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One bitterly cold afternoon a handful of customers lingered inside the Family Value hamburger restaurant on Grange Street their meals finished their welcome scattered in scraps on the discarded food traysAt precisely 245 PM a man stood on one of the small tables near the service counter He had a black sports bag clutched to his chest Nobody noticed him until he spoke in his unremarkable voice until his words echoed across the near empty expanse of fake wood below himIt's time to pay your dues Family Value he said

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    I originally gave this a 3 I think but damn I actually love this book I read it in Grade 11 English at school and I loved it so much We studied emotions that term and our chosen emotion was 'Guilt' This book was perfect when looking at guilt as each character experienced such varying levels of different types of guilt I was actually sympathetic for the gunman in this book I was shamed in my class for sympathising for him and actually enjoying this book All John wanted to do was tell people his ideas He didn't go in with the intention to kill anybody but it happened accidentally and in his guilt he shot himself because he couldn't live with his choicesThis book is POWERFUL I flew through it and I honestly am considering buying it for myself to enjoy I would have given it 55 stars but the ending was a let down

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    My favorite types of books to read are thrillers The suspenseful journey that each book takes you on is riveting and I can never get enough That’s why I thought I’d give The Song of an Innocent Bystander by Ian Bone a try After doing a little research on the plot of the book I thought that it would be an interesting and thrilling read but I was sadly disappointed and unfortunately don't recommend this book to others The story revolves around 19 year old Freda Opperman and the traumatic event that she experienced when she was only nine years old Freda and her parents had gone out to dinner to a restaurant called Family Value just like any family would After leaving the restaurant Freda realized that she did not get the Wild West sticker that came with her meal so she returned inside to retrieve one while her parents stopped inside a bookstore This decision would change the course of the night because John Wayde O’Grady would follow Freda into Family Value with a shotgun in his hand and a mission in his head O’Grady shut down the building wiring it with bombs and trapping young Freda inside along with 13 others including an old woman a mother and son a young couple a veteran workers and Theo Constantine the manager The siege lasted a couple of days consisting of O’Grady constantly preaching his message and training the terrified hostages to be his “soldiers” Constantine was placed in charge of Freda but sadly did not make it out alive What did make it out though were the napkins that Theo hastily wrote telling the truths of what was going on throughout the siege In the present it is the tenth anniversary of the event and Freda gets a call for an interview by a college student by the name of William Freda having grown up with interviews and articles written about her was used to the idea and didn’t think anything of it But this one was different from the rest William didn’t have any uestions prepared and was making inappropriate accusations so Freda ended the conversation and stormed out of the restaurant This interview led Freda to open the tiny box that she kept hidden in her dresser for so long containing Theo’s napkins Not even her control freak mother was aware of these notes because if anyone did the secrets of what really happened that night at the Family Value restaurant would be uprooted and change everything Overall I have to say that I did not enjoy this book but there were some aspects that made me keep on reading First of all the book continuously switched off between the siege and the present day This made the read mysterious and suspenseful as the truth of what really happened during the siege was slowly revealed The author also was very descriptive in his writing making the scenes much vivid and influential In my opinion there were many components of this book that just didn’t work First of all the plot was very predictable As the author revealed details about the siege I was never truly surprised regarding the information Also I always found myself uninterested in what was going on Yes the sections regarding the siege were suspenseful but the rest of the plot that took place in the present day was dull and I had trouble understanding what the point of it was Finally the ending was completely unrealistic and abrupt When I finished the book I was utterly confused on what I just read I still don’t understand how the ending fit in with the plot Also the relationship of the characters and overall mood of the ending almost instantly changed in the matter of ten pages seeming like the author needed to find a uick way to wrap up the story

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    This is a pretty intense book and I could not put it down It chronicles a fictional young woman struggling with PTSD brought on by a hostagesiege situation when she was 9 years old The book moves back and forth to relive the siege revealing maybe what really happened along with revealing how the girl has fared over the years It also chronicles how each of her parents reacted to the situation they were not with her and how that has affected her Alternates between third and first personThe library I got this from put it in young adult but I really think it belongs in adult Perhaps a Senior HS Psych class could read it while learning Psych 101 and discuss it But I think you have to be a bit older to think well enough about some of the philosophical uestions that are raised Unless you yourself have been a trauma victim and then perhaps a younger person would understand itAt any rate I loved it would make a good book club selection and might start some great conversations about parental influences parental control trauma self identity and the reliabilityunreliability of memory

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    An interesting take on Stockholm Syndrome Freda Opperman is unable to move on from the events of her past At nine years old she and 10 others are held hostage in a restaurant for two days by an armed gunman The narrative alternates between past and present day as Freda struggles to come to terms with the role she played in the deadly situation

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    I really enjoyed this book the first time I read it and the second and third It is one of my favourite books ever

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    This book was an unusual plot line and I got through the audiobook uickly It was good but not great or excellent I'm not sure what wasn't uite right but I think maybe the author had a great idea and then got a little lostMy Goodreads star rating My Goodreads scale waste of time filled in timegoodexcellent absolutely amazing

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    Found this book pretty interesting Bit confusing though and I felt like I could never connect to Freda

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    This was recommended to me by my bestest friend It isn't my usual type of read but it was extremely intriguing

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    Book Review The Song of an Innocent Bystander by Ian Bone By Michala T The Song of an Innocent Bystander by Ian Bone 2004When Freda was nine years old she and her family goes to eat out Freda is psyched because normally her mother Nancy would never agree to such a place as Family Value So when her kids meal doesn’t include the sticker she so badly wanted she talks her dad into letting her go back in to get her sticker With determination Freda walks straight to the front counter unaware of the man who is standing on top one of the tables holding a gun Ten years later Freda is still haunted by the ghosts of her past by the unspoken secrets and suffers under the protective arms of her mother who is hellbent on making sure corporations don’t allow such victimization to continue The tragedy she endured however is brought back to surface when she begins to receive phone calls Someone knows about one of her unspoken secrets And then there is William a college student who wants to interview her His styles of interviewing are unlike anyone Freda has ever spoken to and she doesn’t know exactly what to make of him or his uestionsThe book is told in a narrative that goes from the present time and into the past It unfolds tale of the siege a madman and the little Freda All the lives of the strangers trapped within the confines of the restaurant who withheld emotions for a lonely little girl because they could only think of their own survival The story explores how and why a nine year old might form a partnership with the only person who is showing her any kindness and mercy the gunman and the traumatic far reaching effects such a partnership has on the current day lives Freda is a confused adult in this book She struggles to make sense of herself the people around her and her past Freda as a little girl is forever changed Sometimes the story was a bit confusing but it makes sense because the girl herself is all mixed up fighting to find her place in the world but is split between the person she wants to be and the person that everyone else wants her to be and the person the gunman taught her to be I wasn’t able to connect with Freda but I don’t believe this book was about connecting with her I believe it was about seeing her experience from the past and how she was coming to terms with it in her present The story definitely led me to think about things I might not have I finished the book the very same day of the CT shooting so it sat heavier in my stomach but not in a bad way It wasn’t a scrumptious tale but it was tasty in the way it made me look at the futuristic way of the changes in the lives a person a family a community endures over such tragedies Parts we uncomfortable parts were confusing especially the near endingJohn Wayne O’Grady aka the gunman was a man who I connected with in only the sense that he had been wronged by a confusing system that often times doesn’t think about the little person He wanted others to hear him and I got that The writer portrayed him as a weak person who only appeared strong because of the tools before him The relationship between him and the young Freda was definitely one that was a give and take on both sides When none of the others treated him the way he felt he should be treated he could turn to young Freda and see in her eyes that what he had to say was important Ian Bone wrote a multi layered story and all the layers had moments of staleness However those moments were far and few The present day Freda was dealing with feeling like she was losing her mind fighting to be an adult beneath the protective arms of a mother who was scared to let others see just who the real Freda was and the presence of William who was fighting against his own demons and trying to get a sense of Freda’s demons in hopes of curing his own issues The scene of the siegeI sort of wanted but the writer could not have given too much otherwise the plot would be overpowered by the insignificant scenes He wrote his plots well I would not say it was crunchy or spicy but it was full of layers If you are into books that offer up a view of the human species on a psychological and analytical pallet this one is definitely for youin so many ways The myriad of characters all offer juicy examples of just how far one can dissect the mind behavior and actions as a result of unforeseeable events If you want a book that is light soft and fill goodpass it up This one is so not for you My verdict 710 wwwbitemybookcom

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    ok so i got this book for 1 dollar at a book sale and probably wouldnt have read it other wise But i really enjoyed the story i mean the writing was a bit to whats the wordmature would best describe it haha i enjoy young adult fiction and mostly fantasy type things but sometimes the emotions where just described a little too much for me But the story line was what i read it for view spoilerSo this was written in the way where one piece of the story was told through a memory and then through a story being told and so on and so forth so you are reading on trying to figure out why she feels the way she does i mean you were 10 when you were held hostage with no parents stuck with you How could anything possibly be your fault and then you go on and figure it all out piece by piece Now the one thing i thought at the end of the book was after you figure out that she basically told John Wayne o grady to shoot the poor guy I mean he didnt shoot him and he didnt mean to kill him but it happened She felt like that was her fault and he would have left if she didnt insist on him taking her with him which is why it all happened But the thing on my mind after reading the book was this we are reading this from her point of view so naturally we think she was 10 she had no idea what she was doing and by no means was she held responsible for what happened But then i thought imagine if we were reading this from Constantines pov I mean would we feel how he felt? That she ruined everything? That she was a freak? I Mean I dont feel that way i dont think that she was to blame she was 10 Had no parents there and no one else wanted to take care of her she listened to the only man that showed her any niceness he was cruel but at times he was nice to her in his own weird way But i just cant help thinking that a writer has the ability to make you believe in a certain side because most of the time its a one sided story and as you know there are always two sides I dont normally think thi smuch after reading a book i finish and go ah well that was nice happy ending and all that But this was somthing that could have actually happened and it just made me think which is why i liked this book It was different and sets your mind into motion hide spoiler