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I m still a world trigger can, a little sad that school kinda took time away from reading causing me to forget most of the book but overall the important part are awesome Humanoid Neighbors From Another Dimension Enter The Battlefield For The First Time With Strange Triggers That Defy Explanation, They Make Quick Work Of Even Top Border Agents Until The Agents Start To Fight Smart Can Border Turn The Tide Of Battle In Time To Save Mikado City For Teen Audiences Very fun I love this book because it just flows so nicely and the characters all play a part Osamu is not that powerful which I like because he is clever and always knows the best way to go Kuga has that laidback I know i m powerful attitude, but on the inside there is of him just waiting to be brought out Finally Chika who is a strong willed person, but she does have a soft side One thing that Chika doesn t know is that she has the potential to be extremely powerful because on the huge amount of trion she has And that makes the team By the way this is not all by a long shot there are characters like Jin who I love, there is commander kido who is always scheming but hopefully for border, there is the there suwa squad and so many.Please read this book, it is one of the best manga I have ever read. I ve Always loved the Anime Series so when my Son brought home one of the books from the school Library I ad to get him some Love it.