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After The Recent Neighbor Invasion, Thirty Two Agents Went Missing And Osamu, Yuma And Chika, Aka Tamakoma Squad, Intend To Go Get Those People Back But First They Need To Rank Up Through The Rank Wars Having Won Their First Match, They Must Now Prepare To Face Off Against Arafune And Suwa Squads In The Middle B Rank WarsFor Teen Audiences

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    My son likes this

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    good manga series

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    Or you will be spoiled of the story

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    World Trigger continues to be my favorite manga title and this volume really shows why We have not one but two rank wars going on the first with Suwa Arafune and then later in the volume against Nasu Suzunari Author Ashihara is smart and goes against expectation in each both battles are very different and will require different skills from our Tamakoma 2 team.Story As Tamakoma s strategy to force a cooperation with Suwa against the dangerous Arafune Squad bears fruit, the points begin to rack up After, Tamakoma prepares for the next rank battle this time against a team with the 4 attacker, Murakami But Murakami is hiding a secret that could greatly influence the outcome to be Tamakoma 2 s defeat.Admittedly, I love watching Suwa squad in action Perpetual sacrificial lamb Sasamori once again takes one for the team but it may not be enough this time as it was when they defeated Suzunari First the previous week Meanwhile, Arafune s snipers are targeted by skill level, with Hanzaki bearing the brunt of a sneak attack while Hokari gets in some excellent snipes But Arafune has a secret of his own and Tamakoma 2s ace Kuga is going to find himself in a very difficult battle.In the second part of this volume, we get to see just how scary the gentle Ko Murakami truly is the Terminator is in action and he s going to take down Nasu and Tamakoma The action is quite furious here and unlike the previous battle, full of chaos and unpredictability Mikumo has to think on his feet and does so admirably, changing the course of battle away from a certain win for Nasu.Each chapter of World Trigger is a treat one that I happily look forward to from Viz Reviewed from an advanced reader copy provided by the publisher.