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Donna Underwood Is In Deep TroubleAn Ancient Alchemical Order Is Holding Her Accountable For Destroying The Last Precious Drops Of The Elixar Of Life Never Mind The Fact That Donna Was Acting To Free Her Friend, Navin, From The Dangerous Clutches Of The Wood Queen At The Time But What The Alchemists Have In Store Is Nothing Compared To The Wrath Of The Fey The Wood Queen Has Been Tricked And Donna Must Pay Get Ready For All Hell Quite Literally To Break Loose I have been eagerly awaiting this sequel s release since reading The Iron Witch What an awesome debut that book was, and since finishing it I couldn t wait to get back into the world Karen has created I like that The Wood Queen picks up right where The Iron Witch ends Donna is awaiting her trail with the Alchemists from the trouble she caused and for good reason with the elixir, as well as trying to figure out a way to save her mother, which proves to be harder that she thinks What unravels in this sequel is a plot line full of secrets, lies, magic, demons, fey, wood elves, alchemists, romance and plenty of half truths One of the things I get excited about in a sequel is seeing how a character grows, and Donna definitely does that well I ll be honest, the first part of the book she really annoyed me to the point I had a hard time getting into the story until she finally stands up to her Aunt high fives her for that It was obvious that her aunt knows than she s been leading on and through out the first part of the book I kept waiting for Donna to defend herself and stop letting her Aunt treat her the way she does It wasn t until the scene where Donna does just that did I feel like the Donna I was excepting at the beginning of the book was finally in the story She doesn t just stand up for herself, but she also confronts her Aunt about the lies she s been told It s during this scene that she finally learns about who is and what s she s able to do, as well as about her mom I ve got to say there s some surprising secrets that get uncovered in this book.The other thing I love about this book is being thrown right back into the plots twists and the action Not everyone is who they seem to be and there s a lot going on that I first picked up on, which adds to the mystery of what s really happening in Donna s world With all that s happening there were times I felt like I was trying to figure things out along side Donna I loved that I was able to learn about Donna and her mother through some of Donna s mother s journal entries, which also adds to the fast paced and engaging storyline I loved how Karen tied that into the book Then there s Navin, whom I adore and Xan Let me just say the plot thickens around Xan and whether or not he can really be trusted Don t get me wrong, I do love the great chemistry between him and Donna, but there is a big but in that, because, well you ll have to read it to learn about Xan and decide for yourself This is one book I m glad I kept reading, because the second half than made up for my not being to get into the first part of the book It s definitely an exciting, fast paced read with action and plenty of plot twists to keep you hooked I can t wait for The Stone Demon If you enjoyed The Iron Witch, I recommend picking this one up There is a few uses of the f word through out the book. The best part of these books is Navin, so it s kind of sad he s basically been relegated to the part of that guy in the love triangle who doesn t stand a chance I m kind of hoping that in the third book he ll come out as bi and hook up with Robert Lee.Aside from my Navin feelings, this book was okay but nothing exceptional Donna is frequently dumb as a box of hammers, which is disheartening, but she s still basically a likeable character I could not possibly care less about Xan, nor do I care about how he and Donna are soul mates but not in that icky romance way but in a deeper, meaningful way No, seriously, that s pretty much what the author had Donna think in this book Like, don t kid yourself, Mahoney You re still writing a fairly standard YA fantasy with a love triangle here The soulmates trope is cheesy as hell no matter how you try to spin it. the ending could ve been better, but I am definitely interested enough in what went down to continue to the 3rd book I love Navin so so much he s the best. Oh gosh this series is too dragging I spend a full week trying to continue reading this book and its so exhausting.Initially I thought the book was set in victorian era like normal steampunk stuff but no, its modern era but the people talk like they haven t been in modern era The setting s and character s dullness, which made me initially confused, was horrendous Is this suppose to be dystopian but no, its like a secret society story in america Yeah, you get me rightand the girl was complaining about her being exiled to england Girl, I WANT to stay in England Free of charge at that Jeesh you can go all touristy and such and no one cares.This book is not for those who like to read in full speed because this book stunted every chapter and shows little story progression until quarter end I did comment about the length in the previous book but in this one, come on, its like waiting for tv series hiatus which I was Fringe TVD and OUAT was on hiatus, hence why I read this book and then what you get was a goddamn turd.and then what finally got to me in a most eyes opening way was the book written in second point of view but in the style of first person point of view Thats why it made me confused, POVs is like watching through a window or reside in someone s head or tagging along with the characters like some sort of guardian angel But this Confused me a lot Its like getting information dump on a lot of unnecessary things Do I need to know every details of your feelings Thats what first POV are for I m really hoping the third book doesnt come out this year or I m gonna go bald from pulling my hair everytime Donna do something so inane Like write a diary, argue with the evil aunt or compare three boys and at one time wondered if her virtue is compromised for being alone with a guy, or suddenly had a dose of Cortexiphan in her and then she could do what Olivia Dunham do Hell I dont really have a magnificent enlightenment when you glow like a tinkle bell and then you teleported yourself to places you want to be Did I say I took one week trying to continue reading from chapter 5 and a month since I began reading this book yeah This is the second book in The Iron Witch trilogy I really enjoyed the first one and was excited to read the second book after some of the interesting hints and glimpses we got in the first book This book ended up being fairly disappointing In this book Donna is under trial by the Order of the Dragon and awaiting her punishment for stealing the Elixir of Life Donna is also dealing with her ailing mother and ends up striking a deal with the Wood Queen if Donna opens a door to Faerie and lets the Wood Queen and her Wood Elves back home then the Wood Queen will release Donna s mother from the elven curse that has taken away her sanity and consciousness.Mostly this story was just plain boring all the parts about the trial and the Order of the Dragon were just boring boring boring The portions of the story dealing with Donna s failing mother are interesting I was disappointed that we don t really get to visit the other realms and that none of that was really expanded on until right at the end of the book.I didn t like the characters nearly as much as in the first book they are all so jealous and secretive Donna is kept in the dark about a number of things and this makes her easy to manipulate and trick I also didn t like how snotty and combative Donna was all the time, even with characters that were trying to help her I don t remember her being quite this bad in the first book and am not sure what happened here Navin is also very jealous throughout and Xan is just plain absent most of the story both literally and emotionally.In the first book I really enjoyed how elements of alchemy were combined with the fey this book doesn t expand on any of that really Donna is acquiring new powers, but aside from the fact that she is getting them we don t really learn how that ties into alchemy.Overall this was a quick read, but boring and kind of a drag I won t be reading the final book because by the time I got to the end of this book I just didn t care anyabout any of it It was very disappointing, I thought the first book showed a lot of promise but everything was pretty much taken in the wrong direction in the second book There are so many other excellent YA fey books out there that would recommend skipping this one.All in all it was a quick read, but boring and kind of a drag I won t be reading the final book because by the time I got to the end of this book I just didn t care any Very disappointing I thought the first book showed a lot of promise but everything was pretty much taken in the wrong direction.Full review to follow. The Wood Queen was Karen Mahoney s second novel in The Iron Witch trilogy, and wellit somewhat underwhelmed me to be frank The writing seemed to meander and rely on direct citations of cliches, the plot took forever to move from one vital point to the next, and I think the addition of Donna s mother s journal didn t really add that much to the ongoing narrative, which suffered a bit from the staggering transitions The plot itself revolved around Donna being put on trial for her actions in the previous book sacrificing a vital elixir to save Navin In the meantime, Donna realizes that the Wood Queen is up to no good, placing a curse on Donna s mother that s a ticking timebomb Add to that some complicated tensions in the Orders and closely guarded secrets about Donna s identity and abilities, and that s pretty much the novel It s not nearly as engaging as I hoped it would be, however, and Donna makes some rather rash decisions that made me want to facepalm than a few times The novel ends well enough, on a decent transition point to the next work I ll admit I m interested in seeing where this narrative goes, and I still like the characters overall, but I think the journey and narrative could ve been a little better structured in the overarching tale.Overall score 2 5 I can t give this book enough justice I LOVED The Iron Witch but The Wood Queen is in a realm of its own It s such a fantastic book I can t find the words to describe it I love Donna Well done on yet another fantastic story Kaz First off, of the over 2000 people who entered to win this book, goodreads picked me Thank you so very much goodreads I am so thankful you selected me as the winner Now, onto my actual review I was happy to see Donna grow in this book I liked her character a lot , and really felt myself start to root for her I also got my wish and got to see a little of Simon, Quentin and Paige s characters While there is still plenty of mystery around them, I am beginning to understand their motives a little bit better Xan is even mysterious than ever before I still have not made up my mind about him I don t know if I like him or not He is the ever present, and sometimes completely gone bad boy, and I often find myself wondering if he will be a good part of Donna s life, or if she is better off sticking to her friend Nav.This story took a pretty good unexpected twist and introduced a whole new dimension of evil that really has me looking forward to reading the next book This series is different and interesting, and I definitely recommend it. I love the new cover The subtle changes make all the difference