Free Best The Power (The Secret Circle, #3)Author L.J. Smith –

What can i say about this book I loved it This booked showed me everything i wanted to see in all the characters and i m glad i got to see the circle at it s best The ending was perfect and this book had to offer so much even though it was quite short. My line has the sight and the power, she thought I want to use that power to stand up to him To face him4.5 stars No spoilers I m deducting.5 stars for Diana being a sweet cinnamon roll and suffering for it She s either really into polyamory, or she s the biggest doormat who ever lived and everyone is okay with it Either way, I don t like what happened to her.Here are my final thoughts on this book I want Diana and Nick to be together SOOOO DAMN BADLYBut don t worry about it Nick s a nice guy, and I know you won t hurt him You know how special he is Cassie nodded, but she was startled to hear her own words on Diana s lips.She hadn t known Diana knew. I still think Cassie is a lesbian Laurel s eyes twinkled at Cassie from across the flames and Cassie let her own eyes twinkle back. I m joking But not really Using the beach as one giant magical crystal was genius I m still loving the mythology, crystal and herb references And the additional past life soul mate references L.J is doing a great job tying small details from her previous books into this one The chalcedony rose, Portia and her brothers and character quirks I wonder what s going to happen now after that showdown In So Deadly A BattleUnited At Last With Diana, The Mistress Of Her Coven, Cassie Must First Sacrifice Her Love For Adam To Save The Secret Circle And The Town Of New Salem From The Evil Powers Of The Witch FayeThreatened By The Possibility Of Her Destruction In A Final Battle Between Good And Evil, Cassie Must Hope That Her Supernatural Gifts Are Strong Enough To Obliterate The Powers Of EvilIf Victorious, Cassie Will Win Than She Ever Dreamed But If She And Diana Fail, The Power Will Go To Those Who Seek Only To DestroyCan Anyone Triumph This is the final novel in the Secret Circle trilogy, which I read when it first came out, back when I was a kid Do yourselves a favor and read it infinitelycomplex than the TV series, and it explains why Harry Potter felt like a bad cliche.Rereading this trilogy was startling I had forgotten how good it was, how well developed the characters were, and how strikingly Cassie the protagonist goes from being a meek mouse to becoming a strong and capable leader, despite her own self doubt showing the multidimensional characterization These books also linked for me many different Fantasy interests paganism, druidism, Greek gods and goddesses, reincarnation More than 15 years later, I can actually say that I see how these books influenced me in my spiritual search and informed my love of nature and respect for the elements I sympathized deeply with Cassie her feelings of being an outsider, of having to take on leadership despite being ill prepared She was and still is a wonderful role model, especially for younger readers Highly recommended I couldn t put down My only complaints plot is so addictive I blazed through the trilogy in 24 hours and why weren t there any sequels I would have liked to see how everyone in the Circle ended up, especially Cassie s romantic life. Read this whole series back when i was 13 14 and i was BLOWN away by it so much so i DESPERATELY wanted to be a witch hmmm maybe i just wanted Adam. OMG What can I say this was a great to a trilogy I could not have asked forIt tied all the lose ends The cliffhangers through out the series was amazing I love the heroine Cassie and the love traingle that in the end worked out for the best I admire Diana for here strength in not seeing things as a lost but as a gain in the benefit of the group I really enjoyed the interaction between the characters and it made me feel a part of the story as an outside looking in from a window into a world of magic Amazing. That ending was fucked up. I picked up this series because I ve heard its going to be hopefully made into a tv show I don t know what I was expecting when I read this trilogy which I got through in about three days but I don t think it was met this book series just wasn t very good it was in no way bad.I ve read bad, and this isn t it But its not very good either, itsmeh , and bland as hell I could stand cassie most of the time, but she s an utter a moron and a terrible mary sue actually all the characters are pretty dumb most of the time and all arecardboard then fleshed out , the plots see through and I predicted everything from the beginning of book one pretty much, and the writing was all around mediocre.I did like the characters themselves, their descriptions, their vague personalities, etc and I would have liked to actually knowabout them, sadly nothing is really ever given even of the main character Cassie, she s especially dull in development so dull the writer had to force cheesy dialogue between characters to make it seem like she s something she s not represented to be in any way and the writer does this constantly, its eye rolling bad.The most horrible of the three is the last book, which just felt heartless, the story was all around anticlimactic, every moment that could have been good was stolen by terrible storytelling and it just ended, like they were all standing around and that was that I ended this book going that was it This is all there is WTH Spoiler below By the way, was I the only one who felt cassie was just as in love with diana as she was in love with adam maybeso I mean why didn t they just become a triangle It would have much better and muchinteresting then how it predictably ended. I love L.J Smith s world building but I hate the romance and the main character. 1.5 stars It s readable and has a couple of cool bits when they discuss crystals or other fictional or realistic witchcraft , but that s all it has going for it.