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Very informative and interesting book about Golden Gate Bridge Really enjoyed it Highly recommended I guess I have to categorize this as a kid s book It looks like one with the simple cutout art and poster colors And it s not told on a simple level But it doesn t read like a kid book, much Too much talk, too many words, and kind of meandering prose The point of the books s that people worked together to demand that the bridge NOT be gray, but orange, that it was people collectively that made that happen.The fam and I went through SanFran in late August, and we took pics of the bridge, so when I saw Eggers signing copies of the book at the NCTE conference in Minneapolis recently, I picked it up I thought they would like it, and they did, they though it was good I thought it was good, too, but not great The paper stock is heavy and the whole artifact is lovely The dustcover folds out to a poster I guess it is for bridge lovers and lovers of collective action and beauty. The Golden Gate Bridge Is The Most Famous Bridge In The World It Is Also, Not Entirely Coincidentally, The World S Only Bright Orange Bridge But It Wasn T Supposed To Be That WayIn This Book, Fellow Bridge Lovers Dave Eggers And Tucker Nichols Tell The Story Of How It Happened How A Bridge That Some People Wanted To Be Red And White, And Some People Wanted To Be Yellow And Black, And Most People Wanted Simply To Be Gray, Instead Became, Thanks To The Vision And Stick To Itiveness Of A Few Peculiar Architects, One Of The Most Memorable Man Made Objects Ever Created If I could marry this book, I would I m sure part of my affection for a book about the Golden Gate Bridge is my recent move from the Bay Area after having lived there for twenty years But it s also because this book is so utterly delightful.It s a children s picture book, but it s certainly appealing for us olds.The writing is an intelligent, whimsical and enthusiastic account of how the efforts of ordinary people helped the Golden Gate Bridge become what at the time was considered to be an outrageous shade of orange The paper collage art is really fun and captures the spirit of the text and the subject perfectly.Read at the library, but I really need a copy of this book for myself Although I liked the Statue of Liberty book better, I love the way Eggers tells the story and the illustrations I think kids will really be captivated by it and will definitely learn something new. A love letter to a bridge, to the bay area, to the amazing things humans make, to collage art, to color, to caring about something that will have an impact. Having greatly enjoyed Dave Eggers subsequent non fiction picture book about another American icon Her Right Foot , which addresses the subject of the Statue of Liberty I picked up This Bridge Will Not Be Gray with some anticipation I believe it was Eggers debut as a children s author Using a humorous, conversational style, the narrator here relates the story of how San Francisco s Golden Gate Bridge came to be built, and how it came to be the unusual orange color it is No bridge before it had ever been that color, but through the efforts of Irving Morrow, the architect involved in the project, as well as his many citizen supporters, the Golden Gate Bridge gained or rather, retained its distinctive hueI found This Bridge Will Not Be Gray to be an engaging work of history, one which highlights both the beauty and the uniqueness of this iconic San Francisco structure, while also exploring the ideal role of the citizenry in contributing to these kinds of massive projects I particularly appreciated the inclusion of a number of letters written to and in support of Irving Morrow, at the rear of the book, although I would also have liked to have seen a list of further sources The artwork from Tucker Nichols, done in what looks like paper collage, is interesting and attention grabbing, with a constructed sensibility that feels right in a book about building a bridge Recommended to Dave Eggers fans, and to anyone looking for children s books about the Golden Gate Bridge. Usually, when a book is this thick, I read the blurb and maybe flip through the pages before I put it out on the shelf But the small number of words per page and the big, friendly paper cutout illustrations caught my eye I like this book It s approachable for many ages It tells an interesting story in an interesting way And it works. Tells the story of the boldly colored Golden Gate Bridge and how it came to be that way Even the no frills anti rust paint has its time to shine One of the best picture books I read this year Fun text and paper cut outs tell the story of how the Golden Gate Bridge came to be and how it came to be bright orange at that The dustjacket folds out into a poster.