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The International Best Seller Crossing Generations, Society S Boundaries And International Turmoil, The Paris Seamstress Is A Beguiling, Transporting Story Perfect For Fans Of Lucinda Riley, Kate Furnivall And Penny Vincenzi What Must Estella Sacrifice To Make Her Mark Parisian Seamstress Estella Bissette Is Forced To Flee France As The Germans Advance She Is Bound For Manhattan With A Few Francs, One Suitcase, Her Sewing Machine And A Dream To Have Her Own Atelier Australian Curator Fabienne Bissette Journeys To The Annual Met Gala For An Exhibition Of Her Beloved Grandmother S Work One Of The World S Leading Designers Of Ready To Wear But As Fabienne Learns About Her Grandmother S Past, She Uncovers A Story Of Tragedy, Heartbreak And Secrets And The Sacrifices Made For Love

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    It s no secret that Natasha Lester s Her Mother s Secret was my favourite book of 2017 and maybe for several years so I was excited and a little nervous to read her new one I don t know how she does it, but every time I read one of Natasha s books it imparts a little wisdom to me that I really needed to hear at that moment in time In this book it was just after Estella s first fashion show and, funnily enough, just after Leo the heroine from Her Mother s Secret makes a cameo appearance.Tougher going than HMS, there were moments when I had to put the book to one side to take stock but I find I have to do that with a lot of books set in WW2 but just as exquisitely written, The Paris Seamstress sweeps the reader along from Paris to New York to Sydney and from the 1940s to the present day with intrigue, heartbreak and, ultimately not one, but two heartstopping love stories.I cannot tell you how much I loved this book and I cannot cannot recommend it enough Please write faster Natasha

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    This has to be the most beautiful book I ve read in a very long time, and I neither give five stars often, nor give Praise lightly Yes, it has a few faults the use of modern terminology a few times in wartime, and sometimes a little confusion between the two parallel stories, for example but the rest is so enjoyable, I feel I can overlook them After all, it s rare to find total perfection There are, in fact, two intertwined stories, one set in modern times and th other during wartime Estella was the shining star for me, a strong character that was determined to reach her goals, and Alex a close second They were real, believable people that I empathised with thoroughly Fabienne and Will, on the other hand, lacked some of the endearing characteristics, and seemed paler in comparison I didn t quite feel for them in the way I did for Alex and Estella Yet I loved the way their stories evolved together, spanning the bridge of time For me, one judge of a good book is that I feel sorry when it comes to an end, and still think about it afterwards, and this certainly fits the bill Thoroughly enjoyable and unforgettable And now, I think I ve said enough, because I m off to buy her other two books

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    This was a difficult book to navigate and one which required measured reading The author is a fabulous wordsmith, conjuring up exquisite images, so much so you can almost envision exactly the scene Difficult in that moving from the second world war Paris to present day New York required the threads to jump the distance with you And while the author provides a stark picture of Paris, I don t think she s done justice to how Estella is perceived, her dialogue, her thought processes Perhaps the author s copy editor didn t pick up the nuances but the Paris scenes at that period at the beginning of the war were not exactly accurate Again and throughout, I couldn t fathom Estella s thinking and in Paris, her stupidity.It was an intricately woven book, fabulous in its concept With the Kindle, I was able to make notes as I went along and when I re read it sometime in the future, perhaps I ll enjoy even the second time around.

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    This has all the marks of a rushed book to get out to market perhaps a gap of longer would have helped this writer The story is about a seamstress in Paris during the war yup, WW2 again and those wicked Nazisit really has been done and much better before and then hops back and forth to the future The first chapter does not spell out the quest beyond how all her workmates love the heroine and then going back and forth we lose any sense of impetus or drive to get into this story There may be a story here but it needs a good pick apart and a sense of pace Matron gave up half way.

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    4.5 StarsAt first I was completely absorbed in Estella s story and when the story jumped ahead 70 years to Fabienne I was really unhappy as all I really wanted to do was read about Estella and find out just how she had an American father, allowing her to escape ahead of the invasion I soon got past that as Fabienne sucked me in to.What I particularly liked about this book was the humanness of all the characters Even though the Wehrmacht were terrifying to Estella she never depersonalised them, although there is fortunately little of them in the book you always got the sense that they were people first and foremost and war machines second In fact, that is true of all the people in the book nobody is there just to provide one example of human nature, even the horrendous Harry Thaw is than just his sadism.I would have liked to learn about Janie and Sam through the book They are constants in Estella s life and clearly her only support network for much of her life in America and yet we see so little of them At least she has friends and people to rely on, by contrast her granddaughter, Fabienne, does appear to be truly alone in the world Although, I can fully understand why, although I enjoyed her story I never really warmed to Fabienne She comes across as very high maintenance emotionally speaking and you can see how this would push people away.Historically there are some liberties taken with events but the depiction of a Paris under occupation is completely heartbreaking The way it deals with the choices people made was very well done and I like that Estella, whilst denigrating the collaborators, also accepts that for some women this was their only way to survive or for their children to survive Nice to see the women who made this choice not be made out to be less than human as they so often are.Plot wise the story is well constructed and has a good narrative flow, once you get used to the way we move from Estella to Fabienne and back again The only thing that bothered me and caused me to dock half a star was that the time shifts became entirely predictable and always left either character on a cliffhanger The little fashion details scattered throughout were little gems or maybe gold silk roses , although it did remind me of Shirley Conran s Lace in the descriptions of Estella s desires for Stella Designs to provide affordable clothing that was suited to a modern life.A wonderful tale that does lead you to want to research the Occupation of France and the Resistance It also reminds you that Dior s New Look would look just as good today as it did then.