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“Dead girl walking” the boys say in the halls“Tell us your secret” the girls whisper one toilet to anotherI am that girlI am the space between my thighs daylight shining throughI am the bones they want wired on a porcelain frame Lia and Cassie are best friends wintergirls frozen in matchstick bodies competitors in a deadly contest to see who can be the skinniest But what comes after size zero and size double zero? When Cassie succumbs to the demons within Lia feels she is being haunted by her friend’s restless spirit

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    I didn't care for the writing style all the crossed out words just felt like an unneccessary affectation that slowed down the pace of the book The chapter headings 00100 etc were a distraction that took me several chapters to even realize what the numbers meant The descriptions are uglyI didn't make any connection to Lia and never grew to like her As written her character seemed like a spoiled rich brat who was not even kind enough to pick up the phone to speak to the parents of her dead best friend even when the girl's mother is begging herShe is willing to run off with a young man that she barely knows or likes in order to not have to face the conseuences of what she's done to herself She uses him to get what she wantsneeds without giving him even a tiny bit of honesty until she is forced to do so None of the things she does make me understand her or like her I simply never grew to care whether or not she got well and had this book been successful for me I should have cared Lia makes reference to the fact that she knows she is starving herself so she isn't acting out of unawareness or confusion she simply doesn't care if she's hurting herself or her family or anyone Her attitude toward her parents is heartless and cold although all they try to do throughout the entire book is help her She blames them for her illness and doesn't ever seem to take responsibility for it on herself A uote from the end of the book The tiny elf dancer became a wooden doll whose strings were jerked by people not paying attentionThat seems to say that she still isn't responisible for what she did to herself if they'd been paying attention to her instead of trying to get her to be what they wanted or pursuing their careers she wouldn't have gotten sick in her opinion I'm sure there are many better books about anorexia This reads like a manual on how to be anorexic For me this one is a don't bother to read itNOTE For anyone who wants to rip into me and tell me that I don't know anything about eating disorders Well you don't know me and you don't know what I do or do not know about eating disorders You don't know what personal experience I might or might not have So I'd appreciate it if that's your only intent if you didn't leave a comment telling me what a bad person I am for not liking a fictional story My review of a BOOK is not intended to put down or de value anyone A careful reading of the review would make it clear that I did not care for the way the author chose to portray this character not that I was putting her down for having an eating disorder Let me say that again If Lia was an alcoholic chocoholic shopaholic drug addict sex addict hoarder snowboarder prom ueen cheerleader or any other kind of character I still would NOT have enjoyed the way the story and charcter was presented I hope that's clear This isn't an autobiography or Lia's real life memoirs It's made up a story fiction not true There are characters in many books that for whatever reason are not likeable For me personally Lia is one of them Any further comments that are merely tearing into me about what I do or not know any personal attacks are not productive Name calling and hurling insults isn't adding anything to the discussion If you want to discuss the book I'll gladly do that Thanks

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    45 Stars This book was a really emotional read for me It's been recommended to me a million times over and I'm so glad I finally picked it upThe writing in this book was incredible Everything flowed together perfectly and it was like reading a masterpiece than just reading a book I'm extremely impressed with the way the author was able to capture all of Lia's experiences with the perfect words words that fit together so flawlessly it's impossible for them to be described any other wayThe portrayal of eating disorders in this book is also PHENOMENAL I'm truly amazed this isn't an own voices novel with how accurately the author was able to capture the experience of suffering from such a life altering disorder Lia's voice is the voice of an anorexic to a t; The anger the bitterness the resentment the cold hearted carelessness was so true it's almost frightening I want to eat like a normal person eats but I need to see my bones or I will hate myself even and I might cut out my heart or take every pill that was ever madeThis is the reality I struggle to live with every single day and I am so grateful someone was able to capture it so precisely I'm also so thankful this book showed the truly horrifying reality of eating disorders; This is a fatal illness There are a ton of fictitious works with eating disorders out there but I don't believe I know of one that incorporates the real conseuences of this disorder Cassie's death especially the cause was a crucial part of not only the plot of this story but why I feel this is such an important read There's absolutely NO glorification of this illness and this novel did a fantastic job at showing how dangerous it can be I can't stress enough how wonderful this representation of EDs was to me and how grateful I am this book existsThe only issue I have with this book is a personal one and that is how many flashbacks were included In the beginning of the book I felt every 5 or so pages I was reading another flashback which is a bit excessive for my reading tastes I understand flashbacks are sometimes necessary to fully tell a story as they are in this novel as well I just personally prefer novels focused in the present and I felt the first half of the book relied very heavily on flashbacks I wasn't too keen on readingLuckily the book really picked up for me in the second half We shy away from the past and move into the approaching end to the story which was really amazing This is where we truly see the raw emotion and authenticity of Lia's character how her illness really affects her The second half of this book is where I feel it really flourishes and develops into the extremely powerful novel that it is If it has one final flaw the ending felt slightly abrupt and I would have loved to see how things progresses from where we end but I understand the significance of the point the book ended at so either way I'm satisfiedOverall I really loved this book I seriously felt identified and really saw myself in Lia which I am inherently grateful for I do agree with the endless trigger warnings placed on this novel because like many great mental health novels the content is so authentic it may be harmful than helpful But if you are in a healthy mindset and looking to either learn about eating disorders or relate to a book based off of your own experiences Wintergirls is at the top of my recommendations list

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    I was lucky enough to get an early copy of this book as Laurie and I share a publisher It is so so good The voice is uniue the style like a puzzle and a poem all at once Highly recommended I think it will be HUGE with teenage girls

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    Who exactly are the Wintergirls? They are Lia and Cassie Cassie is a pretty girl who started battling bulimia at a very young age and at the beginning of our story was found dead in a motel room Lia is her former best friend who is still battling anorexia and has to deal with getting weighed weekly by her well meaning step mother and also has the guilt constantly in her mind knowing that Cassie had called her 35 times Right before she died The details of her death have not yet been released but as Lia goes to the wake and funeral she is reminded of her once strong but toxic friendship with Cassie As the story progresses Lia is left to wonder a few things How did Cassie actually die? Could she have saved her if she answered the phone?This was a haunting story that discussed in disturbing detail how it feels to be trapped inside your own mind Lea doesn't really see food as food She sees a scrambled egg as yellow or 71 for the calories it contains Wintergirls provides an in depth look into eating disorders and it does not hold back or sugar coat anything The emotional and physical aspects of both diseases are explored in such an amazing way You see the story unfold and you know that the author is trying to show the horrors of eating disorders but the book never feels preachy The parents' concerns even come out in a way where you understand them and not resent them as being simply annoying parents Lia's protests don't make you feel like she is being a typical rebellious teen either We are inside her head hearing the inner monolog and I found this fascinating to read about A complaint that I have seen about this book is the fact that the author never really explains what has caused Lia to be the way that she is For me that wasn't an issue however because I saw her as a person with serious mental issues and honestly sometimes there is no good reason for demons to haunt us If the author went another way and made Lia a character who was abused or mistreated simply to give her a reason to hate her life this story would have been less uniue in my opinionI loved this author's writing style She kind of has a Chuck Palahnuik feel with the repetitions and vivid weird descriptions She used several tools such as the strike out repetitions and numbers which I have seen some people say were distracting but they didn't really bother me As you know from my Shatter Me review these kinds of things can really annoy me if they are overused but I think in this story they were okay used in moderation and never really made me lose focus on the plotFor a story about such a depressing subject the book didn't make me feel very depressed Yes I felt bad for Lia and her everyday struggles but overall I kept hope that she would eventually get recovered It made me think back to high school and remember friendships I had that may have not been the healthiest friendships but they still in some way helped me to be the person I am today This is a book I won't soon forget The absolute only thing I didn't like about this book was contained in the ending It's not really a spoiler but since it's at the end I will put it here view spoiler The ghost parts at the end and the hallucinations were the only thing I didn't like They made everything in a realistic book seem kind of fake and sometimes when Lia was hallucinating it was hard to know right away that that was what was going on This is only a minor issue in the book and may not even bother other people at all hide spoiler

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    I initially found this book to be absolutely repulsive the narrative was suffused with this sense that something was hideously wrong and the devices that Anderson was using to describe narrator Lia's reality hinted at a disturbing mania As it turns out this is exactly right Lia's sense of self was damaged even before her former best friend Cassie died alone and in pain Their partnership was a deathly one; both girls aspired to be the skinniest as they struggled to grasp their way into adolescence both traumatized by events from the past Lia's choice was starvation Cassie's was purging Now that Lia is left to pursue the goal alone ghosts rise up unbidden and voices haunt her days and nights The loudest and most horrific is of course Cassie reminding her that they have a pact and that she is waiting for Lia between the veil of this world and the nextAnderson does an incredible job of portraying mental illness and eating disorders opening a door for readers into the inner hell of sufferers

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    Lia fights a war every day A war with herself A war with food At 95 pounds she still feels fat When she looks in the mirror she sees the pockets of fat hanging on her body Everyone else is just blind Two stays in a treatment facility hasn’t cured her; it just forced her to develop techniues to survive in a world of food She picks the bruised apples at lunch so she has an excuse to cut some of it off she sews uarters in the lining of her robe to add weight when she has to stand on the scale in front of her stepmother and she cuts herself – just little cuts in order to let the pain leak out of her bodyWhen Lia learns that Cassie her best friend has been found dead in a motel room maintaining any healthy habit is extremely difficult Not only does she have to listen to her own voice obsessing about every calorie of food she consumes; now she has to deal with Cassie making her ghostly appearances and cheering her on and encouraging her to get skinnier so Lia can join Cassie on the “other side”Lia must decide where she wants to be – in the world with the living or stuck in the frozen world where she has trapped herself Laurie Halse Anderson has done it again With this being the tenth anniversary of the release of SPEAK it is a wonderful time for WINTERGIRLS to debut It is an extremely powerful and honest look at the life of an anorexic girl You will be choked up and at a loss for words by the time you get to the final page

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    Laurie Halse Anderson sinks her teeth into writes about eating disorders in this one She distracts from the too familiar story and flat characters uses lots of clever formatting including numberstiny textthree guessesThis could have been a good book if Anderson had spent less time being clever and time creating solid characters that would have strengthened a story that's been told plenty of times before

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    ariel says everyone loves this book and that's probably true these girls today are probably super drawn to this kind of story it's not bad i just already have a favorite teen problem novel about anorexia one that doesn't have the voice of this narrator who was so immersed in her dreamworld she freuently spoke in this forced poetic voice that i found distracting used to be that my whole body was my canvas hot cuts lick my ribs ladder rungs climbing my arms thick milkweed stalks shooting up my thighs when i moved to jenniferland my father made one condition a daughter who forgets how to eat well that was bad but it was just a phase and i was over it but a daughter who opens her own skin bag wanting to let her shell fall to the ground so she can dance? that was just sickmy hands read a braille map hewn from bone starting with my hollow breasts threaded with blue vein rivers thick with ice i count my ribs like rosary beads muttering incantations fingers curling under the bony cage they can almost touch what's hiding insidefor me that voice gets old pretty uick and the constant crossouts not pictured; it stands out and makes the layout eye catching but not in a positive way to my elderly eyei honestly don't understand anorexia me i have no discipline i lack the amount of self control it takes to not eat the entire pint of ice cream and even with all of the politicalsocial pressure i lack the interestwillpower to stop eating fuzzy baby animals so the rigorous scrutiny of everything that passes the lips of the anorectic the obsessing and calorie memorizing and constant vigilance shit i'm in grad school i don't need anything else to think about for reals why can't these girls channel this energy into something awesome like painting or science and bridge building? i know it is complicated than all that but it just seems exhausting and trouble than it is worth this put a nice twist on the teenorexia novel; the way it takes it a step further and really plays upon the character's perceived culpability in the death of her best friend which is of course a factor in her own illness but is also a whole other potential novel so i liked the layering of two different enmeshed problems i appreciated its ambition but ultimately i prefer my old tried and true book from my junior high be aware fair i want to like her books so much and there are still three i plan to read but so far the two i have read have seemed like books teen girls would really respond to but i just can't get into but greg sheesh speak is like his all time favorite he is such a girl but not a little gollum girl

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    I ship this book Ship Ship ShipWAITI MEAN CAN YOU SHIP BOOKS?Before I go further before I'm made out to be insensitive these are things you need to know1 YOU MIGHT NOT GET IT BUT2 WHAT'S MORE I'M MOSTLY LIKE image error

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    I'm surprised there is so little criticism of this bookI don't normally write reviews but I finished the book a couple weeks ago and have been letting my thoughts simmer unable to just forget it seems to have eaten my review maybe it will be posted in a couple days? I decided to look for dissenting opinions on here4 or 5 stars for great writing Anderson creates a page turner and certainly has an admirable command of language2 stars for depthMost articles and even many books about eating disorders focus on the horror and the drama and the hospitalizations and the emaciation of it all making diseases like anorexia sound like sickly appealing bids for popularity Anderson goes a little beyond that but not farI can't really say that anything in this book is wrong The obsessive thoughts and messages running through Lia's head are dead on Her behaviors are textbook and the degradation of her body is sadly a reality for many We sense that something is not uite right in Lia's world but Anderson never gives us enough information to speculate as to what's fueling the obsession We see that Lia is grieving we see that she hates her family we see that her self esteem is cripplingly low but there's not much to her than that The reader is likely to interpret her feelings as little than ordinary teenage angst when eating disorders are much than thatI hesitate to write this because there is no one size fits all description of someone with anorexia or bulimia But I do wonder at the stereotypes Anderson chooses to embrace and reject Here's what we know about Cassie she's an over extended people pleaser very involved in her community but she has low self esteem All of that sounds like textbook bulimia Lia on the other hand is rich unhappy and the daughter of divorced parents That's about all we know about her outside of her obsession with food and weight loss I seriously reject the notion that only rich girls develop anorexia A stereotype that is commonly true of anorectics though is that they are perfectionists and many are overachievers Lia is none of these things and although those aren't reuirements for anorexia Anderson doesn't give us anything else to go on Lia doesn't care about her grades doesn't care about pissing people off doesn't want to go to college doesn't really do anything or hold any aspirations other than her next goal weight And while eating disorders commonly do reach this life consuming point we never get a glimpse of what Lia is aside from a series of behaviors and pounds lost To her credit Anderson includes a paragraph or two describing anxiety I respect her hesitation to avoid spelling out the lesson to be learned or gift wrapping the text But as a writer Anderson fails to dig The novel is like a circus strange and fascinating to watch but several steps short of revealingTo be fair the novel is accurate It just isn't enough I am really amazed by reviewers who say Wow now I understand anorexia when Anderson describes only the obsessive thoughts in Lia's head of course we have no idea why or how they got there and the way she behaved in response to those thoughts Readers whether they know much or little about eating disorders won't walk away having gained insight than an article on Lindsay Lohan would give themAnderson notes that she interviewed clinicians and visited pro anorexia websites during her research I just don't feel that that was sufficient People who are pro eating disorders are sure to love this book the way they love Wasted but unlike Wasted we see only the train wreck without insightPS If I am going to nitpick insignificant details here they are1 The police scene is not believable You can access your voice mail from any phone So they for sure would have investigated the messages further2 The car running out of gas Lia of course drove it on empty for many miles is too much of a forced obvious metaphor for me and Anderson seems a little too proud of this contrived feat3 The relationships are stiff Not stiff the way a real relationship can be but stiff the way they are writtenFor real Anderson is a gifted writer But I think there is to great literature than a captivating narrative