kindle The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the WardrobeAuthor Angela Kelly –

This was only delivered late yesterday afternoon, but I ended up reading 63 pages of it in bed last night It makes you just want to carry on and I couldn t put it down Angela Kelly writes from a unique perspective, having worked with the Queen for 25 years and it is very much a case of with rather than for and as this has been written with Her Majesty s approval you can trust what is said That s what makes it unique, as so many royal experts are writing books from outside the palace walls, based on hearsay, gossip and downright fabrication, whereas this is from a genuine insider and is written with warmth, affection and humour It shows various sides of the Queen s character, her humour and wisdom, and of course there are dozens of fabulous photos most previously unpublished I love the unique jacket design too, with its layered look like a garment, which is so appropriate for the subject matter I also loved Angela Kelly s previous book Dressing the Queen and this latest volume is equally as good This one is much personal, interweaving Angela s own family story and experiences, and you get a great sense of her strength from her Liverpudlian background She pulls no punches and is not afraid of criticising some of the staid members of the Royal Household or past couturiers who looked down on her Reading between the lines, you feel that the Queen values Angela s honesty If she ever feels that a dress fabric or hat is wrong for the Queen, she feels duty bound to say so As so many people kowtow to the monarch and probably tell her what they think she wants to hear, I should think that it is very refreshing for the Queen to have a down to earth member of staff who tells her the truth And it works both ways such as when she reveals that the Queen taught her to say the word furious rather than sick as a parrot I can definitely recommend this book. When Angela Kelly And The Queen Are Together, Laughter Echoes Through The Corridors Of Buckingham Palace Beautiful book, delivered today Photography is very clear, with many previously unpublished photographs BUT the dust jacket is only 75% of the size of the book Is this a deliberate mistake, or a new way of saving the environment I would feel uncomfortable giving this book as a present in this format. Interesting and beautiful photographs make this an appealing book, but the type is too small, making it very difficult to read such a shame I have bought this book as a gift for my daughter who is studying fashion styling as a reference and wonderful insight into the Queens clothes and style however I can t help feeling a bit miffed by the dust cover, it s too short for the actual book and it s really annoying Why publish a book like this with such a rubbish cover The book arrived damaged and ripped I paid full price for this item to receive a product that looks used and abused Delightful insight into the Queen and her life and her amazing clothes , I cannot put this down However , the publishers did not proof read this very thoroughly, Royal Ascot was founded by Queen Anne in 1711 not 1871. I was on of The Queen s spokesmen when Angela Kelly started work at Buckingham Palace and I could hear her enthusiastic voice recounting her 25 years as The Queen s dresser What comes across, and I experienced this myself, is how unstuffy HM is While she accepts the formality of her role, what she has always found refreshing is straight no fuss talk in short supply at the Palace but plenty from Angela A good read and enough anecdotes to keep you the reader from wanting.