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Three Books In One Combo Book DIY Steps For Beginners To Complete The Process An Elaborate Tips And Tricks Book That Will Help You Get Started And Give You Advice On How To Set Up Your Woodworking Workshop Woodworking Is A Sophisticated Craft That Has Been Practiced For Centuries, And Millions Of Dollars Are Being Made Each Year By Clever Enthusiasts Whether It S Your Hobby Or Your Business, You Can Use Some Help Here Are Some Thing You Ll Learn An Extensive Guide To Tools With Their Pros And Cons, And Tips To Use Them The Right Way Links, Knowledge, And Shopping Strategies For Each Of Those Tools Where To Find Woodworking Classes, Schools, Or Courses Simple Projects To Begin With And Where To Find Supplies Small Steps To Creating Walking Sticks, Letter Holders, Toys, Or Planter Boxes Book Guide Of Popular DIY Woodworking Ideas And Plans The World Of Woodworking Is Intriguing Some Do It For A Living And Others Do It On The Side Either Way, You Can Create Beautiful, Artistic Pieces Of Work By Simply Using Your Hands Knowing Which Materials And Tools To Use, And The Techniques This Involves, Is Essential So Hear About Projects For Inside The House And Outside The House Basics About Measuring, Finishes, And Stains Important Things To Know When You Are Making A Dog House, A Bird House, Or A Workbench What To Do When Customers Want A Customized Woodworking Project Done Specifics About Varnishing, Plywood, And Other Substances That Go Along With The Woodworking Way Of Living Book Do It Yourself Marketing And Crafting If You Are Trying To Take Your Woodworking Skills And Knowledge To The Next Level, Don T Miss Out On This Valuable Guide You Will Be Surprised By All The Things You Could Learn From Some Of The Experts In This Book, You Will Hear About What To Do With Woodworking Jigs, How They Work, And The Benefits Of Doing Them Right How To Market Your Woodworking Creations Online And Offline To Make A Living Or Some Money On The Side Essential Knowledge About Wooden Floors, Finding Contractors, And Negotiations How To Make A Workbench, What To Use And What To Look For Tips To Ensure Safety And Learn Faster So You Can Become A Pro With An Advantage Over Competitors

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    A good book, to help with uncertainties

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    Waste of time and money. what a joke..no useful info in this at all..just heaps of links to other people s work or to to buy stuffWish I d just bought a beer instead..

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    Good Read, Free when I got it.

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    It s mi ter not a meter saw.And prevent, not provent.The content was slow, and the reader was annoying with the constant references to a meter saw ,It was too dull and annoying to get past the first couple chapters Hope all audio books aren t like this I wasted my first free book, certainly not going to waste money on another chance at dissapoinent I uninstalled the app to provent wasting money.