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Yuma S Neighbor Identity Revealed, The Tamakoma Branch Safeguards Him, Osamu And Chika By Recruiting Them To Their Group Of Powerhouses And Eccentrics But Border HQ Wants Yuma S Black Trigger Badly Enough To Send Agents From Its Top Three Squads To Steal It

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    I ve said it before and I ll say it again, I m not a reviewer but I love this manga This is series and especially this Volume is a great read, lots of details and backstory given for some of the main characters mainly Yuma It s compelling and the story surely moves forward with this Volume, introducing great new characters, and strengthening the purpose and resolves for our already introduced characters So much development and still to come, best part is the cliffhanger ending that sets up a sure to be amazing battle Can t wait for , looking forward to Vol.4 I recommend this manga to anyone who appreciates a good story, characters and GREAT tactical battles It is definitely worth the read, so please pick it up.

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    good manga series

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    So good

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    Great to have this volume in my hands, came in great condition.

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    World Trigger continues to surprise and impress a great blend of sci fi, battles, interesting characters, and twisty turning politics The art is solid and I really appreciate all the background info reminders put into the drawings and dialogue so readers don t get lost Honestly, every chapters makes me want to rush right into the next to see what is going to happen next.Story Mikumo, Chika, and Yuma are at an impass but they can t stand still Orders are given to Jin to apprehend the black trigger owned by Yuma but he s playing his own game, thanks to his precog ability He ll make an offer to the trio that they can t refuse but in doing so, he ll upset the balance of power in the border agencies Certain parties have a vested interested in making sure Yuma s black trigger doesn t end up at Tamakoma.We get a lot information about Yuma, the neighbor, in this volume I have to say, I m impressed that it is Jin, not Yuma, who will end up having the mysteries and the secrets But what stands apart for me is the great cast of characters with the trio of Chika, Yuma, and Mikumo but also all the people in the different border squads Instead of a lot of stupidity, the author is willing to give his characters intelligence and logic in their actions So it isn t about an idiot kid flying off the handle and getting lucky like so many titles of this type It s really about the team and their diverse talents.The art is solid and battle scenes are as well rendered as emotive ones This volume doesn t have any battles with the neighbors but there is still plenty of action as well as the introspection And, well, I have to laugh every time I see Yuma s pursed lips.This is definitely one of my favorite titles Viz has put out this year and I eagerly await each new volume.Reviewed from an ARC.