The Tree We Have Made The Greatest And Most Varied Use Of Over The Course Of Human History Journeying From Wales Across Europe And Ireland To The USA, Robert Finds That The Ancient Skills And Knowledge Of The Properties Of Ash, Developed Over Millennia Making Wheels And Arrows, Furniture And Baseball Bats, Are Far From Dead The Book Chronicles How The Urge To Understand And Appreciate Trees Still Runs Through Us All Like Grain Through Wood

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    I purchased this for my husband who is an avid woodturning enthusiast I thought it would be an interesting read about how someone made various objects out of parts of trees and why he chose to make certain objects out of certain parts of the tree There was a lot of messing about at the beginning finding a suitable tree, and it soon became apparent that it wasn t the man who made things out of trees it was just one tree An Ash tree My husband is not particularily fond of Ash but was nonetheless interested While he found there were a lot of bits of the book that brought inspiration and a new found ability to think outside the box, he also found that bits of the science behind the wood were too much and was written for someone who understands the science behind wood While he enjoyed it and found it interesting, he found that a lot of the information in the book about the science of the wood but found comparisons to other types of wood and the comparative science within those trees would have better suited him He enjoyed it, but wanted information about other trees, or less information about one tree.

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    A delightful and informative book The author has a real connection with both the essence of what wood in general, and ash in particular, is His respect for craftsmen is evident as is his respect for and love of woodland, and the importance of ensuring the maintenance and protection of our native woods There is enough technical information to guide the reader s understanding without becoming boring or unintelligible Anyone who has ever picked up a chisel or a saw or a plane to fashion anything from wood will appreciate this book.

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    There is a lot of new nature writing out there, this is along those lines but when some of these books are getting a little twee and tired for me The Shepherds Life this one stands out It reminded me of a concise Roger Deakin eccentric and endearing and incredibly interesting and culturally relevant It inspired me to do woodwork and it inspired to me to look at our beautiful trees and not only the fraxinus excelsior.

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    The author s passion and knowledge burnt my finges as I turned the pages then turned them back to read them again even slowly.I wasn t reading it as a novel so didn t mind the clunkiness of some of the information inserts, they just matched the authenticity of the author s voice.I read the copy I d bought for my son he works with wood for Christmas before I gave it him I d expected to skim read a chapter or two but ended up reading them all, some than once.I know at least two other copies which were purchased for presents on my recommendation It was a great disappointment when Woman s Hour serialised it read by a woman who had no sensitivity of the subject in her voice It made me very angry on Robert Penn s behalf

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    I purchased this book to learn about ash and I have done just that and From this book I have gained a appreciation of wood and ash in particular as the author told a beautiful set of stories that whisked me all over the world with such descriptions you really meet the craftsmen and almost smell the sawdust.

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    A good book but should be entitled The Man Who Had Other People Make Things Out of Similar Trees As someone who makes things out of trees, and who owns his own forest, I love the subject, and the aims and objectives, I also understand it would be very difficult and time consuming for the author to make things from his tree himself, it is what I do, and the author has made a reasonable job of writing about the possibilities, and inspiring others to make things from trees Still worth buying reading listening to, but the title is not strictly accurate.

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    Amazing service, on Monday 21st December I heard the first part of a serialisation of this book on the radio I immediately knew my husband would love it but Christmas was only 4 days away I wanted it so much I ordered it anyway, deciding it would have to be a late present.Quite how you managed to get it to me on Thursday 24th I will never know but I have to say I am really impressed thank you

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    bought it for a present disappointed there s no illustrations