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CAGED BUTTERFLY The Longer Watanuki Resides Over The Shop, The Stronger He Gets And The He Learns To Rely On His Friends In The Way His Friends Have Relied On Him But As His Powers Grow With The Passing Of Years, His Memories Of Yko Also Grow Distant Will The Current Shop Master Ever Be Reunited With Its Former Owner And Will Watanuki Ever Be Able To Leave The Shop Find The Answers To These Questions And In The Final Omnibus Of XxxHOLiC

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    Watanuki san continues to keep the Shop of Wishes open and his spiritual powers are growing He soon will be nearly as skilled as his mentor Yuko san He is seems to be getting wiser and calmer He is seldom irritated or mad at Domeki san who is still the stone faced bottomless pit for food and booze.

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    First tsubasa now xxxholic Why can t you guys just give us a normal ending Whats that egg supposed to do

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    It had a sticker on the back of the cover but other than that it s perfect Strong binding

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    Needed this to complete my omnibus set love it

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    came with excellent condition