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Sci Fi Action Series Where Osamu And His Alien Friend Team Upwith Their Pals To Fight Off Invading AliensDestroy Thy Neighbor A Gate To Another Dimension Has Burst Open,and Invincible Monsters Called Neighbors Invade Earth OsamuMikumo May Not Be The Best Among The Elite Warriors Who Co Optother Dimensional Technology To Fight Back, But Along With HisNeighbor Friend Yuma, He Ll Do Whatever It Takes To Defend Life OnEarth As We Know ItHaving Fought Their Way Into The Top B Rank Group, Tamakoma Gets To Battle It Out With The Big Boys For A Chance To Make A RankCan This Squad Of Rookies Win Against Seasoned Veterans Who Arenicknamed The A Rank Reserves

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    good manga series

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    My son likes this

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    Volume 13 is arguably the best in the entire series thanks to a spectacular rank war featuring Azuma Squad, Kageura Squad, T2, and cover boy Ninomiya s Squad What makes the battle so memorable are the surprises T2 battled their way to the top of the B Squads but both all three contain A Squad level members who can defeat Osamu s hopes.Story Osamu has asked for special training from A rank squads He wants to be able to score points to help his squad win but, as pointed out by Arashiyama, that might not be the best strategy for a shooter With the help of A 1 s Izumi and a humiliating experience with the 3rd A 1 team member Yuiga , Osamu does gain experience As the rank war dawns and the teams plan their strategies in their own ways, T2 is going to find that there is a reason Kageura and Ninomiya dominate the top of the B Ranks.The fight scenes are excellent with some great finishes by captains Kageura, Ninomiya, and especially Azuma T2 has had surprise on their sides for most of the previous battles but that all changes with the very experienced squads they face in this battle Of course, this is also a personal match since two of the teams have ties to Chika s brother Ema s former mentor is Hatohara and she was a member of Ninomiya Squad.Also wonderful to see was the Sniper practice where Narasaka s freakish accuracy takes second seat to the impressive creativity and out of the box thinking of Kageura s sniper Ema and A2 s Touma Of course, the addition of a cat on the head of Touma while he was sniping was very, very fun The volume ends with a surprise that Osamu asks of Jin This will lead to complete changes in the T2 squad in future volumes But for now, this is by far the best rank war and best character interactions thus far in the series Ashihara really hits his stride here Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.