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Year Old Grace Has Lived In The Smokies All Her Life, Patrolling With Her Forest Ranger Father Who Taught Her About Wildlife, Tracking, And Wilderness Survival When Her Dad Goes Missing On A Routine Patrol, Grace Refuses To Believe He S Dead And Fights The Town Authorities, Tribal Officials, And Nature To Find HimOne Day, While Out Tracking Clues, Grace Is Rescued From Danger By Mo, A Hot Guy With An Intoxicating Accent And A Secret As Her Feelings Between Him And Her Ex Boyfriend Get Muddled, Grace Travels Deep Into The Wilderness To Escape And Find Her Father Along The Way, Grace Learns Terrible Secrets That Sever Relationships And Lives Soon She S Enmeshed In A Web Of Conspiracy, Deception, And Murder And It S Going To Take A Lot Than A Compass And A Motorcycle Named Lucifer For This Kick Butting Heroine To Save Everything She Loves So let me get this straight You re a flyfisher, a tracker, and a black belt s prot g I hate Grace, the protagonist She is a huge bitch and the author doesn t even seem to realise it Grace is so unbelievably rude and inconsiderate She thinks so highly of herself I wanted to punch her She blames everyone and never takes any responsibility She s shockingly selfish If you saw how I wrote this review, it would ve gone like this Start Grace is a pretty cool character I think we re going to get along Then Grace, you re supposed to be a girl of the woods, born and bred, you are being TSTL right now Damsel in distress Puh lease She even faints at one point.Losing your head over a pretty face NOOOOO.Oh, and that was damn rude of you You re not entitled to talk like that The author sells Grace as a tough and experienced woods girl but SHE S NOT I have never seen anyone trip, slip, and fall over so many times let alone in her natural habitat One of the worst things is she s supposed to be this trained tracker, and she can t spy on anyone without sneezing or bumping into something Her lack of coordination is grating She shoots a gun with her eyes closed She has to be saved and mollycoddled to the point of ridiculousness She has no sense of her surroundings at all which seems so contradictory with the picture the author is trying to present Grace, you are the most stupidest heroine to stumble into my life She does so many stupid things I just can t fathom what the author was thinking And one last complaint I m sorry, but I have to comment, the fine line between British and Australian Do Americans really think that sigh WynWyn is Grace s best friend He s handsome but scrawny and has lots of hilarious swagger to make up for it Grace Oh And what will you do Talk him to death Wyn A real man never gives away his fighting strategy He s to the death loyal to Grace and I liked how cheery he is I think most people would underestimate him but I m glad the townspeople adore him as much as Grace does Wyn makes everyone happy. view spoiler However, if Wyn was a true friend, would he be so angry at Grace about hiding Mo from him I don t think she led him on And considering the circumstances, I feel like Wyn should ve been a helluva lot concerned about Grace s father and the fact that she barely made it out alive hide spoiler Nothing is UntraceableThis book was awesome I really liked it a lot Grace is a very strong female lead She s searching for her father who was claimed to be missing and dead but Grace does not believe it So, she hunts for her father on her own strongly believing he is still alive somewhere Then she meets Mo whom she really likes Mo is nice He is simple, interesting and realistic Grace is a very inquisitive person and she pokes her nose into everything and unfortunately her inquisitiveness gets her tangled up with bear hunters and poachers There are so many shocking revelations in the book that makes everyone think Grace has lost her marbles but she strongly believes in herself and that is something I really liked about her She completed trusted her instincts and went on with it irrespective of its repercussions On the whole, I enjoyed reading this book but sometimes I felt myself drifting away from the concept It was fun to read especially the survival quotes in the beginning of every chapter but I felt something was missing Something that might have gripped me Some quotes that I really liked 1 Life is short Be sure to make your mark.2 Asking yourself questions can t lead you home the answers matter the most.3 Nature will talk to you if you listen Every sound tells you something Have fun reading this book It s worth your time and I m sure you ll love GraceCourage is just grace under pressure Ernest Hemingway A Z and PopSugar Challenge with Karly and JessA book at the bottom of your to read list Untraceable The Nature of Grace, 1 J S.R Johannes2.5 starsGrace has lived in the Smokies all her life, patrolling with her forest ranger father who taught her about wildlife, tracking, and wilderness survival When her dad goes missing on a routine patrol, Grace refuses to believe he s dead and fights the town authorities, tribal officials, and nature to find himWe meet Grace as she is in the woods, searching for evidence of her father, three months after he has disappeared She searches for tracks, broken branches, takes photos, samples, etcNature will talk to you if you listen Every sound tells you something Dad used to always say, nothing is untraceable Everything that touches this earth leaves a special imprint, a unique mark that proves we existed in some way no matter how invisible we may feel Initially I bought into Grace being the tough woodsy girl the author portrayed her to be, but as the story progresses, she makes so many ridiculous mistakes that it becomes a little farfetched For one, she s 16 years old and not a CSI agent, anything she collects as evidence wouldn t really be considered evidence and if it was, she would have tampered with its authenticity Secondly, when evidence such as a Cheetos bag I m not kidding is found, she carefully documents it, but when real evidence is found, she forgets everything and runs away Ok, so maybe it was the heat of the moment you say, she got scared Plausible but then why does she all of the sudden become this helpless girl out in the woods then Being capable one minute and helpless damsel the next It just isn t believable or consistent writing Grace also has a propensity to be a bit obsessive and self centered EVERYTHING is about her dad, no matter how small ahem Cheetos bag It gets a little ridiculous But of course she sees it as everyone is out to get her when clearly she knows how to do everything better than the officials She is a sad hapless thing even though she has not one, but TWO boys falling at her feet One being her sexy, sweet, and a little pushy stalkerish ex boyfriend, who already has new girlfriend btw The other being a mysterious boy she met in the woods So, why the 3 star rating you ask Honestly, I am not really sure The MC was a bit annoying, but I liked the storyline I especially liked appreciated the depth of the controversy and education that was provided about bear poaching I already knew all about this stuff and it breaks my heart, but the YA audience this is geared towards probably does not and to me, this is a big selling point I have a REALLY big problem with trophy hunting and killing ANY animal that is not being used for food tusks, horns, claws, bile, etcand I am going to leave it at that so that I do not go on a rant.Although this book isn t in relation to Polar Bears, all bears are being affected by this I received an arc copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you NetGalley I received a free ARC of this book via NetGalley and would like to thank S.R Johannes and Coleman Stott.When I first started reading this book I thought yeah this is for me, by 20% I was like kill me now of boredom but the last 20% kinda caught my attention Due to this, I would only give the book 1 and a half stars Grace has grown up in the Smoky Mountains her whole life When her father unexpectedly disappears with no trace she becomes obsessed with trying to track what has happened Will she uncover the truth or will she find something sinister than she could ever have ever imagined I seriously thought of DNF n this book as it was really starting to bore the life from me, not only was it completely far fetched I couldn t really connect with any of the characters Did I hate it Funnily enough no, that s why I skim read it until about 80% where it sort of caught my attention again which brings me internal turmoil if I should read book 2 or not because I actually want to know what bloody happens I can t say I hated Grace, she made me laugh at points as she could be pretty witty and I must admit that if my dad went missing I would literally scale every corner of the world until I found out what happened to him but she s a little obsessive than others For instance the Cheeto s bag yeah a CHEETOS BAG Seriously girl Put that nasty ass rubbish in the bin She also made me laugh she referred to her mum by her first name, I also do this to annoy my dear mother and it works a charm each and every time I didn t really connect with any the characters, I did have a little soft spot for Mo but it still made me wonder why the hell was a 17 year old just living in a forest Just running around like a regular ole Bear Grylls in his little man made hut, could you call it a hut Pretty sure we had gang huts better than this when I was younger Wyn also, he seemed a little cutie but at the end, I actually wanted to punch him in the face The plot was literally insane, like why would you murder people for it I get poaching is a big thing and people are ignorant to the fact that it happens so it was probably a smart idea to bring it to the attention of young readers, especially nowadays as younger people are into looking into ways to save and improve the planet Will I read the second book I don t know, just now I kinda want to start it because it s driving me insane, I want to know what happened to certain characters but yeah, I might forget about it as most it fell pretty flat and I would feel bummed if I had to pay for the second installment and it falls the same Www.amandaminnockx.tumblr.comMary, can I help you with something Or are you just browsing