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    So I decided to read this by encouragement from a friend of whom the book was borrowed from I am so hooked now that I asked for the rest of the series for Christmas If you are a fan of the HBO show, be prepared as the show has added other story lines that are not in the book The book as always is way better

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    I watched the first season of True Blood before reading this omnibus, which includes the first three novels in Charlaine Harris s Sookie Stackhouse series I found it a bit dull at first, but that was because I knew what was going to happen next The TV series is relatively faithful to the book There are a few differences but I think Alan Ball s adaptation to television kept the spirit of the books and Sookie s voice and style was very familiar I could hear Anna Paquin narrating to me as I read Ball changed a few things around and I think made it a bit political in terms of suggesting the parallels between humans treatment of vampires as second class citizens and the broader attitudes to black and gay people held by some of the characters.I found it a bit repetitive at times, but that s because it was three novels in one, and each novel was written so that anyone could pick it up, so it had to include all the back story once again So yeah, my boyfriend Bill He s a vampire I was attracted to him because unlike with humans, I couldn t read his mind Yep I know, I ve read all this already I guess that s a pitfall of reading an omnibus edition The other major pitfall was that it was bloody heavy Difficult to hold up and read in bed.I feel impelled to make a brief comparison to Twilight of which I ve read the first novel only I much prefer True Blood Sookie is a much better character than Bella She s smart, sassy and strong It helps that she has her own super powers but to me, she never felt subservient or inferior to the vampires in the way that Bella seemed Sookie would often have arguments with Bill and she stood her ground when dealing with other vampires who appreciated her mind reading abilities Also, there s sex in this book I could never understand Bella and Edward s attraction to one another, or the pining apart from at an adolescent oh wow, a boy likes me level Sookie and Bill fuck and they enjoy it Sookie gets bitten and she enjoys it Far exciting to read than Edward and Bella s abstinence.

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    5 outta 5 for the whole darn seriesSo this is what I spent the majority of my free time Saturday to Saturday doing I have to tell you, Anita Blake kicks ass series by Laurell K Hamilton , but Sookie Stackhouse is just too cool for school She just kind of stumbles from one thing to the next and manages to kick ass in a clumsy, funny, super duper way I think this series even kicks the Anita Blake series, which is unfortunate for Anita because I really liked her but I digress I just finished the newest in that series that s on the next weeks review list What I like best about this series is it s naivety of the main character, the silly names throughout, I have to actually catch myself from using southern speech when I get really caught up in a story and it s characters and the language of it, I ll start unconsciously talking that way , and the just plain funness of the stories.So here s the title list if you haven t read em and want to read them in order and all that jazz.1 Dead Until Dark2 Living Dead In Dallas3 Club Dead the first 3 are in collection from the SciFi Book Club under Dead in Dixi 4 Dead to the World5 Dead as a Doornail 4 5 are in a collection from SciFi Book club as Dead by Day 6 Definetly Dead Many Bloody Returns which is a collection of shorts edited by Harris someone else, and there is a short Sookie story in here After reading it, I think the best place to read this would actually be after book 5, but it really doesn t matter too much 7 From Dead to WorseAfter finishing the 6th book the short story, I realized I did not have the newest From Dead to Worse which just came out in May It was Friday and I was determined to get me a copy of the seventh, which isn t easy around here, cuz the nearest Barnes and Noble is an hour away So I had to wait till Saturday to get over to the big city to get my darn copy Which I stayed up and read till the wee hours of the morning to finish It was good Now I have to wait like everyone else for the next fix of Sookie Bummer BIO

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    This is the Omnibus edition containing Dead Until Dark, Living Dead in Dallas, and Club Dead The first three books in the series If you have read the series, then you know it s worth it to buy this, because once you read book 1, you ll be driving back to the book store for book 2 This series is addicting and fun to read Usually I don t like when a series comes out with many different covers for the same book, but I do love all these covers, so if you collect the books of series you like, then this series has a great selection Also, Like most know, this series is now made into a tv show called True Blood, which I also love So, once you finish the book you can watch it on the screen

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    After watching the television series and finding it entertaining, I decided to read the book which I found rather surprisingly to be quite similar to the tv series, since normally the show is totally different from the book, e.g the vampire diaries Although I have to say, not unlike the vampire diaries, I also prefered the tv series to the book In the tv series, I find the characters to be a lot developed and likeable Especially with Bill, whom I thought to be an absolute arse in the book I found that he always tended to treat Sookie as if she were a possession or some sort of doll, i.e choosing what she wears and the constant repetition of she is mine Being a feminist, I would not tolerate this sort of behaviour myself, even from a vampire.I found Sookie to be pleasant But that s just it Pleasant She was cute and blonde, yes but I found her constant need to grin like a freak rather irritating Although I understand that main characters have to be quite central and not have any extreme personality traits so that the reader can relate to them easily, I feel that Harris may have overdone this a little considering that Sookie has the personality of an inanimate object.One character, however, I absolutely LOVED was Eric Harris managed to develop his personality effectively and I thought his contribution to the overall book and plot was a big one Characters I also liked were Alcide and Pam They were pretty awesome.If it weren t for the last two books, I would ve rated this 3 stars because I the first book was just okay The last two books, however were quite fastpaced and I liked the fact that they weren t predominantly set in Bon Temps which seems to be the most boring place ever.I will be reading the next omnibus now that Sookie has ditched Bill, and she better end up with Eric or Alcide Anything else would just be plain wrong.

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    Book One Done.I like it As I have seen the series I knew or less what to expect And it was os less that.More Sookie than the series, less Eric and absolutely no Tara I heard people complaining about Lafayete and how much the appears on the series, because he dies at the beginning of the second book that s what I heard, haven t read that one yet , but Tara isn t even on book one and nobody complained about that Not that I m complaining about Tara, I don t like her but the character fits well in the series.At some point in the book I started to think of the books and the series as 2 kind of different stories, and only marginally thinking about the what is different between them.My pet difference Eric killed the Native American vampire, not Bill Is it just me or that simple difference makes a huge difference in how Sookie sees Eric Waiting to see what happens nextBook Two DoneDidn t do the review at the time that I finished it, and I don t remember the details any There were 2 main story arcs, the Dallas vampires and the maenad.And of Sookie feeling attracted to Eric I d like to see even of Eric in the books.A brief pause so I don t get too addicted and then back to Sookie StackhouseBook Three DoneClassic human torn between vampire lover or werewolf lover In Sookie s case, she is torn between 3 possible lovers, actually, Bill the current lover , Eric the other vampire and Alcide the were of this equation Sookie spends all her time looking for her cheating boyfriend Bill, she gets staked luckily she isn t the vampire and makes a couple of comments about how much time she spent in the hospital since she met BillCurious to see if Sookie really ditches Bill I really hope so , and to see if she chooses Alcide or Eric I m kind of rooting for Alcide

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    I ve just finished all nine books and eagerly await the next in the series These were all highly addictive and I can t really say that one was superior than the others which oftentimes happens in series, but they did grow in characters and in story with twists and turns I wasn t expecting The first book Dead Until Dark I probably enjoyed the least only because I had seen the HBO series first and so with only a couple of exceptions, I pretty much knew how everything was going to turn out After the second in the series Living Dead in Dallas I was hooked and literally read all nine books back to back Rather, then telling too much about the characters in fear of giving things away, I will say that Sookie Stackhouse is a refreshingly new take of a heroine Even though she is telepathic, she still comes across as a normal young woman unlike many of the other characters she runs across and up against They have fantasy, romance, mystery, adventure, violence think of it as the R rated version of Twilight The tv series is just as good and addictive

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    I am really not sure how to rate this book Usually by the end I have some kind of idea But the writing is truly horrendous A lot of things just don t make sense or tie together at all There were also WAY too many typos Really, editor If I m noticing them all I can t say I m the most attentive person then it s really out of hand Basically, this book was bad But I was entertained I m going through some pretty heavy stuff right now and it was a nice, brainless distraction I really liked Sookie for the most part, other than the fact that she willingly throws herself on every single male figure she comes in contact with and seems to have ZERO self control Still, she was likeableshe reminded me a bit of myself I am thinking I will try to read the other books in the series just to find out what happens And usually when a book is super badI can t be bothered to pursue the series coughTwilightcough So I have no explanation for this one

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    Was really disappointed with this book I d really loved the HBO series, but by comparison this was really lacklustre The writing was pretty uninspired, and for the half of the book I did read I was just waiting for all the other interesting characters from the show to come into it but they never did This is all about Bill and Sookie, and even they re pretty boring characters Just goes to show how impressive a job HBO does in adapting a TV series from a rather mediocre southern mystery novel with vamps.

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    I read book 1 Dead Until Dark It was very good It s Local Southern Color meets Urban fantasy I like Sookie and I like Bill I have heard they don t stay together It makes me kind of sad, but I guess that s how relationships are in real life Jason has some serious issues to work through Sam s pretty interesting I definitely think he s sweet on Sookie I gave this to my mother to read along with the next Omnibus No rush I ll get around to reading them someday.