[[ Free eBook ]] We Are What We Wear: Unravelling Fast Fashion and the Collapse of Rana PlazaAuthor Lucy Siegle – Freepe.co

Brief and informative A sound reliable book on what has brought to a reader s attention on the terrible conditions laid bare in the manufacturing of apparel. The tragic story of the Rana Plaza disaster told with great objectivity, captivating narration and solid documentary evidence Highly recommend it This is a very important book that highlights the problems created as a result of our enormous demand for cheap, fashion clothes Everyone should read it to understand the true cost of this development Britain prospers, while Bangladesh suffers Congratulations to The Guardian for sponsoring and highlighting this short book. Fashion Is Many Things It Is Self Expression, Big Business, Trend Setting, A Lifestyle Choice But However You See Fashion, It Relies On One Simple Characteristic The Incredible Speed With Which Clothes Make Their Journey From The Drawing Board To The High Street Hanger Fashion Is Fast Fast Fashion Influences The Types Of Garments We Have In Our Wardrobes It Also Describes The Complex, Multi National Supply Chain That Links The Shirt On Your Back To The Crowded, Creaking Factories In The World S Slums Where Clothes Are Made By A Workforce Numbering In The Tens Of Millions The Manufacturing Pressures That Come From Our Deep Love Of Incredibly Cheap, Incredibly Current Fashions Were Shot To Global Attention In When The Rana Plaza Building In Dhaka, Bangladesh S Capital City, Collapsed In A Cascade Of Tumbling Rubble, Twisted Metal And Trapped Bodies Over , People Died, Mainly Young Women We Are What We Wear Is The Story Of What Happened In Bangladesh And How Fast Fashion Has Grown To Become The Giant That It Is Today The Intimate Accounts From The Survivors Of The Collapse Are Mixed With An Exploration Of The History Of Fast Fashion And Of How The High Street Both Fuels And Satisfies Our Every Fashion Wish Award Winning Reporter Jason Burke Picks His Way Through The Day Of The Collapse, While Fashion And Consumer Expert Lucy Siegle Looks At What Has Happened Since And What Needs To Happen Next