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The Mere Mention Of Soul Food Brings Thoughts Of Greasy Fare And Clogged Arteries Bryant Terry Offers Recipes That Leave Out Heavy Salt And Refined Sugar, Bad Fats, And Unhealthy Cooking Techniques, And Leave In The Down Home Flavor Vegan Soul Kitchen Recipes Use Fresh, Whole, High Quality, Healthy Ingredients And Cooking Methods With A Focus On Local, Seasonal, Sustainably Raised FoodTerry S New Recipes Have Been Conceived Through The Prism Of The African Diaspora Cutting, Pasting, Reworking, And Remixing African, Caribbean, African American, Native American, And European Staples, Cooking Techniques, And Distinctive Dishes To Create Something Familiar, Comforting, And Deliciously Unique Reinterpreting Popular Dishes From African And Caribbean Countries As Well As His Favorite Childhood Dishes, Terry Reinvents African American And Southern Cuisine Capitalizing On The Complex Flavors Of The Tradition, Without The Animal ProductsIncludes Recipes For Double Mustard Greens Roasted Yam Soup Cajun Creole Spiced Tempeh Pieces With Creamy Grits Caramelized Grapefruit, Avocado, And Watercress Salad With Grapefruit Vinaigrette And Sweet Cornmeal Coconut Butter Drop Biscuits

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    This has 150 recipes of vegan, healthy, African American soul food there are recipes with clear ties to Africa , and I was quite glad to realise that even the picky me found very many recipes here I d want to try Each recipe has its own music, sometimes also book, art, and or film At the beginning are the essential gear, throughout are information squares The photos are put into one section a little after the middle At the end are listed books he likes, and metric conversions.The recipes section starts with the author s own top 6 recipes, and there is also one neat section that helps you use the whole watermelon, fruits, rind and all Now I will list some of the recipes that caught my eye view spoiler Agave Sweetened Orange Orange Pekoe Tea, Open Faced BBQ Tempeh Sandwich With Carrot Cayenne Coleslaw, Watermelon Slices With Basil Sea Salt, Double Maple Coated Peanuts, Chilled Citrus Broccoli Sandwich, Creamy Yellow Potato Soup With Rosemary Oil And Crispy Rosemary, Gumbo Z, Tempeh Shiitake Mushroom And Cornmeal Dumping Stew, Sweet Coconut Ginger Creamed Corn, New World Red Rice, Rosemary Roasted Tofu Cubes, Garlicky Cornbread Croutons, Chocolate Orange Pudding, Chocolate Pecan Pudding Pie hide spoiler

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    VSK isn t just a cookbook In his preface, Terry lets the reader know that it s about reclaiming the healthy roots of African American soul food It s reminding brown and black folk, kind of what we already know in terms of eating better and eating from the land reminding us that this philosophy of healthy good eating isn t new that it existed before the big shift in the USA to highly processed foods that have infiltrated and become an every day staple in many communities of color low income communities.Just picture a book that is about rejuvenating the soul through some hella good tasting food, not based on fake or mock meats, but rather fresh tasty delights.And imagine a book that, when you open the pages and begin reading, is inspired by USA soul culture and music Terry literally has a soulful soundtrack to this book With his recipes, he will advise you what song will vibe the best while cooking and eating his recipes.I firmly believe that, unlike many recent alternative cook books that have come out, Terry s book is literally about a food justice that centers on the physical and emotional needs of many folk particularly the black and brown communities in the USA who are at the highest risk for nutritional related diseases yet is still accessible and useful for ANYONE who just wants some good food He doesn t preach or proselytize He comes from a place of love and non judgment He has witnessed our brown and black communities suffering, simply because of how we eat and what we are unable to have access to usually due to race and class issues This is a man who simply wants us to know that yes, you can have your corn bread, collard greens, and yams AND decrease your chances for diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, obesity, etc and it tastes fantastic To support Terry s book is to support a part of the the alternative food movement in the USA that is generally ignored by the status quo Basically, within the mainstream, it is assumed that everyone is middle class and has the transportation, financial, and educational means to access healthier and tastier foods The mainstream food movement generally doesn t have to think about these social justice issuesTerry thinks about it Terry s heart is entrenched in making his soul food philosophy available to, and a reality for, those that the middle class alternative food movement doesn t necessarily speak to Mr Terry will certainly break open new ground with this book.

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    This is a wonderfully done vegan cookbook, and I love that it s for vegan soul food I ve eaten very little soul food because most of it is very heavily animal meat based, and even when I was an omnivore I usually wasn t a heavy meat eater There is a local vegan soul food restaurant but I haven t gotten to it yet it s across the bay and I don t get to that area often This book is so creative, and very enjoyable to read The book starts with a thankful blessing song, music included Each recipe has an accompanying suggested song, and most recipes have either a biographical note about the author or a note about how the recipe got created The whole book is refreshingly different from any other cookbook that I ve read.On one of the pages the author leaves room for the reader to write down one of their family recipes and its story Very cool, I thought.I love the straight talking and folksy style of the instructions and stories.I really appreciate how this author makes sure there is no waste, a theme throughout the book Many of the recipes show how to use all parts of various foods, how to use leftovers, etc.The author completed the Chef s Training Program at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in NYC and has a M.A in American History and a B.A in English In the book it says For the last eight years he has worked to build a just and sustainable food system and has used cooking as a tool to illuminate the intersections between poverty, structural racism, and food insecurity Oh, I m so glad I bought this book one of only two I ve purchased recently because I love supporting this guy Web sites to check out are www.bryant terry.com and www.eatgrub.com.Six other contributors, and information about them, are listed in the back of the book Don Bryant, Myra Kornfeld, Keba Konte, Michael Otieno Molina, Sara Remington, and Brittany Moira Powell I think that the photos in the book are terrific, but there were too few for my taste I wish each dish had its own photo The overall layout of the book is very good There is an index of recipes ingredients There s a interesting eclectic than usual list of books I like in the back of the book.I know a few people who rave about this book I really enjoyed it I love this book s uniqueness the included content is so cool The real food is really appealing But, for me, most cookbook recipes contain too much salt and this one did too Many also have oil than I like to use, for taste, not just health Compared to traditional soul food though I think most of these dishes might be lower in fat And, of course, we can adapt recipes to our own tastes There were than 20 recipes I most want to try They re not really representative of what s in the book because I don t like coconut, vinegar, or tempeh, and those foods are included in quite a few of the recipes, especially the coconut.But, I absolutely want to try many of the stocks, and oh yum the best recipe I ve ever seen for mixed mushroom gravy, the cumin cayenne mashed potatoes with caramelized onions, the Cajun creole spice blend, the quinoa quinoa corn bread and the garlicky cornbread croutons, the little potato and sweet potato pancakes, the baked sweet potato fries with ginger peanut dipping sauce, the garlicky baby lima bean spread, the roasted red potatoes with parsley pine nut pesto, the rosemary roasted tofu cubes, creole hopping John, the savory triple corn grits, roasted root vegetables with roasted garlic lime dipping sauce, chilled and grilled okra, corn, and heirloom tomato salad, chilled citrus broccoli salad, saut ed jalape o corn, the creamy potato soup with rosemary oil and crispy rosemary, the peach salsa, the Soul on Ice pops with watermelon juice , and the citrus collards with raisins redux I got hungry reading this cookbook Edited to add Oh, this is my 1,000th review written for Goodreads

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    I was really excited to get this book from the library Vegan food is a definite interest of mine, and seeing what someone else worked out to veganize soul food sounded tasty The book does have recipes, some of which are good, but it was overshadowed by the story Every recipe has a recommended song and movie The author was striving so hard for a level of cool that I just don t have I m interested in food Nothing else, but good food All the rest of the stories, recommended music, movies, etc for every recipe was trying far to hard to be cool It seemed just a little pretentious I did find a couple of the recipes to be good That s what s important in a cookbook, right The roasted plantain with roasted garlic lime dipping sauce was a real hit in our house In all, though, I had a hard time getting past the trappings of extremely cool to get to the actual recipes I could have used less cool, and discussion on the actual food, and better directions on the recipes If I wasn t already a cook, some of the recipes would have had insufficient information to work with.

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    Because I am an omnivore and I have a soybean allergy, this cookbook was challenging for me Because I cook for a very committed omnivore family with a strong dislike of coconut, it was especially challenging for me.I made the Lavender Lemonade, the Banana Maple Pecan Cornbread Muffins and the Chocolate Pecan Pie.The lemonade is definitely a keeper recipethe kitchen smelled divine The muffins were nothing special, and the pie was meh I tried the coconut oil pie crust since I was making it for a cookbook discussion group and not my aforementioned coconut averse family , and it was a disaster Admittedly, I am not the most experienced pie crust maker, but this one just disintegrated on me when I rolled it out after its 45 minutes in the refrigerator I pieced it together in the pie pan thankfully the recipe did not call for a double crust.If you are an adventurous eater, then I recommend this cookbook If you ve got issues and allergies, then I suggest you avoid it or prepare for lots of substitutions.

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    Don t be turned off by vegan cookbooks just because you don t follow a strict vegan diet If you enjoy cooking with and eating fresh, simple, healthy things, check this book out I particularly like this one because it emphasizes ingredients that are naturally vegan rather than cram the thing full of pseudo meats I realize not everyone reads cookbooks for fun as I do , but this one actually has enough supplemental content in it to keep you entertained while you read the actual recipes In fact, Terry has music, film and literary recommendations to go with each recipe Lots of tips of the cap to African American pop culture figures like Melvin van Peebles round out this cultural and culinary tour of vegan soul cooking So far I ve made the Wild Style salad Wild Rice, bell peppers 4 colors , golden raisins and a simple vinaigrettefantastic , Beet salad and next up on my to make list are the black eyed pea fritters yes

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    This is one of those cookbooks where every single recipe makes you drool The author focuses on using the freshest, in season ingredients and less on calorie counts and fat content, but being vegan soul food, in general the recipes are super healthy Also, as an interesting twist in a cookbook, the author provides you with a song playlist and movie suggestion with almost every recipe to extend your experience of soul beyond just the palate A selection of recipes Citrus Collards with Raisins Redux, pg 4Cajun Creole Spiced Tempeh Pieces with Creamy Grits, pg 10Citrus Zest and Fresh Mint Tea, pg 27Crispy Okra Strips with Roasted Garlic Lime Dipping Sauce, pg 45Baked Sweet Potato Fries with Ginger Peanut Dipping Sauce, pg 51Carrot Cayenne Coleslaw, pg 63Sweet Coconut Ginger Creamed Corn, pg 108Savory Triple Corn Grits, pg 134Creole Hoppin Jean, pg 140Whole Grain Mustard and Cornmeal Crusted Seitan, pg 152Quinoa Quinoa Cornbread, pg 159

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    I guess I m just not into soul food None of the recipes in this book sounded interesting so I didn t make any and took the book back to the library Nothing about the book made me feel passionate about anything in it Knowing Terry used to be vegan and has since changed his eating habits bothered me, but it s his life and I wish him luck, but that information tainted everything for me, but it s nice that he was honest about the change in his lifestyle instead of trying to come off as something he isn t.Maybe soul food just isn t my bag, baby, but nothing in here sounded good enough to make.

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    Ok, let me just say I am SUPER picky when it comes to cookbooks This book is so refreshing in so many ways Love how he has a song for each recipe I also like little stories and history along the way I am not a vegan nor do I have any desire to be one but I do eat healthy, tasty food THis man is doing great things, coming up with good recipes and then educating and creating access to good food for everyone What s not to like about all that

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    Very easy for me to look at a recipe in other vegan cookbooks I own and deviate still true in this case so I didn t know what to expect when we received this for Christmas However, this has been on my list for a while now Post cooking, talk about flavor color health, in season produce, and ALL the soul The art references music, movies, art, film are genius Takes everything to the next level I mostly added toppings to said recipes pickled red onions jaleps to the BBQ Tempeh Sandwich, pine nuts to the Citrus Collards , rather than key ingredients Everything feels clean hearty real Aside from spending time with the recipes, I really admire Bryant as an eco chef and food justice advocate Amazing that he creates affordable, healthy meals and ALSO that these are meant for specific communities Learned a lot from this book, still eating leftovers.