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Everyone Knows Confidence When They See It But Seemingly No One Can Actually Describe What Goes Into It Or How To Get It The Nerd S Guide To Being Confident Is An Unconventional Way Of Looking At One Of The Most Basic And Obvious Human Traits And What One Can Do To Gain A Little Of It Without Feeling Like A Phony Laughter Included

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    It s not a good sign when I call it quits in the middle of a 2 hour audiobook that I m listening to at 2x speed while cleaning the house In other words, this was background chatter, and it was such annoying bullshit that actually made me delay my next load of laundry just so I could turn it off, review it, and put something else on This is half He s Just Not That Into You half Be The Best You Can Be half pseudo intellectualism three quarters self absorbed bullshit zero to do with nerddom I know that the math is wrong there But believe me, it fits This book goes from telling you to be grateful for what you have, find the things in your life that are good and then be thankful for them, and let people know that you are, because it will be rewarding in its own right and you ll be happier for it, to telling you to be miserable, find all the shit things in the world and make yourself purposely miserable about them so that other people will want to make you feel better, and will try to pick you up and help you out This book goes from saying believe in your abilities because they are greater than you give yourself credit for to You have abilities, but they require work, so fuck it, be a miserable little bitch and let other people shove confidence down your throat in an effort to make you a functioning human again This book doesn t even know what it s trying to be Seriously, is this book giving BE MISERABLE as advice in how to be confident That s about the time that I gave up on this shit Though I started furrowing my brow and giving my phone the stink eye when in the space of 5 minutes the author threw the phrase I don t won t tolerate _____ out there 8 dozen times, each time sounding and like a self important asshole Short version You re not confident because you don t stick to your personal values and therefore you tolerate bullshit that he doesn t tolerate, because he s better than you Well kudos to you, Mark Manson You ve converted this girl I took your expert advice and I no longer tolerate bullshit That s why I stopped listening to your bullshit book.

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    Super lame It was all bad dating advice It was really gendered, it spoke only from a straight male perspective and had nothing to do with being a nerd It was pretty misogynistic and most of the advice was to hold others up to an unforgiving and insane standard while forgiving bullshit behaviour in yourself It was free from audible and I still feel like I should call in to return it so that it isn t in my library.

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    This was a free download from Audible, and it was barely worth that It should have been titled The Nerd s Guide to Being a Selfish, Misogynistic _________ You can fill in the blank with your own expletive the author has given you plenty to choose from Don t make time for anyone who will not make time for you That isn t confidence that s self absorption The section where he writes, Instead of worrying about whether or not you are listening to her, pay attention to how interested she seems to be in your stories Really And Audible made this a free gift on Valentine s Day There was a smattering of useful tidbits in the 2 hour listen, and the last section, where the author poetically imagines everyone on Ipanema Beach wishing they had something that everyone else has, while the figure of Jesus looks down from the mountain and loves all redeemed some of it But its a little like going through a cow pasture with a metal detector You may find something of value, but you gotta step through a whole lot of crap to get to it.

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    Not a guide Not for nerds Not anything useful at all I tried to give it a fair shake, but the expletives in a self help book and the male ego centric focus made it a complete waste of my time It was a freebie from Audible You get what you pay for

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    Good think I didn t have to pay for this book Audible needs to give away better audiobooks Nothing to be learned here and lots of unnecessary vulgar languate.

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    This has been sitting in my Audible for three years, so I thought I should finally listen to it And Um The title isn t accurate It should be called The Insecure White Man s Guide to Being Confident Arrogant I didn t find a lot to enjoy It wasn t funny It wasn t enlightening It didn t really take lady nerds into account at all and I consider myself particularly nerdy, so that didn t sit well I just wasn t into it I probably won t read anything else by this author writer.

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    I m not normally a reader of self help books, but this one was a freebie from audible I wouldn t say that it s particularly geared towards nerds Really, the author s main audience seems to be young men who want romance and or sex in their lives, but have self esteem issues that confound them when it comes to relationships.Which, quite frankly, was me in my 20s Viewed in that light, the advice here is a little crassly written, but wrapped around a solid core of time tested self help principles.Basically Stop making excusesDon t be afraid to open up to others about your weaknessesStop judging yourself by other people s values yours are what matterAccept responsibility for your actions and admit your mistakesBe a diverse person don t put all your emotional eggs in one basketThe 24 year old me had growing to do in all these departments, so I can t disagree with the value of such insights, though people who really need to improve their self confidence might do better with a meatier book on the topic or, for that matter, with professional therapy For everyone else, if you don t mind the dudebro presentation, this one s a quick read and might provide a helpful booster shot of tough love.

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    So I mostly liked this book The feminist in me says I shouldn t The laid back Sagittarian side of me rising , all raunchy sense of humor and appreciation for direct speech, enjoyed it.Criticisms There are plenty of sexist remarks, simplifications born of privilege, and heteronormative assumptions made here The intended audience seems to be Millennial guys situations and examples from a female cis, het, middle class perspective are seemingly mentioned only as an aside, as if the author doesn t really believe women will be reading this It s fair enough to focus on the audience you want to focus on, but maybe make that apparent in the title or blurb As far as I know, women are nerds, too If you can put those aside for the brief amount of time you ll be listening to reading this book and don t mind a run of good expletives once on a while, which I don t there are some funny stories and enlightening bits here Self awareness, healthy boundaries, heck even very basic Buddhism makes it in And now I m off to go re read that article about liking problematic things.

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    Oh, thank goodness this was a free download I worried about my sanity there for a minute Apparently, in Mark Manson s world, you can only be a nerd if you re male Apparently, in Mark Manson s world, a big part of confident means feeling able to pick up hot girls Apparently, in Mark Manson s world, giving advice means putting down all the other guides out there, and then proceeding to follow precisely in their footsteps.To the privileged whiny twenty something white male who is apparently his target audience, Manson recommends practicing gratitude I m worlds away from his target audience, but I m going to follow his advice right now I am grateful that I didn t pay anything for this audiobook, because it s two months past the time I would have been allowed to return it for a refund Gosh I feel all warm and fuzzy.

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    I think the audio book narration suited the content very well However, I absolutely didn t expect the f bombs and other profanity in a self help book An autobiography, comedy, or fiction perhaps, but not with this I identify as a nerd, but I m less likely to identify with this book than might a 20 something male with socialization issues.In short, you can absolutely get nuggets of value from this book, but you have to shift through a bit of angst y window dressing to get there.