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    I remember reading this book when I was in 4th or 5th grade, and it totally stuck with me However, I had the hardest time finding it again You know how, as a kid, you have these sort of localized memories of places and things, and I could just never remember this title, and when I thought of it, it was NEVER the first book to pop up in any search including this here lovely goodreads In any case, this is a strange, weird, at times creepy, and at times gross collection of short stories that you just won t want to put down And lo and behold, this book is part of a short story weird tales series, so there s when you fly through this book The last story in this book creeps me out even today

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    I am so excited to find so many books written by Paul Jennings I went looking for because my son enjoyed that other book we happened to come across I read in the book sleeve that Jennings had written other books and I expected to find novels, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that all his other books are collections of short stories just like the first In the book sleeve, Jennings is quoted as saying, I try to put at least three of the following things in every short story a surprise ending Trashed , something yucky Greensleeves , weird happenings Frozen Stiff , a lot of laughs On the Bottom , spooky events Cracking Up I want kids to finish the first page of one of my stories and not be able to stop reading Here are the reviews by story On the Bottom Excellent story It s very weird and very good Trashed A little spooky My husband doesn t want our son reading ghost stories of any kind, but my son read this before I had a chance to finally lay down that law, and he really enjoyed it Whenever Jennings writes things that are a bit spooky, they are so laced with humor that it is hard to come away from the story scared.Frozen Stiff This is very weird, but what can I say Boys love this kind of wacko stuff.UFD This story ended kind of abruptly for me I guess it was pretty ironic the way it ended It wasn t scary and didn t have any faults to speak of.Cracking up This starts out as a pretty spooky ghost story, but I was laughing by the end Our son won t be reading it since my husband put his foot down about no ghost stories But if it were up to me I wouldn t mind letting David read this one He doesn t seem to be frightened too easily from reading a bit about ghosts.Greensleeves This one was mentioned above as having something yucky, and it s very true It s a very yucky story, but I know my son will love it.Mousechap This is a great story I absolutely love the ending.poor Aunt Scrotch.Spaghetti Pig out Ha ha How funny I think I groaned a little as I was first reading this because it s a familiar premise, but Jennings put a yucky twist on it that was perfect for his audience The end was excellent Know All I guess in Australia people are called Know Alls instead of know it all The title is very appropriate This is another ghost story, but this one was definitely spooky than most of what I ve seen from Jennings I wouldn t allow my son to read this one He might be able to read it and be fine, but in my mind it was a little too much for that age I still love Jennings creativity and I enjoyed the story anyway.

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    Paul Jennings is definitely one of the very few authors who really stuck with me since my reading years in primary school I remember heading straight to the J section every time we had reading classes His writing style is just captivating in each short story and I don t know how he does it in those few pages but your eye balls are just glued until the story is over and the quirky twists and ending that make you squirm in your seat or laugh are just the cherry on the top Definitely one of the authors I will make my kids in future read, so they don t get robbed of some awesome childhood experience haha.

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    One of my other favorites of the Paul Jennings un books this one containing the brilliant story of a funky remote control that controls people , among other delightful twisted tales

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    Best most memorable stories in the book Greensleeves, Frozen stiff, and Know all view spoiler On the bottom A boy finds a finger in a fish It has a tattoo of a bear on it, which leads him to a corpse covered in tattoos The tattoos all transfer onto the boy I didn t like this story, because I thought the boy got a lifetime of consequences for something he didn t choose.A good tip for ghosts This was a fun story about things working in favour of kids being bullied, when the false teeth they are dared to find are actually the teeth the ghost was looking for, and then the ghost does a favour for them.Frozen stiff This was so sad I remember the scene where the boy saves the cow and when they freeze it the magic water I always wondered whether that was the entire supply of magic waterUFD Cracking up Greensleeves This is another memorable story Going into that whale with dynamite would have been so so horrible But it has a good ending, with the poor kid getting his reward.Mousechap This was a bit of a weird story about a man and a mouse swapping bodies.Spaghetti pig out This was so disgusting It reminded me a bit of that scene in Stand By Me, and hitting rewind replay was the prefect super disgusting ending.Know all The story of haunted clothing was fantastic It was at my limit for scaryness, though hide spoiler

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    Reading these again as an adult, I was struck by how simplistic the writing is I guess it doesn t matter, because it s the gross out content that kids loved so much Could ve done without the bad punchline to the first story, though

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    Jennings has terrific pace and tension as well as being squarely aimed at the young reader I like the twists and some of the stories were genuinely scary.

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    Ideologically, this collection isn t as bad as some of the others in this series but my bar is pretty low.

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    This is a series of short stories all quirky in nature Paul says about his work I try to put at least three of the following things in every short story a surprise ending, something yucky, weird happenings, a lot of laughs, spooky events These are all stories that do one of these From climbing inside a whale and blowing out its guts to Old Chompers a ghost looking for false teeth , to sighing a UFD Unidentified Flying.I let you read it to figure out the D These stories are a lot of fun especially if you like magic and the supernatural These are stories you ll probably remember and repeat.

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    Cute set of short stories told with Jennings trademark humour and easy style This is a perfect book for that 8 12 year age group that want books which are fun and easy to read with a side of spooky or supernatural.The audio narration is also very well done and at less than 4 hours would be great for a road trip with the kids.Visit me here