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With Only Seven Seconds Left Until The Crossroads, Time Is Running Out Black Triggers Face Off As Miwa Activates Fujin To Bring The Invasion To An End But Did They Really Escape The Worst Possible Future For Teen Audiences With World Trigger Volume 10, the large scale invasion completes Sacrifices made on both sides bear fruit or frustration most especially for the Earth side as a valuable member is lost But one of the best World Trigger arcs begins in this volume as well the continuation of the rank wars with Arafune and Suwa squads Ashihara has said in interviews that Suwa is one of his favorite sets of characters and he really has fun with them here Poor Sasamori Story Osamu has carried the Chika cube all the way to the entrance of Border and portal location to the Aftokrator ship But as he is is pinned by Mira s warp spikes, he will attempt to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect Chika from abduction Yet it is Replica and Miwa who will play key parts in concluding the invasion in as favorable a manner as possible Afterwards, rank wars continue as Tamakoma 2 is squared off against the all sniper unite Arafune and gunfire heavy Suwa Can the they triumph against the powerful middle rank B squads This second rank war one is among my favorite of the arcs in the book since Ashihara has so much fun with Suwa squad As well, we get even scenes of Arafune jumping off a building Ashihara calls him the stunt man par extraordinaire for the amount of times he jumps off buildings in this series Foreshadow hints about the tide of battle are given in the advance briefings, with fun payoffs later on.Included in the volume are rejected storyboards from before the World Trigger pilot Elite Agent Jin showing how Ashihara originally drew the characters and the great changes in personalities and looks Also a QBorder Fact Book published in japan in March 2016 Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.