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Walking Balti Includes Charm City S Well Known Neighborhoods Downtown, The Inner Harbor, Mount Vernon, And Fells Point But In The Voice Of Its Insider Author, The Book Also Covers Lesser Known And Far Flung Corners, Revealing What Makes Balti Such A Wonderful And Fascinating Destination And Hometown Full Of Little Known Facts And Trivia, This Book Shows How And Why Balti Was An Essential Player In The Country S Early History And Continues To Be Influential Today Here Is A City Almost Unparalleled In American History And It Lives Up To Its Modern Reputation As A Quirky, Come As You Are And Be What You Ll Be Place The Zany Balti Based Film Director John Waters Of Hairspray Fame Summed It Up Best When He Said, It S As If Every Freak In The South Was Headed To New York City, Ran Out Of Gas In Balti, And Decided To Stay

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    Learned lots of interesting facts about the city of my ancestors Will be buying for furture explorations.

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    So this is a series of walking tours of Balti I ve only been on two of these walks so far, but I plan to take many of them It s just been SO HOT And I m not a person who likes walking much to begin with But Pokemon Go makes walking a lot fun Go Team Mystic That little bit of motivation of well, I ll walk to that Pokestop Alright, there s another Pokestop two blocks away, I can make it to that one Maybe a little further to that next Pokestop OOoo there s a Tangela nearby It makes it just enough fun that I walk a lot before I ve even realized it.Walking Balti gives me general guides for walks so I m not just wandering Pokestop to Pokestop until I get lost It has very detailed instructions turn left at this corner, cross the street here so you can see this monument, then look up at the architecture in front of you it s really well done My only wish is that there was an appendix that rated the walks in order of difficulty each walk has a rating, from easy to moderate to strenuous but there s no way to see all of the difficulties side by side With 33 walks all over Balti, with all levels of difficulty and lengths, there s definitely something here for everyone, and the history and points of interest covered by the walks are fascinating.The two that I ve actually walked are half of 4, Inner Harbor Promenade, and 11, The Civil War Trail Path of the War s First Bloodshed Both are mostly on the Inner Harbor, where my husband works, so I hitched a ride down with him, walked, and caught Pokemon until he got off work and we came home We live just outside Balti City limits I d been down in the area many times, but had no idea the Civil War s first bloodshed occurred when a mob waylaid Union troops travelling through Balti There are medallions laid in the sidewalks commemorating some of the events of the Civil War march, and most of those are Pokestops too.Currently I have this book out from the library, but I think this is one I ll be adding to my personal library soon I want the walking guides The author has also written 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles of Balti and Best in Tent Camping Maryland So he knows his stuff.You can find all my reviews at Goddess in the Stacks.