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I enjoyed the story and think it would be especiall good for young adults. After Her Surprise Discovery Of A Mystical Gift, Fourteen Year Old Rose Wilson Thinks Her Life Is Ruined It Turns Out She Comes From A Long Line Of Gifted Women, And Despite Her Protests, Rose S Mom Ships Her Off To Her Grandmother S House To Spend The Summer Learning About Her Family S Well Hidden Secrets To Make Matters Worse, Rose Is Expected To Carry Out This Tradition Alongside Her Mousy, Bookworm Cousin, Megan What A Waste Of A SummerWith Some Effort, Rose And Megan Manage To Find Common Ground And By The Time They Get Home, They Re Working Together To Adjust To Their New Life But Everything Is Turned Upside Down Again When Their Families Are Exposed By Witch Hunters Who Call Themselves The Witches Hammer With Killers On The Loose, Their Tiny Town Isn T Safe Any Rose S Entire Family Is Fragmented And Forced To Flee Through A Network Of Hiding Places, Dubbed The Witches Underground RailroadAs She Journeys To The Sea, Rose Learns And About Who She Really Is The Closer She Gets To Her Destination, The Danger She Encounters, Until She Is Forced To Make The Ultimate Decision Follow Her Family S Edict Of Non Violence And Become An Orphan, Or Save Her Mom S Life Well, I mean I love it I always wanted a book like this, that s why I wrote it. When her teacher asks her what she did over summer break, Rose is going to have an interesting answer Something tells me no one s going to believe her when she tells them she spent her summer learning how to control her gifts Her magic gifts.But it s true Rose finds out she has all kinds of strange and wonderful powers that she has to put to use right away, once people around her end up dead and missing Underground Rose follows Rose and her fellow witches as they hide from the ruthless Witch Hammer group looking to destroy them.The book was full of all kinds of good messages for young readers understanding, acceptance Even in the face of certain death, where revenge would almost be understandable, this story promotes peace That said, this book has its share of action and nail biting scenes Nothing too terribly graphic happens most of the violence is implied or discovered after the fact , and the language is clean perfect for an upper middle grade read Although this book was about magic beings, there was zero emphasis on the occult, which makes it a fairly safe read for families who are squeamish about that kind of thing.My only real nitpicks are that I thought the story slowed down during some of the earlier underground stops, and I had to keep pushing myself to read past those and some of the dialogue felt a little unnatural But I m also a writer, so I notice those kinds of things I m not sure a young reader would notice or care Overall, I enjoyed this story and reading about the creative ways the characters used their magic, and I m sure kids of all ages will enjoy it, too because who doesn t like magic I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion which I will give As an adult I enjoyed this book I feel that my 13 year old daughter will enjoy it evenIf only she enjoyed reading as much as I do I am looking forward to this story being continued hint hint to the fabulous author I want to know who was betraying Hazel.