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Coach Shanahan Knows About Achieving Bid Goals In Three Years, He Has Transformed To Denver Broncos From A Mediocre , Aging Frannchise Into The Most Feared Powerhouse In The League, With Back To Back Super Bowl Victories In And To Prove It Now, In Think Like A Champion M Shanahan Opens His Playbook To Show Tghe X S And O S Of Winning, A Detailed Game Plan To Help You Storm The Field Of Life With Foolproof Strategies, Confidence, And The Indomitable Will To Win From Preparation And Scarifice To Competition And Leadership, His Practices Of Success Are Simple Yet ChallengingEverything In Mike Shanahan S Life Has Prepared Him To Write This Powerful Book Armed With His Innovative Vision, You Can Improve Your Chances On Game Day Or Any Day Of The Week I decided to read this book because I wanted to know how Mike Shanahan help bring the teams that he coached to super bowl winning team I wanted to also know how he was raised and all of the experience he had to become one of the greatest coaches of all time and how he got into coaching in the first place I also wanted to learn how he handled different situations and people through times in his career Mike was one of the best coaches that all of the players that he coached for said He use different types of methods that wasn t really normal at the time and that why he was at a greater advantage then the rest of the coaches A lot of his success during the time he was coaching was because of what he learned from his past He is still concerned one of the best coaches of all time.