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Maxwell Unger Has Always Loved The Night He Used To Do Brave Things Like Go Tramping Through The Forest With His Gran After Dark He Loved The Stories She Told Him About The World Before The Destruction About Nature, And Books, And The Silver Owls His Favorite Story, Though, Was About The Owl KeeperMax S Gran Is Gone Now, And So Are Her Stories Of How The World Used To Be The Forest Is Dangerous, The Books Gran Had Saved Have Been Destroyed, The Silver Owls Are Extinct, And Max Is No Longer Brave But When A Mysterious Girl Comes To Town, He Might Just Have To Start Being Brave Again The Time Of The Owl Keeper, Gran Would Say, Is Coming Soon

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    The Owl Keeper is a non stop, action packed ball of awesomeness Based on the novel s summary, I figured I was in for a tale just about a boy and owls Thought there also might be a little fantasy sprinkled in to keep things going Wrong Christine Brodien Jones carefully mixes in hints of dystopian, mystery, adventure, and fantasy to create hands down the best novel aimed at younger teens that I have read since the Harry Potter series.To say the least, Christine Brodien Jones and The Owl Keeper blew my socks off Brodien Jones keeps her writing is simplistic and the action flowing For me, that worked out really well The novel did not require me to puzzle over certain situations or wonder what did the author want me to get out of this passage This means that I was allowed to enjoy the novel just for what it was.The action in this novel is top notched I was glued to the book as action sequence after action sequence occurred I was amazed that Brodien Jones could use so much action and not make it seem repetitive or too over the top The whole novel just flowed together so nicely as the reader uncovers all the little secrets in Max s world And the world that Max inhabits is very intriguing Brodien Jones has created a very dystopian feeling world that has a nice science fiction and fantasy feel to it The world is quite different from our world, but not so much so that the author needed to go into long, drawn out explanations about how and why things are they way they are The author does this in a nice short paragraph and focuses mainly on plot and character development.The characters of Max and Rose are a wonderful combination for the world that Brodien Jones has created True, I did like Rose a little over Max But this is because Rose is the kind of character that one cannot ignore She is spunky, full of life, and very impulsive As the novel moved along, I did find myself liking Max and as he grew into his own skin His character is all about growth, and by the end of novel, he is a completely changed character just the way it should be In addition to Max and Rose, owls, and specifically Max s owl, play into a large portion of this novel One must admire Brodien Jones attention to detail She has captured every detail from the owl s habits down to its personality The owls added lots of depth and definition to Max s world, and made the novel a lot fun to read.For me, Brodien Jones has hit the ball out of the park with this novel From the amazing depth of her characters to the non stop action, this novel was a blast The novel s ending does set the reader up for a sequel, or possibly even this being the first novel in a series, so I am really hopeful that I will get to see of Max, Rose, and the owls While girls will throughly enjoy this novel, I think this may be a wonderful novel to give to a young male teen who has been struggling to find a novel to read The action and adventure in this novel will be sure to captivate and inspire anyone s imagination.

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    This book is fantastic, original and exciting, and in this day and age, book like that are getting increasingly difficult to find I loved it, it s definitely worth reading.

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    I was really drawn to this book by the concept It sounded so original A boy living in a post apocalyptic world who is allergic to the daylight and in search of The Owl Keeper A combination dystopia fantasy, two of my favourite genres.I was a bit disappointed, though I couldn t get emotionally invested in the main characters, who were underdeveloped Max was an extremely passive protagonist Instead of deducing and investigating and discovering and being ingenious, he coincidentally overhears information, people and animals rescue him, and he is conveniently in the right place at the right time It also takes too long for him to put two and two together when information is practically bonked over his head There are also complete leaps in logic and sense For instance possible SPOILER , it makes no sense that when Max and Rose run away that the only ones sent after them are two elderly people Ms Crumlin and Dr Tredegar Where were the Dark Brigade Mrs Crumlin wasn t a police officer or an official of any sort And while they re fighting the pilot of their aircraft is just hanging out waiting for them The whole bridge scene is filled with illogical moments like this.Additionally, the plot seems to be driven by a prophecy, rather than the characters actions I think the story is imaginative and has a lot of potential to develop in sequels, but I would only recommend it for 6th grade or younger I don t think the characters or concepts would be engaging enough for teens.

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    Okay My mother picked this out for me, which just shows that she can NOT be charged with deciding what I read EVER The whole High Echelon was creepy, but not in a cool, pulls you in way I haven t read that much Dystopian, and this is just drivel Dystopian I ll stick with Hunger Games, perhaps Divergent someday, but NOT this crap.Maxwell Unger is a wimp, who supposedly USED to be brave when his dear old granny was alive Also, he s the most GULLIBLE IDIOT in the entire world It was COMPLETELY OBVIOUS that that old bat Mrs Crumlin was an evil witch who filled his head with lies and crap AND HE FREAKIN DRANK HER CAKE AND HOT CHOCOLATE Didn t ANYBODY ever tell him not to take candy from strangers Oh that stuff made me turn into a forgetful zombie for a second there Let s trust Crumlin and drink some Yay What a ridiculous idiot There was actually a part when he was DEFENDING that disgusting hag You have something wrong with you, Maxwell Unger Also, it was COMPLETELY OBVIOUS that that creepy, insane Dr Tredegar was drugging him with something REALLY CREEPY It was gloppy and PURPLE Does that not raise the alarm that you should at least demand and answer as to what this crap is that he shoots into your arm all the time MAXWELL UNGER S ENTIRE LIFE IS A LIE AND HE COULDN T EVEN TAKE THE TIME TO FIGURE THAT OUT UNTIL THE MOST INOPPORTUNE MOMENT WHAT THE HECK To continue, like, TWENTY DANG THINGS in this book had the name Silver in them SILVER Owls, SILVER Prophesies, SILVERN I mean, come ON Silver is a cool color, and yes, the word sounds all mysterious and interesting But NOT if you abuse it and use it for every place name, every sacred thingy that you conjure, Christine Brodien Jones Further, Maxwell s friend, the girl with spiders crawling in her hair, was GOING FREAKIN BLIND BLIND And he didn t have the heart to tell her That s just wrong She deserves to know, you moron PTo some up this beloved book, the author is repetitive, the main character is a naive, gullible, jerky, idiotic wimp, and this book bored me to the very end image error

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    Eleven year old Max Unger lived with his parents in a world of the future, a few decades after the Great Destruction of 2066 Because he was told he had a sun allergy, he stayed indoors in the daytime At night, he loved to wander in the light of the 2 moons, and dream of caring for owls, who were also creatures of the dark His special love was silver owls, and he was horrified when he heard that the High Echelon wanted to eliminate all of them Max s Gran had told him silver owls were special, and would one day fulfill an ancient prophecy and bring their Owl Song back to the world How could that happen if they all were killed On one of his moonlight walks, Max meets a mysterious red headed girl who seems to know a lot about owls Can they work together to save the last few silver owls on earth This dystopian novel is marred by unrealistic dialogue and over wrought characters overworked parents who are too stressed to pay any attention to Max, an unbelievably weird housekeeper who burns every disgusting meal she cooks, and a cruel doctor who makes weekly house calls to give Max injections that have become increasingly painful over the years Many aspects of the dystopian world do not make sense, or are not explained For example, The High Echelon announces the Sealed Borders Act What is that The High Echelon will assign all children to a field of study or an apprenticeship on their 12th birthday No explanation The High Echelon closed libraries, museums, and universities Why A climate damaged city called The Frozen Zone was declared off limits by the High Echelon That is all the reader knows, and he is left wondering about many aspects of this story Now and then the reader can eventually figure it out, but too much time is spent confused about this world Good writers need to give a clearer picture when writing about dystopian worlds.The concept of an Owl Keeper to save an endangered owl species is a good one Having children investigate and find solutions in a world that adults are resigned to is a good idea But there was no need to have such overblown characterizations for the adults, and the reader is not clear about this future world Young readers 9 11 might enjoy it than older ones, who demand from a story.

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    My overall reaction to this novel is extremely favorable I have definitely found another all time favorite children s author My 12 year old daughter read the book and demanded I read it right after she was done In her words, Mom, this is one of the greatest books I have ever read, there has to be a second book She promptly made me stop what I was doing and look up the author to find out When I told her there were other novels by Mrs Jones she let me know with profound importance that she must have every single volume written After having read, The Owl Keeper parents would do their children a great disservice to pass this author s works up.Do your children a favor, get a copy of, The Owl Keeper today and Mrs Jones, please for my sake and my daughters write a sequel, the world of the Silver Owls, Max and Rose could not possibly be over

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    This review is from my nine year old daughter Mia The Owl Keeper is a dystopian book that has fantasy in it It was about a boy named Max who can t go out in the light because he s allergic to sun particles Yet it s mysterious because no one will tell him anything, like what his parents do at their work Max has started to forget lots of things about his past He has an owl on a tree outside his house that he sneaks to at night The government says there are no owls Max thinks the government lies a bit He meets a girl named Artemis at the owl tree Artemis is very mysterious And suddenly he finds himself in an adventure The Owl Keeper is one of my favorite books The author kept me guessing and surprised me I am almost felt like I was watching something happen.

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    This turned out to be of a childrens book than I expected, but still was a very pleasant read The story is nothing out of the ordinary but it is sweet and builds a cool and surprisingly dark world.Some of the action packed scenes could have profited from a few additional pages, it feels like the book glances over a lot of things, which on the other hand keeps it from ever getting stale I guess the ending builds up to a to be announced sequel, because otherwise it would indeed take the easy way out of not clarifying what eg happens to max parents.

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    1 1 2 stars This book had no idea what it wanted to be about.

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    I am so captivated by the cover It s beautiful The illustrations at the beginning of each chapter are just as intriguing Get ready to be swept away into an amazing world where nothing is what it seems, and as the darkness is taking over the world, the hope of many rests on two eleven and twelve year olds Max and Rose live in a world that has been taken over by The High Echelon They have destroyed everything that was good in the world, and have killed off most of the animals, altered the weather, which destroyed much of the world and in the year 2066 they are now altering people Books have all been burned, people go missing, families aren t what they used to be, and people s memories are fading Now The High Echelon is about to destroy the last hope anyone has to fight the darkness, Max Except for Max doesn t know that he s the last hope At least not yet anyway.Max misses his lovely Gran who unexpectedly died when he was 7 When she died, so did the stories about the Silver Owls, and his favorite story about the Owl Keeper, who d come in times of darkness and would unite the owls and sages together He misses their talks about nature and the way the world was before the Destruction, the late night walks through the forest, all of her books and the warmth, love and comfort he felt when he was with her Now the parents he used to be close to are forced to work 6 days a week in factory and he s guardian Miss Crumlin, a cold lady who s destroyed all but one of his Grandmother s books and treats Max with little regard There s something that doesn t feel right about Miss Crumlin She s a cold person, who s always reminding Max how sick he is and giving him medicine, even if he feels fine Max s has always loved the night, which is the only time he can go out doors He s been raised to believe he s allergic to the sun and if the sun touches any part of his skin he can die Now Max goes out by himself, but only to his Owl Tree He reminds himself about the stories of the Silver Owls, fierce protectors that no longer exist The High Echelon has killed them all, or at least that s what they claimed There tucked up in the high branches of his beloved Owl Tree, Max is hiding his very own Silver Owl He s keeping the message he found in her beak a secret, along with her existence One night he meets a mysterious girl under his Owl Tree She can see his Silver Owl.It took me just a little bit to get into the book and once I did, I couldn t put it down The world Christine built is fascinating and only gets and intriguing as we go on a journey with Max and Rose to find the Owl Keeper The beginning of the book builds up to everything Max has been taught his whole life When Rose enters his life, she ll challenge everything he s been told Nothing he s been told is the truth When Rose starts to show him things are not what they seem, he discovers a very dark secret and what his fate is about to be, unless he can change it Confiding in each other, they both learn they have the mark of the Owl, they re night seers When The High Echelon come looking for them, they flee Their journey is to find The Owl Keeper and Max s Silver Owl will lead them to where The Owl Keeper is at The Owl Keeper is one of those books that keeps you guessing at who s the bad guy and what s really happening, until you learn the truth It s full of adventure and wonderful characters set in a fascinating, not so distant time With the destruction of the world, and all the wonderful things it holds, Max and Rose are the last hope and when they arrive at their destination, only then will they learn what their their true destiny will be I m really looking forward to a sequel I think readers will really love Max and Rose s characters and definitely recommend this book to those 10 yrs old and up.