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I received a Kindle copy of this book from a Goodreads Giveaway I m glad I did It was clear and concise I learned some good tips on leadership and will keep this book on hand for when I find myself in one of the situations in the book. An attitude of craftsmanship applied to relationshipsOne of the best behavior management books for leaders, or actually, anyone who cares to get along better with othersThe descriptions of specific types of behaviors that could inhibit, dismantle, disrupt, etcetera, a team are clear, organized, and relevant I loved the absence of jargon Another compelling feature is the author s emphasis on positive approaches, as well as examining the leader s own traits The analogy of a toolkit is apt, because a team is crafted, needs a leader, and tools ste used for creating and maintaining I believe I m incapable of being a manager, but benefitted tremendously from learning techniques that apply not only in the office, but with humans in general. How To Communicate With Difficult People In The Workplace And Successfully Lead Any Personality Type This Is A Clear And Practical Guide To High Performance Business Communication Successful Managers Keep Their Organizations And Teams Focused On Their Goals And Avoid The Mire Of Drama And Frustration This Book Teaches Managers How To Deal With The Most Difficult People, Listen And Respond To Others, Resolve Conflict, And Be A Stronger Leader In The Manager S Communication Toolkit, Tina Kuhn, An Accomplished Senior Executive WithYears Of Expertise In Organizational Transformation, Introduces Hands On Strategies For Dealing With The Ten Most Challenging Personality Types The Manipulator, Gossiper, Naysayer, Controller, Perfectionist, Yes Man, Drama Queen, Recluse, Whiner, And Liar Dividing The Book Into Three Parts, She Breaks Down The Different Communication Tools, Illustrates Techniques For Working Purposefully And Skillfully With The Personalities She Profiles, And Shows Readers How To Explore Their Own Communication And Management Styles This Book Is For Anyone Who Needs To Communicate With Others At Work Bosses, Coworkers, Subordinates, And Customers It Provides A Framework To Have Less Conflict, Better Communication, And Stronger Leadership Techniques Ultimately, It Can Positively Influence All Relationships At Work, Home, School, Or Anywhere Else I received this book as a Goodreads Giveaway As a manager, I ve been struggling with effective communication and tailoring my style to the personalities of some of mychallenging staff What I really enjoyed were the scenarios what could go wrong vs what could go right and the bulleted lists and summaries of each chapter I struggled with what felt like surface level information The what to do was described, but the how was missing I know that I need to not get sucked into someone s drama, but how do I avoid allowing myself to become emotionally involved I m still trying to find those answers That said, I do think this is a solid book for a first time or early manager looking for general information about the types of personalities you find in an office and how to foster a positive environment. I won a copy of this ebook in a Goodreads giveaway.I really liked this it s a very neat and tidy break down of the different kinds of personalities you could come across at work or in life and how to deal with each one professionally in different capacities, such as face to face to deal with specific problems, or in emails, etc I think this would be a good resource for people entering the work force and especially for people in mid level management, like store managers, etc. I really wanted to rate this 1 star, but upped to 2 stars because I got value reading it, primarily through re interpreting other books from the perspective presented My real frustrations about the book 1 Uses an example of sexual harassment, but gives advice that is not suitable in 2019.2 Creates yet another set of personality types rather than use an existing know platform 3 Has stories that are extreme or artificial there would be so muchvalue if the stories were ones that I could relate to Disappointed. I was pleasantly surprised by how substantive this book is, as most business professional development books are mostly fluff The author defines 10 types of difficult personalities that are present in the workplace and tells you the best way to communicate with those personalities types The book is concise and jargon free I would recommend this for anyone who works with people. Had this been the first business book I read about communications, then I would agree that it is great However, it read too similar to too many others I personally did not enjoy reading it nor did I get anything new out of it. This book pinpoints the main types of employees that any manager comes across during their employment It discusses each type in length and explains how to handle their particular personalities I think that most managers will benefit from reading this book.The book goes into each personality and breaks down their quirks and how to deal with them in a mature, professional, and curious way so that you can turn them back into team players and remove the problem that you or they are having on the job It goes into in dept details that you can start using immediately to solve your problems But it goes a step further and helps you understand your personal managing style and your own personal quirks so that you can help yourself stop and take a time out before you clash with someone who is different than yourself.By not only understanding your employees personality but your own as well, you have the makings of a great team that can work together and produce for your company When you have these key perspectives into the working relationships that you are dealing with in your company, you are a much better manager This in dept study has taken Ms Kuhn years to figure out and put into writing She has studied the working arena and came out with a real winning book that will help every manager do their job The book should be on many bosses Christmas list for their managers if they want a team that works well together and doesn t have a lot of personality problems in their workforce.This book is well worth reading if you are not a manager but may want to be in the future It s never to soon to start learning how to get along better on your job. I wasn t sure what to expect of this book, but as I dove into it I realized what a practical tool this book was I wouldn t suggest that anything in this book is new, however this book consolidates a lot of information into a concise digestable fashion to make it a worthy and useful toolkit for any manager I appreciate the various examples and case studies that compliment the reflections and thoughts of the authors I also appreciated how she went into detail examining different personality types and what to watch for Where I think she goes above and beyond is she then describes how to work with those different personalities, but also how to help them thrive and succeed so your team is not high jacked.The piece that I think goes above and beyond in adding value is the last section After reading about team members and potential challenges she turns the reflection to personal and inwards She challenges us as managers to reflect on who we are and our approach I d challenge every reader though constantly throughout the book to reflect is that me and if so, how do I need to grow This book is a toolkit, but it s also an insightful tool for self examination and growth.